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The Cheri Pye Collection | Cheri Pye

The Cheri Pye Collection 

Written by Cutty 

Cheri Pye is back with some new music that she dropped on her special day, her birthday! As Cheri turns over a new year, she wants to let her fans know she’s only getting better. Back with Royal House, we caught productions on the project from Merc Beatz. This was a project that was a surprise drop as Cheri gave us a 6 track project with a mixture of hip-hop rapping and R&B singing. We love to hear the lyricism from a female; it brings you back to good hip-hop, not talking about just her body but more developed topics. Only one feature on the project coming from Taj Ann Marie; it was a good outro to end off the project. Cover art by photographer Jade Rodriguez. We took a full dive into the project, and come hear about some of our favorite tracks below.

The intro "Keep It A Buck" is a perfect way to start up the EP. You get dialed in from the beginning piano, and when you hear Cheri start spitting, you start to hold your water. Bar after bar, you dive into the song more and more. It was a total surprise; knowing Cheri is known for her singing, it’s a good refresher to hear some lyrics from Cheri. It’s a perfect picture of the cover art of that "I’m back" Cheri. We got to hear some Merc Beatz production on the song “Steam” and it’s our personal favorite off of the project. We love to hear Cheri talk her talk in the music, and this song is the definition of confidence. We can see every female turning to this song and adding it to their playlist. Talking to all the females who are really moving mountains by themselves. This song will be one of the first ones they attract, too.

Cheri is also known for her singing, which we got a splash of as we got towards the end of the project. On "Birds Song" we could feel the transition from rapping to singing. Showcasing her vocals where most people know her. She shows off her catchy hooks and reaching heights in her voice. This song will have you moving around as the hook brings you into a dancing mood. As we continued on, we got to hear the outro "Pon Me" featuring Taj Ann Marie and were not disappointed. Taj Ann Marie brings the Caribbean traphall sound with Cheri’s seductive singing vocals. Creating an outro that fits the project, as we get a full singing song from Cheri where you really get to hear her voice. Taj Ann Marie complimented the song coming with the Caribbean rap; she finished the song’s last missing piece. This is a song that can be on repeat all fall season. Cheri Pye came to play as we are approaching the end of the summer. She gave us a project to end the summer and get ready for the fall season, for sure. Give it a listen, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

Follow Cheri Pye - https://www.instagram.com/thenewcheripye/?hl=en

The Cheri Pye Collection (Spotify)

The Cheri Pye Collection (Apple Music)


Its Officially Been 3 Years | Anniversary Recap

It's Been 3 Years Officially 

Written by Cutty 

We have been a blog for 3 years as of September 20th, 2020, when we were first officially created. Jersey Watch Blog was created to be a voice from New Jersey, a representation of New Jersey, and to give the world an opportunity to be part of something that was created right here in South Jersey. We serve music artists because that’s our first love: music. We want artists to keep making music so we can continue to enjoy it! That’s how we started with all of this; we just wanted to give a platform for independent music artists to be seen, and it grew into so much more. We have now grown to serve creatives and business owners. We want to spread your story. What got you started? What’s your everyday challenge? How do you keep doing what you’re doing? These are all questions we creatives want to know. So we wanted to give creatives of all kinds and business owners a chance to help others by answering these questions and showcasing their success along the way.

We have been to some of the dopest independent events that have ever been thrown. We attended the first ever Oklahoma Cannabis Awards Music Festival in 2022, where our parent company, Cutty TV, won an award. We have heavily supported local events that help artists like Members Only in Philadelphia that come together every Saturday and Monday. An open mic that has connected artists with real resources for their careers. We also have covered the biggest open mic in Los Angeles called Something Dope For The People, which has grown expeditiously in the last two years in Los Angeles, changing artist lives dramatically. Their events have people sleeping outside the venue 12 hours before the event begins because of how beneficial it is.

We also hosted events in Los Angeles, like the Rolling Hills Concert, which was our debut event on the west coast. In a night filled with love and joy, we have created something special that we plan to bring to other states. Another historic event we had the pleasure to be a part of was the last Melanin Market in Willingboro, NJ. It was the very last one, and we had the pleasure to cover it. The Melanin Market has changed many lives since starting, and it was beautiful to see the Willingboro finale. A legendary moment in New Jersey we were able to be apart of is when Dame Dash came to Camden. Being able to be up close to a legend and hear his gems impacted a lot of people that night. It was just as legendary as when we went to Lawnside Day and was able to connect in with the kids and the community and hear their story of how they love Lawnside. We got to see a beautiful community all together, supporting each other.

