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Capricorn Szn Event | Camden, NJ

Capricorn Szn | Camden, NJ

Written by Cutty 

This weekend was one for the books, as we had another historic event in Camden, NJ. All the Capricorns got a lot of praise, as it was their season to celebrate. Queen Ni put together a great indie show to start off 2024. She had multiple artists from all over the tristate area and surrounding areas. The event was filled with talent, and she also had an open bar for all the ticket holders, along with 420 vendors in the building. The vendors had edibles and other food options for the crowd, so the ticket holders were well taken care of when they got to the event. It was hosted by WCMD Media, which is growing into a staple for the independent community in New Jersey. The tunes of the night was set by DJ Aktiveight. Queen Ni definitely set the bar with this event, as more than 10+ artists hit the stage and some of them walked away with cash prizes. It was a good night for everyone, so let's talk about the talent in the room.

The event had a lot of dope moments and artists who slayed the stage. It was an open mic to start off the event, and with that, people were able to get a chance to win a cash prize for the crowd-voted best performance. This was dope to see because it made the artist go up there and give it their best. It was also some artist that stuck out to us; we liked to see Torch; his music was sensational! He had the crowd locked in when he hit the stage, and we were excited to see the reaction he received from the crowd. The ladies held it down also, as there were so many talented women who hit the stage. One artist who stuck out was Raylegend. She had everything we could possibly want: energy, bars, and a mix of songs for R&B lovers and hip-hop heads. She was a great artist, for sure. The Sound Hustlaz came out with Sav Kay, who had the crowd hyped up from her laidback energy and strong bops inside her music. We also got to see two Capricorns: Sturdy Minah, who had the crowd rocking to her single, Captain, and TCMG_Reddz who brought back the smooth vibes toward the end of the show. We also got to see a dope group called Endless Vision, and they gave us the house party feel for the night. All three of them were talented in their own way and had the crowd jumping back and forth with the 90’s vibes they had. You felt like you were at an old school party.

There were so many good vibes throughout the night. Lil Screwy was a highlight artist of the night for us, and the energy he gave on stage was unmatched. His music was super dope and had the people moving around the room singing. We are excited to see new music from him in 2024. We also got to see Nick Drilla hit the stage with some new music; he came with Xay Davis, who is the owner of the label Backwood Bros, and they all set the stage on fire. Nick Drilla has some new music, which we are excited to hear on all platforms. It was also amazing to see Queen Ni artist Nisay perform, who has a really dope sound. He went on right before Queen Ni headline set, and he had the people rolling their shoulders with his music. It was so dope to see everyone loving the music he was giving us. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Nyah G as she left due to an emergency. We got to see Queen Ni give us the headline performance, and it was everything we wanted to see. We got to hear the songs we love from her, including one of her biggest songs, “Rugrat” which is based on the show Rugrats. The people were not disappointed with her performance at all. The people stood up and gave Queen a huge round of applause when she got off stage. This was a great event to start off 2024. We are excited to see the Aries season event, which is happening in March. Contact Queen Ni for slot information on that event.

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End Of The Year Recap | Cheers To 2023, Hello 2024


Thank You 2023, Welcome 2024

Written by Cutty 

It's been a beautiful year for us over here at Jersey Watch Blog. We took the 4th quarter off to prepare you guys for 2024. We will have new content, new opportunities, and an overall great year planned ahead for our readers. We thank everyone who has been patient with us and enjoyed the content on the blog and YouTube channel. We have really impacted thousands of people this year, and it does not go unnoticed. We are so thankful you chose us as your source for reading up on an event or checking out your favorite creative. We can't wait for you guys to see what's in store for 2024.

We will be looking for more independent artists, more creatives, and more people to talk about in 2024. So thank you to everyone we have had on the platform in 2023. This year, we met and spoke with so many dope people that it would be impossible to name them all. I'm so thankful for everyone who hit the platform this year. Let's keep pushing and pursuing a great 2024, as we did in 2023. We have new content coming, new shows coming, and some more Jersey and worldwide artists for you to discover. Make sure to share us with your favorite person and let them discover us.

We want to thank everyone who has been reading, watching us on YouTube, and requesting us at events. We have a special event coming 1/13 and we will have some dope new artists for you to see. For now, we want you guys to sit back and enjoy all of the content from 2023 and get ready for the jam-packed content coming your way in 2024. It's going to be a good year for us all! If you haven't, go watch our YouTube videos, read our old posts, and let us know which one was your favorite for 2023. We are excited to hear from you.

