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The Kings Of Jersey Event

Written by Cutty 

WCMD Media had an event this weekend that brought comedy and music together on a big night. They also had the fight on for Spencer vs. Crawford, and the result of the fight shocked everyone at the event. It was a good night for sure, with music by Shade 45’s own DJ Caesar. He had the tunes rolling all night and kept everyone dancing. They had multiple vendors in the building that had some good products for the crowd to check out. It was good to see them have a platform to be seen and gain some new fans. Mike Ways of Dramaco Empire gave a lot of opportunities with this event, joining together independent talent and independent business owners. WCMD is building a community full of creators, and this event helped shine a light on that.

They didn't hold back on some funny comedy in the building; they had IMD Darrell host the event, and he told jokes all night for the people in attendance. While we were in the building, we were able to catch Big Dummy’s set, which had us in tears. He hit the stage before the big fight and set the room right. He told joke after joke and had people laughing. It was a good twist on the night, keeping everyone in good spirits. It’s always good to have comedians hit the stage; everyone loves a good laugh. As Dummy ended his set, the fight was about to begin, and we were able to hear a couple announcements.

While we waited for the fight to begin, we were able to hear from Mike Ways, who spoke about the unity in the building from Jersey. He thanked everyone in the room and invited them to WCMD whenever they felt needed. We watched about two performances as the night went on from New Jersey locals, and the fight was officially starting. We all watched a couple rounds, and during a commercial break, they brought on Ninetty from PS, who had some guest people on his set, including DreArtist. Before Ninetty could finish his set, Crawford TKO’d Spencer, and the crowd erupted. It gave Ninetty a nice boost as he finished out his set. It was a dope night to share together on such a historic night. WCMD plans to throw more events like this in Camden in the upcoming fall. They will be looking for artists and vendors to join them.

Photos by @theofficialcutty

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