Our interviews to date have even blown us away with a couple of our favorites, like Eness, who is a battle rap legend and independent music artist in Philadelphia. He talked about his life after making the band and how much his city still loves him to this day. Another amazing series was the Lil Benzy album release party, which had a lot of his close family there to spend the moment together. Lil Benzy, who signed to Aktive Records, finally dropped his project MLMP, and the people were not disappointed. We got to hear a lot of exclusives in this series. Lastly, we always appreciate being part of something for the first time, like the Play Music Conference that happened in Philadelphia this past year. We have some exclusive interviews from the event. This event was powerful for independent artists to be able to connect with real music industry experts.

We could go all day on the memories we shared with you guys, but we want to hear from you! After we jogged your memory of some of our past, what are your favorite moments since Jersey Watch Blog was created? What else do you want to see on the blog? Let us know in the comments below so we can bring them to you this year. Thank you again for supporting us, and happy anniversary again!

Outside Volume 1 EP Review | Jo Rivers

Outside Volume 1 Review

Written by Cutty 

The Camden queen Jo Rivers is back with some new music for us, and it has blown us away from the start. You can definitely hear the elevation in Jo Rivers's music with this new project. She gives us a perfect blend of R&B on this one, which is perfect for the start of fall. We got a feature out of Don Michael Jr., which is dope to see. Don Michael Jr. has been a juggernaut in the Pennsauken area; his ear is impeccable, so we could only imagine greatness with these two on a track together. We have been waiting on some new music from Jo Rivers since her last release, "Buy Me Food". Jo Rivers comes back better and better with every drop she releases. This EP was everything we were waiting for; we listened to every song to give you a good review of what you can expect. This is our opinion on the project below.

The intro alone, Kryptonite," lets you know this was going to be a legendary project. This song speaks a lot about how a woman can be a soft spot for men. She speaks about how a woman's love can change things with a man compared to how the world views him. A great way to start the project, bringing energy to all of the women who are going to listen to the project. Women empowerment is something we love to see, and knowing your value starts with that. From teddy bears and hugs, we move on to the next single "Pick Me Up". This one was another good R&B track. More on the seductive side, Jo Rivers brings out that sexy side for the listeners. Telling a story of how she wants her man to know what a good date night looks like. We love hearing this, as it gives us a reminder of music from the 90's. It will definitely be on your girlfriend's playlist.

The last track was the single of the project, as Jo Rivers and Don Michael Jr. premiered the music video to this single a couple weeks ago. This was the first installment in introducing the project to the public. The song "Summertime" came at perfect timing, as it dropped right at the end of the summer. The people went crazy when they first saw the video for the single. So seeing it as a part of the project was the perfect outro. Don Michael Jr. made sure to show up for this single, as Jo Rivers did not come to play on it. Both of them did an amazing job showcasing South Jersey talent and what we can do together. Overall, we think this project is very solid coming from Jo Rivers and will get played all fall and into the winter. Make sure you give it a listen below and let us know what you think of this legendary project.

Follow Jo Rivers - https://www.instagram.com/joriversmusic/

Outside Volume 1 (Spotify)

Outside Volume 1 (Apple Music)


Bayberry Park Album Review | CellxBlock

Bayberry Park Album Review 

Written by Cutty 

We are excited; we finally got what we have been waiting for, the Bayberry Park album, and man, it came with some surprises we did not expect, and we also got to hear some Cell that we absolutely love. This project has been highly anticipated ever since Cell started to release freestyles on IG. The people wondered, When is the project coming? We are now officially here; if "Nothing Was The Same" was created in Browns Mills, NJ you would have Bayberry Park. This album is a classic from start to finish, from hearing the new introduction of Cell, where he is more vocally singing, to being able to hear some of his fan favorite rap songs that people know him for. CellxBlock had the people excited for this project; we all know how lyrically gifted Cell is, and this album gives us the opportunity to share it with others. You will be guaranteed to find a song you can show someone else on the project. Let's go into a couple of songs that caught our attention.

CellxBlock has always been lyrically gifted, which is undeniable. This project answers the question, "Who is cellxblock? If you are new and have never heard of CellxBlock, he does a great job in the intro of letting you know who he is. CellxBlock comes from a small town called Browns Mills, NJ, and he loves to spread the word about it. He uses the fact that he is from a small town to his advantage, as people underestimate the lifestyle Cell has had. You can hear in songs like "Insecure" & "Hometown" that he talks about his upbringing for the ones who think he just had it sweet his whole life. We like to look at the "Hometown" song as one of the singles off the project, as we feel like you get the best connection to the artist, CellxBlock. It's a must-listen if you want to fully understand what this project is about. Lastly, a song that deserves its flowers is "MOM (Morals Over Money)". There is a deep message in the single, which we think is a message to be heard. CellxBlock's music is so unique because he is teaching the youth the right path to go on early to avoid life's trials and tribulations.