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Have an amazing 2023! 

September Brings The End Of The Summer, How Can You Make For A Better Fall?

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Fall Season Masterplan 

Written by Cutty 

There are officially 3 months left in 2023, and September is the perfect month to start looking over what you have accomplished this year. As the summer officially comes to an end this month, use this time to look back on your summer run. In June, July, and August, we had a lot of great moments to look back on. When you ask yourself, What are you most happy about what you did this summer? Even if it's something small like releasing a song or performing at a festival. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate those wins from over the summer. That will help you set up for a powerful winter. The fall and winter are when you want to start putting plans together and making moves quietly. You don't have to be outside as much, and you can take advantage of every snow day as a reason to start working more on your craft. Plenty of businesses use the 3rd and 4th quarters to see how they will start the first one next year. Reflect on what worked and what you can work better at, and you're on your way for a powerful winter season.

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Take all of the criticism from the summer and create better moments for the fall and winter. What was said to you about how you can improve your craft? Use this time to sit down with people who support you, ask them about your work, and see how they feel about it. An honest opinion is the best way to improve your craft. Use the fall season to improve anything you couldn’t do during the busy summer. Listening to the criticism of others is what helps us improve our craft; if we don't apply the knowledge, we can remain stagnant forever. It's okay for someone else to have a different vision of what you see; try it out and make your own adjustments to it that make you feel better. You never know who sees the maximum potential in you. Work on your improvements and get back in that gym. 

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This summer, if you planned it right, should have come with a handful of new connections. Use the fall season to socialize with them and build your relationship with them so you can advance further. A community is what gets you far, so all of those people you came across on your path are all people who can bring one thing closer to you that you have been missing. Connect in with the people around you and advance your career. We are all put here to serve, so give a person that fulfillment. Reach out, offer lunch, and build your community with the people you connected in with throughout the summer. It could be an opportunity waiting for you if you nourish that relationship.

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These are things you can do to recap your summer. Start off by celebrating your wins. Whatever you feel like you accomplished this summer is a milestone reached, so make sure you use this time to make sure you celebrate. That will ultimately help you grow your career; the more you celebrate wins, the more they come. After you're done doing that, start working on the improvements you can make to your career that will make you sharper and better. We've heard plenty of criticism from people about the work we put out, so now how can we use what’s beneficial and make better improvements? That's something to think about. Lastly, you can work on those relationships we built throughout the summer and work on advancing our careers. There are opportunities for us all around; we just have to take advantage of them when they arrive. So make sure you are doing your own due diligence in advancing your career and working with people who can help you get to the next place in your career. If you listen to all three things we discussed in this article, then you are on your way to a powerful winter.

Oklahoma Cannabis Awards Music Festival | Depew, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Cannabis Awards 

Written by Cutty 

Oklahoma has been blessed with another cannabis awards as All Access USA has come back to town. This was the second Oklahoma Cannabis Awards and it was held at the Route 66 Bike Rally in Depew, Oklahoma. This year was like no other, with over 50+ people getting awards for various different cannabis topics. They had special guests come through and a plethora of vendors for the people to discover. We were able to see brands from Oklahoma that are up and coming, and we were very impressed by the brands we discovered. We ran into some people who were from Oklahoma and from out of town who came out to enjoy the award show. This event was filled with people who loved cannabis. It was great to see people from Las Vegas, especially. This was a two day event, with Dem Franchise Boyz headlining Saturday night and Mike Jones on Sunday. Sheldon Cooper does an amazing job every year with the cannabis awards from the performers to the vendors to the experience you receive there. It's something that will grow to high heights fast; here are some of the people who came out to this one.

