Its Officially Been 3 Years | Anniversary Recap

It's Been 3 Years Officially 

Written by Cutty 

We have been a blog for 3 years as of September 20th, 2020, when we were first officially created. Jersey Watch Blog was created to be a voice from New Jersey, a representation of New Jersey, and to give the world an opportunity to be part of something that was created right here in South Jersey. We serve music artists because that’s our first love: music. We want artists to keep making music so we can continue to enjoy it! That’s how we started with all of this; we just wanted to give a platform for independent music artists to be seen, and it grew into so much more. We have now grown to serve creatives and business owners. We want to spread your story. What got you started? What’s your everyday challenge? How do you keep doing what you’re doing? These are all questions we creatives want to know. So we wanted to give creatives of all kinds and business owners a chance to help others by answering these questions and showcasing their success along the way.

We have been to some of the dopest independent events that have ever been thrown. We attended the first ever Oklahoma Cannabis Awards Music Festival in 2022, where our parent company, Cutty TV, won an award. We have heavily supported local events that help artists like Members Only in Philadelphia that come together every Saturday and Monday. An open mic that has connected artists with real resources for their careers. We also have covered the biggest open mic in Los Angeles called Something Dope For The People, which has grown expeditiously in the last two years in Los Angeles, changing artist lives dramatically. Their events have people sleeping outside the venue 12 hours before the event begins because of how beneficial it is.

We also hosted events in Los Angeles, like the Rolling Hills Concert, which was our debut event on the west coast. In a night filled with love and joy, we have created something special that we plan to bring to other states. Another historic event we had the pleasure to be a part of was the last Melanin Market in Willingboro, NJ. It was the very last one, and we had the pleasure to cover it. The Melanin Market has changed many lives since starting, and it was beautiful to see the Willingboro finale. A legendary moment in New Jersey we were able to be apart of is when Dame Dash came to Camden. Being able to be up close to a legend and hear his gems impacted a lot of people that night. It was just as legendary as when we went to Lawnside Day and was able to connect in with the kids and the community and hear their story of how they love Lawnside. We got to see a beautiful community all together, supporting each other.

Our interviews to date have even blown us away with a couple of our favorites, like Eness, who is a battle rap legend and independent music artist in Philadelphia. He talked about his life after making the band and how much his city still loves him to this day. Another amazing series was the Lil Benzy album release party, which had a lot of his close family there to spend the moment together. Lil Benzy, who signed to Aktive Records, finally dropped his project MLMP, and the people were not disappointed. We got to hear a lot of exclusives in this series. Lastly, we always appreciate being part of something for the first time, like the Play Music Conference that happened in Philadelphia this past year. We have some exclusive interviews from the event. This event was powerful for independent artists to be able to connect with real music industry experts.

We could go all day on the memories we shared with you guys, but we want to hear from you! After we jogged your memory of some of our past, what are your favorite moments since Jersey Watch Blog was created? What else do you want to see on the blog? Let us know in the comments below so we can bring them to you this year. Thank you again for supporting us, and happy anniversary again!

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