We were happy to see some features on the project as well. Syphe Dublin & MTO specifically, as we just got done hearing the "This Is Jersey" freestyle, so we were excited to see what else these two could make together. We also love to see Syphe, as he is one of the Brown Mills movers and shakers, so to see a collab with these two gives it the stamp it needs to know this is a must listen project. Both singles are great in their own way, which we love. We also want to speak on the different kinds of singles we heard out of Cell, as he has gone down a more vocal route, introducing singing into his style. You hear it on a couple of singles like "Im Good" & "Shak Story" where you hear him elevate his vocals pass rapping. We like that he left it at the end to keep the people wondering: will they hear more of this from Cell? Well, now we have something to look forward to in another album. The outro was a great way to end it out as it was a mixture of everything the tape started with. It's honestly something that had you mindblown. CellxBlock is definitely something special; enjoy the greatness as you get to see it. We are excited to see what's next from Cell. Enjoy the "Bayberry Park" project below and let us know what you think of it.

Follow CellxBlock - https://www.instagram.com/cellxblock/

Bayberry Park (Spotify)

Bayberry Park (Apple Music)


Oklahoma Cannabis Awards Exclusive Interviews

Oklahoma Cannabis Awards

Written by Cutty 

Toke Signals Potcast

Toke Signals Potcast was a winner this year at the Oklahoma Cannabis Awards. They are back to back winners for best podcast. Their podcast consists of them smoking weed and telling stories to their fanbase. Whether the stories are recent or from back in the day, it's a place for stoners to come together and be stoners. Come check out the exclusive interview we have with them talking about their process. Watch the exclusive interview below.


Jennifer Tapiero 

Jennifer Tapiero is a cannabis awards veteran; she has performed at every stop and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. She is from Jersey but has made her way over to the west coast. She has learned so much dealing with both coasts that she gives artists some advice on what to do with their own careers in her exclusive interview. Watch the exclusive interview below.



Dankleafs is an upcoming leaf brand that made a lot of noise at the Cannabis Awards. Grown in the Dominican Republic, this leaf's purpose is to bring a different way of smoking to its users. They have already expanded to both coasts, east and west, and plan to keep hitting up stores to get in. Hear about their story in this exclusive interview. Watch the exclusive interview below.


New Music Premiere: DreArtist - I Am Him

DreArtist - I Am Him 

Written by Cutty 

DreArtist has had himself a summer, as he has given us plenty of music to listen to throughout the fall and winter. If you missed any of his newest music that recently dropped, he wanted to give you one more before the summer was over called "I Am Him," which we got to hear exclusively on the first day at Virtual Hotbox. DreArtist made a guest appearance for episode 7 and played the track to start off the episode. When we heard it, we knew it was a good track. It gives you that good ol' DreArtist that we all love. DreArtist, in this song, has a lyrical sound mixed with some club antics. A true Jersey sound we can identify. New Jersey artists are always complimented by their ability to mix club and rap together. We also got to hear another Klint Beastwood beat, which isn't new to DreArtist as they have done a couple singles together.

DreArtist never disappoints when it comes to rapping; he loves to do the boom bap rap, as he likes to refer to it. He's good for slipping in references and pulling things together. Even in the hook, we noticed the mention of YSL to play on how people are watching your moves. You can always find yourself breaking down bars from DreArtist songs and finding little Easter eggs in the lyrics. That is what we love the most about his verses: he puts his time into the wordplay and makes you think about it. We can anticipate a huge quarter coming up for DreArtist if he continues to drop music like this. The work he has done with Klint Beastwood has been some of the best he has put out, which makes us wonder if they have a tape planned for the people. These are all things we will have to stay on the lookout for.

The one thing we love about the new single is that DreArtist is showing his confidence in where he is today in the music industry. Even by stating "I Am Him," he is showing that he has put in a lot of work this summer, and this is an end of the summer banger to remind the people if they forget. We caught some other lines in the song that gave us that same feeling of confidence. We love seeing DreArtist showing his best side; he truly deserves the flowers, as he has been one of the most consistent of the summer. So we highly suggest you take a listen and check out his newest song. Are you ready for an official album from DreArtist? It's something we hope will be announced soon, but until then, let us know what you think of "I Am Him" in the comments.