Every award show we get to find some dope up and coming people in the cannabis industry, and this event brought the same amount of heat as always. We got to connect with Nugz Premium, who is a cannabis grower out in Oklahoma, and they were able to talk about the new products they have coming out with flower as high as 35% THC. We also got to talk to Hush Supply, who is from Oklahoma and was sampling their brand new Black Cherry Gelato Preroll and getting feedback from the people who came to the event. A brand that caught our attention quickly was Dankleafs, which was the talk of the event and had everyone smoking on their leafs. They came to the event, and people gravitated towards them quickly. A lot of people were highly impressed with their leafs. Bob Marley Hemp Wraps & Billionaire Hemp Wraps also showed us a new wave of hemp wraps that we fell in love with. They have been working for the past couple of months on new ways to expand the brand, and they brought some exclusives for people to try. There were so many brands in the building that are all putting their own touch on the upcoming cannabis industry, and we are glad to say that we are in good hands for what is to come.

We also get a special treat every year when it comes to the performers at the Cannabis Awards. This year, we saw plenty of new faces and some OGs at the cannabis award show. The Cannabis Awards is also a platform for cannabis artists, as they want to give them a platform to shine on. We were able to see artists like Pennwood Dough and Jennifer Tapiero, who have been supporting the cannabis awards for years. Jennifer always gets a strong response from the crowd when she hits the stage. Coming from New Jersey and living in Las Vegas, Jenny gets the best of both coasts. She is a fan favorite every time she hits the stage. Pennwood brought out some special guests with him, as he was with Shaunie Stylez. He is straight out of Las Vegas, brings energy to the crowd, and interacts heavily with the people watching. We also got to catch the host, Fly Music, give us a surprise set during the show. He gave out a bunch of Dankleafs during his set, which made the people happy. When we got towards the end of the show, we got to see the headliner, Parlae of Dem Franchise Boyz, who came out and had the crowd rocking. He performed their famous hit "Lean Wit It’ and had the whole room shaking their shoulders. It felt like a 2002 house party; he ended the show perfectly. Everyone who came said they were ready for 2024 already. We have some exclusive interviews coming to YouTube for you to see. Will you be there next year?

Photos by @theofficialcutty

Dre Carter “Friends” Single Release Party

"Friends" Single Release Party

Written by Cutty 

Dre Carter has been known to drop bangers and do events around them. This event was nothing less than what we expected. All the way out in Pottstown, PA at Kash Vision Studios. Dre Carter brought out the whole tristate to come celebrate his newest single, "Friends" featuring Dom Brady. Hosted by Cutty, the event was amazing from start to finish. From the artist who performed to the single itself. The people who came really enjoyed themselves. Musically Funny has been popping off for the past couple of months, giving multiple artists opportunities, and this event was the same. We heard artists from all over hit the stage and bring their talents; we were even blown away by a couple of artists who hit the stage. This was an event for the books, for sure.

The event started off great with O Dog hitting the stage, who came from Pottstown. It was good to see someone from the city in the building representing. His music was off the charts, and we were greatly surprised when he took over as the first artist performing of the night. He was not shy and definitely had the whole crowd involved during his set. He was a great start to the event. We actually got to see Dre Carter right after him, as he was ready to give the people what they came for. He performed his song "Friends" and also brought a special guest on stage. His special guest "Nook" said it was his first time on stage, but we could tell he has been doing music for a minute from the confidence he brought to the stage. Dre Carter ended up giving the people an extra song because they wanted one more out of him. The crowd loved his performance and cheered him on the whole time. Everyone felt good afterward and was ready for the show to keep going.

As we neared the end of the event, an artist who struck out to us was C Roon; his energy during his set had the people dancing along with him. He first thanked Dre Carter for the opportunity and turned up with the crowd for his whole set. The people loved his music. Another artist we were struck by was TizzThaSinger who went last but couldn’t have ended the show any better. His music was more soft and more R&B, while C Roon's was more hyper. He had us all in our R&B bag as he sang the night away. He also brought on O Dog as a feature on his set, and their song had the crowd screaming and jumping. He ended the night perfectly, as you would have thought he was the headliner. His music was top tier, his presence was strong, and the crowd was blown away. The whole night in itself felt personal, as you could tell everyone who came had been there for the journey; this wasn’t their first rodeo. We are excited to see what’s next for Dre Carter after this event. For now, you can stream his newest single, Friends," which is officially out now.

