Stay Humble Stay Hungry Clothing Line Changing The Philadelphia Scene

All Hail To Stay Humble Stay Hungry 
Clothing Brand

Written by Cutty

Stay Humble Stay Hungry clothing had a grand opening at the Philadelphia Mills Mall this past Saturday. The event started at 2 p.m., but some people had been camping out since 7am to be able to get a chance to meet Isaiah Thomas, aka Minister Zay. Someone whose word is heavily respected in the Philadelphia area, starting out selling water in 2018 and now having his 5th store open up for his brand, has inspired many with his story. He helps out the community as much as possible, even during trying times, by sending out positive Instagram posts for people to reshare. The people were ready for all of the goods he brought back from China after spending a month out there creating new items for the clothing brand. This is the biggest the brand has been, and Zay says, "This is only the beginning of what’s to come." He has many things coming to not only Philly but the surrounding cities as well.

The brand Stay Humble Stay Hungry started in 2017, selling out of the back of Zay’s car. He would deliver all around Philly and also be at all the hot spots giving away some free clothes just to spread the word about the brand. His time would come as he opened up store location #1 to now being here at the opening of his 5th store in 5 years with the brand. The kids of the community go crazy over the clothes; we can say it’s the closest thing that resembles with the community that the kids attract to it. With the energy you get from the store and all the employees, you can see why people love to be in any of their stores. This store was special because of all of the games inside the store for the kids to play while they were shopping. It makes the whole experience that much better; we've seen kids play the games and smile from ear to ear. It was good to see how much your idea can make other people happy.

The grand opening itself was majorly successful. He had over 200+ people waiting for the ribbon to be cut and to be the first one in the streets with the new humble gear. The brand had various items inside the store for people to get, from googles, slides, bags, complete clothing sets, and even some exclusive pieces that haven’t hit the market yet. They're all for the people who came for the grand opening. He had Da Cooler Boyz outside giving away free water ice for the people waiting in line to get in. The kids were ready to get their hoodies for school so they could show off the new drip. The line lasted pretty much all day as more and more people came out to support the brand. We even saw employees from other stores take a quick break from working to come to see what all the commotion was about. A lot of people left out happy as the store was sold out at the end of the night, and a lot of new people got their hands on what’s to come in the summer of 2023.

Zay’s family was also in attendance for the event to watch the history go down. It was amazing to see him doing all of this in front of his parents, showing them anything is possible with hard work and a dream. Being the first in his family to have an idea like this, he is proud when he sees his family seeing him receive all of this love. His mom made sure to show how proud she was of him as she was seen walking throughout the store, asking the customers about their experience. The employees of the store made sure everyone was having a good time too, dancing along with kids, setting up the games for the ones waiting, and making sure to get your size of clothing if you had any inquiries. It was good to see the team surrounding the brand, and I can see this going very far in the future. As of right now, it’s easy to say that Stay Humble Stay Hungry is making a name for themselves in the tri-state area.

Photos by @theofficialcutty

Exclusive Interview W/ Zay


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