Follow DreArtist - https://www.instagram.com/p/CwfoGVnAY9B/

"I Am Him" (Spotify)

"I Am Him" (Apple Music)


September Brings The End Of The Summer, How Can You Make For A Better Fall?

Fall Season Masterplan 

Written by Cutty 

There are officially 3 months left in 2023, and September is the perfect month to start looking over what you have accomplished this year. As the summer officially comes to an end this month, use this time to look back on your summer run. In June, July, and August, we had a lot of great moments to look back on. When you ask yourself, What are you most happy about what you did this summer? Even if it's something small like releasing a song or performing at a festival. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate those wins from over the summer. That will help you set up for a powerful winter. The fall and winter are when you want to start putting plans together and making moves quietly. You don't have to be outside as much, and you can take advantage of every snow day as a reason to start working more on your craft. Plenty of businesses use the 3rd and 4th quarters to see how they will start the first one next year. Reflect on what worked and what you can work better at, and you're on your way for a powerful winter season.


Take all of the criticism from the summer and create better moments for the fall and winter. What was said to you about how you can improve your craft? Use this time to sit down with people who support you, ask them about your work, and see how they feel about it. An honest opinion is the best way to improve your craft. Use the fall season to improve anything you couldn’t do during the busy summer. Listening to the criticism of others is what helps us improve our craft; if we don't apply the knowledge, we can remain stagnant forever. It's okay for someone else to have a different vision of what you see; try it out and make your own adjustments to it that make you feel better. You never know who sees the maximum potential in you. Work on your improvements and get back in that gym. 


This summer, if you planned it right, should have come with a handful of new connections. Use the fall season to socialize with them and build your relationship with them so you can advance further. A community is what gets you far, so all of those people you came across on your path are all people who can bring one thing closer to you that you have been missing. Connect in with the people around you and advance your career. We are all put here to serve, so give a person that fulfillment. Reach out, offer lunch, and build your community with the people you connected in with throughout the summer. It could be an opportunity waiting for you if you nourish that relationship.

These are things you can do to recap your summer. Start off by celebrating your wins. Whatever you feel like you accomplished this summer is a milestone reached, so make sure you use this time to make sure you celebrate. That will ultimately help you grow your career; the more you celebrate wins, the more they come. After you're done doing that, start working on the improvements you can make to your career that will make you sharper and better. We've heard plenty of criticism from people about the work we put out, so now how can we use what’s beneficial and make better improvements? That's something to think about. Lastly, you can work on those relationships we built throughout the summer and work on advancing our careers. There are opportunities for us all around; we just have to take advantage of them when they arrive. So make sure you are doing your own due diligence in advancing your career and working with people who can help you get to the next place in your career. If you listen to all three things we discussed in this article, then you are on your way to a powerful winter.

Oklahoma Cannabis Awards Music Festival | Depew, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Cannabis Awards 

Written by Cutty 

Oklahoma has been blessed with another cannabis awards as All Access USA has come back to town. This was the second Oklahoma Cannabis Awards and it was held at the Route 66 Bike Rally in Depew, Oklahoma. This year was like no other, with over 50+ people getting awards for various different cannabis topics. They had special guests come through and a plethora of vendors for the people to discover. We were able to see brands from Oklahoma that are up and coming, and we were very impressed by the brands we discovered. We ran into some people who were from Oklahoma and from out of town who came out to enjoy the award show. This event was filled with people who loved cannabis. It was great to see people from Las Vegas, especially. This was a two day event, with Dem Franchise Boyz headlining Saturday night and Mike Jones on Sunday. Sheldon Cooper does an amazing job every year with the cannabis awards from the performers to the vendors to the experience you receive there. It's something that will grow to high heights fast; here are some of the people who came out to this one.

Every award show we get to find some dope up and coming people in the cannabis industry, and this event brought the same amount of heat as always. We got to connect with Nugz Premium, who is a cannabis grower out in Oklahoma, and they were able to talk about the new products they have coming out with flower as high as 35% THC. We also got to talk to Hush Supply, who is from Oklahoma and was sampling their brand new Black Cherry Gelato Preroll and getting feedback from the people who came to the event. A brand that caught our attention quickly was Dankleafs, which was the talk of the event and had everyone smoking on their leafs. They came to the event, and people gravitated towards them quickly. A lot of people were highly impressed with their leafs. Bob Marley Hemp Wraps & Billionaire Hemp Wraps also showed us a new wave of hemp wraps that we fell in love with. They have been working for the past couple of months on new ways to expand the brand, and they brought some exclusives for people to try. There were so many brands in the building that are all putting their own touch on the upcoming cannabis industry, and we are glad to say that we are in good hands for what is to come.