Photos by @theofficialcutty

The New Wave | The Kings Of Jersey Event

The Kings Of Jersey Event

Written by Cutty 

WCMD Media had an event this weekend that brought comedy and music together on a big night. They also had the fight on for Spencer vs. Crawford, and the result of the fight shocked everyone at the event. It was a good night for sure, with music by Shade 45’s own DJ Caesar. He had the tunes rolling all night and kept everyone dancing. They had multiple vendors in the building that had some good products for the crowd to check out. It was good to see them have a platform to be seen and gain some new fans. Mike Ways of Dramaco Empire gave a lot of opportunities with this event, joining together independent talent and independent business owners. WCMD is building a community full of creators, and this event helped shine a light on that.

They didn't hold back on some funny comedy in the building; they had IMD Darrell host the event, and he told jokes all night for the people in attendance. While we were in the building, we were able to catch Big Dummy’s set, which had us in tears. He hit the stage before the big fight and set the room right. He told joke after joke and had people laughing. It was a good twist on the night, keeping everyone in good spirits. It’s always good to have comedians hit the stage; everyone loves a good laugh. As Dummy ended his set, the fight was about to begin, and we were able to hear a couple announcements.

While we waited for the fight to begin, we were able to hear from Mike Ways, who spoke about the unity in the building from Jersey. He thanked everyone in the room and invited them to WCMD whenever they felt needed. We watched about two performances as the night went on from New Jersey locals, and the fight was officially starting. We all watched a couple rounds, and during a commercial break, they brought on Ninetty from PS, who had some guest people on his set, including DreArtist. Before Ninetty could finish his set, Crawford TKO’d Spencer, and the crowd erupted. It gave Ninetty a nice boost as he finished out his set. It was a dope night to share together on such a historic night. WCMD plans to throw more events like this in Camden in the upcoming fall. They will be looking for artists and vendors to join them.

Photos by @theofficialcutty

Philly VS Jersey Event | 88 Studio

Philly VS Jersey

Written by Cutty 

This Friday, we got to see a good one at 88 Studio as Philly and Jersey came together to bring the best of each side to a battle of the greats. Hosted by Ace Da Khemist, there were many artists in the building who are known for putting on a show, and the people were ready for what was to come. With three different judges, including Cutty, this was going to be a good night for both sides. We got to see artists like DreArtist, Cell Block, Donnie Casino, Ghetto Reese, Da Renegades, and more. It was a good battle, as it was neck and neck most of the night until a couple rounds spun in favor of one side, and it was a battle to see who was going to finish it out. Philly or Jersey? There was only one way to find out, and that was to bring your best and perform your best on stage. We've got the exclusives for you on who took this home.

At the beginning of the event, we got to see some crowd favorites: Killa Kelz, Kaine Black, and Ace Da Khemist. This performance set the energy off right, as we got to hear songs we all love to hear and that have also been performed at 88 Studio. After the performance, it was off to the races at the beginning of the show. The event started off good for Jersey, as they were able to steal the first battle of the night, Brooklyn Bandz winning his battle.  which had Jersey loud and yelling. It looks like Philly rolled the dice right after the first battle, as their next two artists both won their battles. It being a close match, Philly came with more of a punch and crowd-friendly songs that had the whole place moving. Donnie Casino, one of the two Philly wins early on, has been known for his dance-along music with smooth bars; this was everything Philly needed to get some steam rolling. With the event being 2-1 now, this is what made things really interesting. Luckily, Jersey had a Savior, as S.O.T.M. came in and had just enough to go up on award-winning artist Ghetto Reese. Ultimately winning his battle, he had the crowd in shock as the event was now tied at 2-2.

This was the breaking point and turning point of the event, and whoever went next was bound to set the energy in the room and turn this event around. Stepping up were Cell Block, representing Jersey, and Araw, representing Philly. This was the one we were all waiting for as Cell Block made his return back to 88 Studio. They went pound for pound songwise, but Cell Block, showing artist maturity, took the battle. Cell Block turned the event around singlehandedly, and the battle was now 3-2 on Jersey. DreArtist, who was next up, also took his battle with a win as the crowd, declared it 3-0. DreArtist bringing a unique spin of songs to the battle is what pushed Jersey up 4-2, and the battle was on for Philly to come back. The night went on as both sides battled, with Mr.DoItAll for Philly taking home a win in his battle and King Shinobe taking home a win in his battle. The final result of the event was that Jersey took home the win and walked out successful. It was a great event for both sides, as we can imagine the amount of collaborations we will hear in the near future from the artists from the event.

