Celtics Vs The NBA | Will The Celtics Win The Finals?

 Written by Cutty

This is one of my favorite times of the year, along with the NBA playoffs and the NBA finals. and we are waiting to see who will win the championship this year. We have a feeling the Celtics are looking to take the east and head their way back to the finals. This is their third straight conference final appearance in the last four years. While the pair Jaylen and Jayson have been playing amazing together these past couple years, it has been a struggle to get to the championship they desire, but they feel like this year will be different. It's also a whole new Celtics team, and while some people have been around, there are a lot of new faces that bring a different pedigree to the team. We are happy to see players like Jrue Holiday, who has been a great defensive point guard, and Kristaps, who has been an amazing power forward for the Celtics. So we know that conference finals are not a goal for the Celtics, but finally to get over that hump and get that championship. The Jays have been playing together for almost 10 years; the only thing missing is a championship to put them in a different category. They know they have everything else but the ring, so we are confident they will look to close out whoever wins next. 

The Celtics will not get it that easy though; the west has some hungry dogs with the TWolves and Ant, who have made the conference finals for the first time in a long time, which has put Ant in a whole new light this season. The Timberwolves used to be the worst team in the NFL at one point, so we are seeing a new change in town, and we are seeing the leadership of Anthony Edwards on the team as he cheers his team on after every victory and takes the blame for every loss. We are really seeing his ability to be a leader and lead his team to success. As he is the first to reach the conference finals in a very long time, we can confidently say he has turned the team around. We also have the Mavs, who already have an NBA champ on their team, Kyrie Irving, who is ready to show he can do it on his own, looking to get his second championship. He is coming in ready to make a new relationship in Boston but also get that ring again to prove the haters are different. They also have Luka, who is ready to cross that line and get that ring on his finger. He has been one of the league's best players for the last couple of years, getting snubbed for MVP a couple times in the past. This is his chance to get more than just an MVP, but a ring on his finger and his name next to Dirks on the teams of championships on the Mavs. Does he have what it takes to complete the mission? 

With the Pacers recent injuries, we are going to have to see how this series will go. It is currently 2-0 with Boston in front; the games have been close, but it looks like the Celtics are ready to end this out as they look to get ready for game 3. With all the hype going on around the last four teams left, who do you think will be in the NBA Finals? Will it be the Celtics, or will it be someone else? Comment below. We want to know what you think. We are picking the Celtics to win it all. 



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