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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

 Written By Cutty 

We want to say Happy Memorial Day! This day is special because it is a day to spend with your family and a day to celebrate the good things up to this point. You guys have held us down so much through these 4 years, and we want you to know we love each and every one of you! We started this with the goal of being able to provide quality content and be a voice for New Jersey. We have not only made great changes in NJ, but we have also traveled the world and spoken to people all over, impacting the lives of many. So please never stop reading, never stop sharing, and make sure to share us with friends! You are the reason for our growth, and we want to thank all of you who read our post and stayed around during our construction phase. We will be coming back soon; if you were able to catch this, you are a real one. You really are ready for our return. 

We are still in construction mode, so these posts will be temporary, but they're real feelings of how we feel, guys. We miss you guys a lot and can't wait for all of this to be finished so we can come back stronger! We have so many people we have come across that we would like for you to meet. We know that each of them will have a different feel for all of you, so we are excited to see who you enjoy the most. Make sure to keep holding on and waiting for us to come back, as we are fixing up the website and working with professionals to get us back up and running again. We will not let you down; we promise we have something major planned for you guys. You guys have been with us through different changes and have loved each one, so when we say this update will be one of our biggest, we know you will enjoy it! We have a lot for you to see! 

To everyone who is reading this, thank you so much for being here. You are the reason we are here today, so never forget that. If it weren't for our readers, we wouldn't be here today. The people we speak with always let us know about you guys and just how supportive you are to them when you see them on the blog. You are Jersey Watch Blog, as much as we are. Without you guys, we are just a blog with words; you guys give us life. So thank you for all of the support throughout these 4 years. We really appreciate it, and we know the posts recently aren't what you expected, but we had to give you guys something. We missed you. So we wanted to update you to let you know that soon things will be back to normal and we will have new people, new content, and new adventures for you to see. In the meantime, please check out our YouTube channel and watch every episode, as we have over 200+ videos for you to enjoy, so while you're waiting for the website to come back, make sure to go enjoy those. We have turned into one of the biggest platforms in our area, all thanks to you, and with that, we will take our next update personally! So just enjoy the fun and get ready for Jersey Watch Blog 4.0; it will be just as amazing as it always is! All you have to do is keep watching! See you soon! CEO Cutty 


Celtics Vs The NBA | Will The Celtics Win The Finals?

 Written by Cutty

This is one of my favorite times of the year, along with the NBA playoffs and the NBA finals. and we are waiting to see who will win the championship this year. We have a feeling the Celtics are looking to take the east and head their way back to the finals. This is their third straight conference final appearance in the last four years. While the pair Jaylen and Jayson have been playing amazing together these past couple years, it has been a struggle to get to the championship they desire, but they feel like this year will be different. It's also a whole new Celtics team, and while some people have been around, there are a lot of new faces that bring a different pedigree to the team. We are happy to see players like Jrue Holiday, who has been a great defensive point guard, and Kristaps, who has been an amazing power forward for the Celtics. So we know that conference finals are not a goal for the Celtics, but finally to get over that hump and get that championship. The Jays have been playing together for almost 10 years; the only thing missing is a championship to put them in a different category. They know they have everything else but the ring, so we are confident they will look to close out whoever wins next. 

The Celtics will not get it that easy though; the west has some hungry dogs with the TWolves and Ant, who have made the conference finals for the first time in a long time, which has put Ant in a whole new light this season. The Timberwolves used to be the worst team in the NFL at one point, so we are seeing a new change in town, and we are seeing the leadership of Anthony Edwards on the team as he cheers his team on after every victory and takes the blame for every loss. We are really seeing his ability to be a leader and lead his team to success. As he is the first to reach the conference finals in a very long time, we can confidently say he has turned the team around. We also have the Mavs, who already have an NBA champ on their team, Kyrie Irving, who is ready to show he can do it on his own, looking to get his second championship. He is coming in ready to make a new relationship in Boston but also get that ring again to prove the haters are different. They also have Luka, who is ready to cross that line and get that ring on his finger. He has been one of the league's best players for the last couple of years, getting snubbed for MVP a couple times in the past. This is his chance to get more than just an MVP, but a ring on his finger and his name next to Dirks on the teams of championships on the Mavs. Does he have what it takes to complete the mission? 

With the Pacers recent injuries, we are going to have to see how this series will go. It is currently 2-0 with Boston in front; the games have been close, but it looks like the Celtics are ready to end this out as they look to get ready for game 3. With all the hype going on around the last four teams left, who do you think will be in the NBA Finals? Will it be the Celtics, or will it be someone else? Comment below. We want to know what you think. We are picking the Celtics to win it all. 