We also get a special treat every year when it comes to the performers at the Cannabis Awards. This year, we saw plenty of new faces and some OGs at the cannabis award show. The Cannabis Awards is also a platform for cannabis artists, as they want to give them a platform to shine on. We were able to see artists like Pennwood Dough and Jennifer Tapiero, who have been supporting the cannabis awards for years. Jennifer always gets a strong response from the crowd when she hits the stage. Coming from New Jersey and living in Las Vegas, Jenny gets the best of both coasts. She is a fan favorite every time she hits the stage. Pennwood brought out some special guests with him, as he was with Shaunie Stylez. He is straight out of Las Vegas, brings energy to the crowd, and interacts heavily with the people watching. We also got to catch the host, Fly Music, give us a surprise set during the show. He gave out a bunch of Dankleafs during his set, which made the people happy. When we got towards the end of the show, we got to see the headliner, Parlae of Dem Franchise Boyz, who came out and had the crowd rocking. He performed their famous hit "Lean Wit It’ and had the whole room shaking their shoulders. It felt like a 2002 house party; he ended the show perfectly. Everyone who came said they were ready for 2024 already. We have some exclusive interviews coming to YouTube for you to see. Will you be there next year?

Photos by @theofficialcutty

Dre Carter “Friends” Single Release Party

"Friends" Single Release Party

Written by Cutty 

Dre Carter has been known to drop bangers and do events around them. This event was nothing less than what we expected. All the way out in Pottstown, PA at Kash Vision Studios. Dre Carter brought out the whole tristate to come celebrate his newest single, "Friends" featuring Dom Brady. Hosted by Cutty, the event was amazing from start to finish. From the artist who performed to the single itself. The people who came really enjoyed themselves. Musically Funny has been popping off for the past couple of months, giving multiple artists opportunities, and this event was the same. We heard artists from all over hit the stage and bring their talents; we were even blown away by a couple of artists who hit the stage. This was an event for the books, for sure.

The event started off great with O Dog hitting the stage, who came from Pottstown. It was good to see someone from the city in the building representing. His music was off the charts, and we were greatly surprised when he took over as the first artist performing of the night. He was not shy and definitely had the whole crowd involved during his set. He was a great start to the event. We actually got to see Dre Carter right after him, as he was ready to give the people what they came for. He performed his song "Friends" and also brought a special guest on stage. His special guest "Nook" said it was his first time on stage, but we could tell he has been doing music for a minute from the confidence he brought to the stage. Dre Carter ended up giving the people an extra song because they wanted one more out of him. The crowd loved his performance and cheered him on the whole time. Everyone felt good afterward and was ready for the show to keep going.

As we neared the end of the event, an artist who struck out to us was C Roon; his energy during his set had the people dancing along with him. He first thanked Dre Carter for the opportunity and turned up with the crowd for his whole set. The people loved his music. Another artist we were struck by was TizzThaSinger who went last but couldn’t have ended the show any better. His music was more soft and more R&B, while C Roon's was more hyper. He had us all in our R&B bag as he sang the night away. He also brought on O Dog as a feature on his set, and their song had the crowd screaming and jumping. He ended the night perfectly, as you would have thought he was the headliner. His music was top tier, his presence was strong, and the crowd was blown away. The whole night in itself felt personal, as you could tell everyone who came had been there for the journey; this wasn’t their first rodeo. We are excited to see what’s next for Dre Carter after this event. For now, you can stream his newest single, Friends," which is officially out now.

Photos by @theofficialcutty

Coke Boyz in Philly Exclusive Interviews

Coke Boyz in Philly 

Written by Cutty 

SK Da King 

Sk Da King came out to Philly to show us some love by being part of the Cokeboyz tour. Sk Da King, from Baltimore, talked about how he loved Philly and the atmosphere of the city. He goes into talking about his deal with Conway The Machine. Watch the exclusive interview below.


Cheezy Dior 

Cheezy Dior, the star of the hour, came onto the platform to talk about his time in Philly. He is currently on tour and has been hitting multiple cities. He goes into detail about his stop in Philly, which was hosted at 88 Studio. He talks about his singles with French Montana and more. Watch the exclusive interview below.


Cheezy Dior Performance

We have an extra exclusive for you all: catch the performance Cheezy Dior gave to the Philly crowd waiting for him. He has done some fan favorites and some new tracks that the crowd got familiar with quickly. Watch the full performance below.



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