Photos by @theofficialcutty

The Crucial Role of Marketing | How It Can Change Your Future

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The Crucial Role of Marketing

Written by Cutty 

When you're a content creator or creating a product for the public. You want to make sure you have a marketing plan attached to it. Marketing is what is going to bring all of the new people to know about you and keep your current ones updated with you. So understand that marketing is going to bring you success. It's so slept on, but it's something you want to make a priority. Marketing can impact your project in a major way. Being in front of people and being a constant reminder in their lives is what's going to attract them towards your project. Marketing is part of our lives every day. When we go on YouTube, we see ads; when we go outside, we see billboards; and when we are in the store, we see sales and specials. These are all things that want us to get these products. They are creating special ways for us to find out about their product. Here are some simple ways to make your marketing better.

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Find out who your audience is

When you find out who your audience is, you can figure out how to market to them. This is a great first step in creating marketing content. If you're an artist, who are you making music for? Who do you envision listening to your music? Once you find this out, you can create content that will attract them. If you are releasing a product, who do you see using your product? Why would they use your product over someone else's? These are questions you can ask yourself to find out who you're making your marketing content for. If you don't know the answers to these questions, it doesn't matter how much marketing content you create; you can be creating it for the wrong person, which will lead to you not getting them to convert over to you. Finding out who your audience is will save you money and get you the results you're looking for, so before you create anything marketing-related, focus on who you're making it for. 

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Create a plan and execute 

Once you know who you're creating content for, it's time to create a plan on how you're going to present it to them. What do you feel like someone would want to see? Take this time to write down ideas on how you're going to market to them. What do you think they will like? What would make them click on the ad? Get creative in this process; think outside the box. You want to show your fanbase that you're different, so use this as a chance to create some magic. This part of the process is strictly focused on idea building and how and when you're going to execute the idea. You can write down a plan all the way from before launch to get them to know about it and after launch to get people who may have missed the pre-marketing. This will set you up for success because people will definitely find out about your project. So write down all your ideas and get ready to execute.

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Now that you know your audience and have your content all planned out, It's time to put the budget where it needs to go to make everything happen. Most marketing requires a budget for something; it's just part of the process. Here is something that requires a budget but can get you seen by thousands. Google Ads, which is good for all video ads and online presence Google ads cost money but can get you seen by people all over the world. Another thing that you may have to pay for is if you have to outsource your content creation. Paying for content creation can get you some creative things made and take the stress off you by letting a professional create your content. Saving you time and headaches, and all you have to do is pay them their rate. The list goes on after this: paying for billboards, product placement, etc. These are all things you want budgeted out in the beginning so you can prepare a budget for them.

Source - Google.com

In the end, it's easy to create a marketing plan, and it plays a crucial role in your success in business. Every major business pays for promotion; some companies put millions into marketing because they know it's more valuable to be seen than to be hidden. You want to be a trending topic when your project launches, so having a marketing plan can help you accomplish that. Don't put marketing to the side and think, "I'll just share the link on social media." That's step one on a long list of steps to being successful in marketing. Use these three ways first and find out more as you grow, but the steps listed above can get you far. Marketing is what has created some of the major things we use today. Don't overthink it; create your plan, execute it, and analyze the results. We know for sure you'll be way farther along with your marketing than not doing it at all. What's something you do to create your marketing plan? Join the conversation below.

Tosho Con 2023

Tosho Con | Cranford, NJ

Written by Cutty 

Tosho Con has returned, and this time it's back in Cranford, NJ. Tosho Con is a free anime convention held for children and anime lovers in small towns. This was held at the Cranford community center and library, where it is held annually. They had a variety of things to do all day at the convention, they had Mario Kart Live, conversations with anime graphic designers, and loads of games for the kids. They had some special guests in the building as well, like Jonathan Todd Ross of YuGiOh, Richard Baratta, a Marvel film producer and musician, and book author Rick Stromoski. There were plenty of other guests that we didn’t get a chance to see, but it was a fun-filled day from start to finish. Ending the event with a cosplay contest, all of the kids who dressed up were able to win a prize for best dressed, and they also gave out prizes all day with free raffles, with plenty of kids leaving happy with a winner's package. There were characters of all kinds roaming around the anime convention, plenty of smiles, and kids having a great time.

The start of the event was great, as young kids from all over came to hear and see their childhood hero, Jonathan Todd Ross, who is one of the voice actors in the world famous cartoon YuGiOh. It was a great time for them, as they were able to ask questions and find out more about the cartoon they grew up loving for years. They also had Mario Kart Live for all of the kids, where they created a track just like in Mario Kart, and the kids had to go round and round and finish in first place. It was plenty of fun in this room as kids took turns on the track, competing to win. When they were done winning races, they still had time to go make some candy sushi, which was at the same time as Mario Kart Live. These events led to hearing the sounds of Richard Baratta, who did a Q&A with fans and also played some songs from people’s favorite movies and the ones he has worked on. The crowd even threw in some requests, which he did for them. It was cool to see him and his band, whom he has been playing with for years, be able to entertain the people and kids. We were all enjoying the show Richard had for us, and his band complimented him very well.

The end of the convention was just as good as the beginning as we made our way to the discussion with Rick Stromoski as he talked about his latest book, "Take A Hike," which he illustrated the book and also wrote it. He spent the day reading his book to the kids and signing books for them. They all loved the book and the cartoons in it. He also told us some exclusives in his interview; he was a true inspiration for the kids and people in attendance. They ended the event with a big event for all the kids in the building; it was a cosplay contest for all of the kids. Ranging for kids of all ages. It was a chance for them all to win a prize before the event ended. It was a great way to end the event, and everyone who was in attendance had a great time. The attendees will be getting ready for the next one; make sure to follow Tosho Con to be able to find out when it is. It’s a free anime convention that we recommend anyone check out.

Photos by @theofficialcutty

Styles P Live In South Jersey

Styles P Live In Concert

Written by Cutty 

It was an amazing Saturday night as Styles P, Seddy Hendrix, and Big Ooh came to perform live in Westampton, NJ. On a big night like this, all of the NJ legends came out to show support. It was a room full of shakers who have been putting in work representing NJ for years. It was good to see everyone under one roof, showing Jersey unity. There were plenty of heavy hitter special guests like Apollo Ali, Hypecityshow, Shelby Parris, Capone, and more! It was a truly musical event, as it was a producer battle in the beginning, ending with some live performances from some of the best in NJ. It was something we would love to see again, being able to rub shoulders with some of the best from NJ all in one room. It was a night that made you proud to be from NJ. 

There were so many compelling producers in the building for the producer beat battle that we missed how it started, but we were able to fully catch the championship round. We did get the backstory on how it went, and people loved seeing the producers go at it. Producers like Yo Audio, The Pogue Brothers, Sinfamous, Sunfiadagrate, and so many more were in attendance and part of the producer battle. It came down to Trenton & Willingboro for the championship round as The Pogue Brothers went against Sinfamous. It was a major three rounds as they both brought their heat. You could hear artists in the crowd making raps to the beats as they were playing. Everyone knew it was going to be a hard decision, as they were both neck and neck. The judges had it tough as it came down to a 2-1 decision going with Sinfamous. It was something the producer world needed, just seeing talented producers showcase their work. It was a win for everyone involved.

The performances were heavy and had many familiar faces on stage, which made this Jersey reunion even sweeter. It was artists like Dre Skuffs and Rachet Rab on the stage, which many people were excited to see. It was also good to see Frontline (Cato & Rudder) back in action, bringing out Big Rod, which set their set on fire. Frontline are Burlington County favorites, so they had the crowd involved and active. It was also good to see people from all over Jersey take the stage too, like Porta Rich, who has been in the game for a very long time and is setting an example for music artists. Our headliners of the night didn’t disappoint either, with Seddy Hendrix coming all the way from Florida to show love to Jersey. He came with some hits and gave the crowd that Florida down south feel. Big Ooh, who is also another legend in the state, also had the crowd upfront and paying attention when he hit the stage. It was good to see him get the love he received from the crowd, seeing the work he has put in throughout the years. At the end of the night, we got a special for sure as Styles P performed 2 extra songs for his set for the people who stayed to see. Doing legendary hits like "Locked Up" and some DBlock classics, The performance was worth it for everyone who saw it. Styles P, heavily loved in Jersey, had the crowd rocking as he shut out the show. It was a good moment for everyone who came to be part of it. It’s good to see Jersey together and shaking in one room. Exclusive interviews are coming to our YouTube. Subscribe to see them.

Photos by @theofficialcutty


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