Youtube Tips That Will Change Your Channel Overnight

 Written by Cutty 

Youtube is becoming a passive income machine for everyone born in Gen Z. From reacting to famous music videos to creating your own content for people to enjoy, Youtube has turned into a base for the youth to be able to spread their message. So today we want to give you guys some valuable tips that will expand your YouTube channel and help you get seen by the world. These tips will skyrocket your channel to the next level and allow your message to get out there to the masses, so come in and read these two tips that we have for you today, as they will change your YouTube experience. As we stated in our last post, YouTube has its own algorithm, so by being able to figure out what that is and falling into the place of your niche, you will be able to grow a fanbase and also be able to make passive income from YouTube. You just want to focus on rewatchable content and relatable content. Rewatchable means you want someone to show someone else or rewatch it again in the future; being relatable means you want to strike your viewers' interest so you can get them to watch your video. So let's dive into some tips to help us today.

One major tip we want to give you guys today is to keep your titles SEO-based and short and sweet. You want them to be straight to the point about the content you are creating for your audience. So if you are playing Spiderman 2, make sure to add the video game name in the title so people know you are playing that game. Keeping your title SEO-based and short and sweet will help you because you will be able to attract people's attention, and if you have a title that attracts them, they will most likely click your video. If you caught a good kill streak in COD and want to make a title for YouTube, you can use something like "I caught a crazy kill streak in Call of Duty MW3." This is something that is straight to the point and adds to the game you are playing, so anyone who likes COD content will check out your video. This is how you will attract new people to your videos. Let's move on to what else can help you get discovered by new people. 

You should also put six hashtags in your description box; this will allow people who look up that hashtag to be able to find your video. It is also like a tag, but different. A tag is something that someone types in the YouTube search bar, but a hashtag is something that people follow if it piques their interest. So the hashtags #callofduty and #modernwarfare3 in your description will bring you up on the search bar for anyone looking for them. So this is another way of being discovered on top of having tags on your videos. You want to have six hashtags in your description that are all based on your YouTube video. If it's Call of Duty, use as many Call of Duty hashtags as possible so the fanbase of Call of Duty can find your video and watch it. These are just two small secrets YouTubers use to get new people to find their channel, and they are something that you can do for your channel. If you do these two steps correctly, then you should start seeing a surplus of new viewers on your channel. This is an organic way for you to attract new viewers to watch your content.


What Would You Do If You Had Everything?

 Written By Cutty 

Let me start by asking you a question: If you could go anywhere in the world and be anything in the world, What would you be? Where would you be? Answer that for me in the comments. I ask you this because I want to know your answer. Anything that comes to mind is the right answer, so don't be scared to share it with us. You're reading this because you feel like you can get everything that you want. You don't need recognition because you know you are destined for greatness, and I'm here to tell you. You are! Every day that you wake up and continue to chase your dreams, you get one step closer to being able to really answer this question in real life. 

So if you had everything you ever wanted, what would you do? I doubt it's what you're doing right now. That's okay; this is just a phase of you; you wouldn't be reading this because you have everything, and if you do, let us know. You are reading this because, deep down, where you are is not where you are supposed to be but just where you are. It is all just something you are into for now, and you know that big changes are on the way. We inspire each other every day with the words we speak. So I ask myself, If I had everything, what would I do? I would give back to the people who were in the same situation as me. Its hard coming up and nobody around you sees your dreams; I felt that in my life. There are people who have the same dreams as me, making the world we live in better every day. To some, you do it by serving, and others wish to do it by creating opportunities and creating a world that is intact. If I had everything I ever wanted, I would live luxuriously every day in a place that would blow your mind. Some people don't wish for big houses, cars, or even jewels. It's not the materialism behind it; it's the drive. If you're driving a million-dollar car, clearly you're causing a lot of people to pay for that car. Most millionaires just serve a massive purpose in our economy, which is why they are rich. The owners of the major companies created these ideas for us to consume and take advantage of every day to help us survive. It's the circle of life. 

What does it mean to drive? Well, you can survive just by being average, but if you live in a $1  million house, you have to make a big impact on the world. Look at some of the best ever. Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Jay-Z—these are all people who have made a massive change in the world we live in today. So it's not about the stuff you're buying, but being able to transition your family trauma into something better. Most of us don't grow up with the luxury of everything that we want, so it's about being able to put your family in a comfortable situation and a comfortable life. For most dreamers, this is the real motive for being rich. Coming from nothing and wanted to leave an impact behind to change the family coming ahead. It's about having a big impact on the world. By creating something magical every day, I strive to make a big impact. I hope this helps you. I pray you get everything you desire. I truly believe we are supposed to have everything that we desire, so dream big! You can achieve it. 

Why You Shouldnt Give Up

 Written By Cutty 

In this life, we all have a dream. Everyone has one; it's what makes us unique; everything that we touch and use today is someone's dream. You have a dream right now, even if you have never spoken about it. We all dream, and that is exactly why you should never give up. Look at the things around you; we are living in everyone else's dream every day: the places we go to, the cars we drive, and the food we eat. There are plenty of examples of dreams all around you every day for you to see. Everything started out as a dream, and they didn't give up trying to make it happen. We hear all about these stories every day about people who never thought they would be at the point they are, whether it's really seeing their name on a store or creating food people love. It was a dream for them that is now a reality, and it's true that your biggest dreams can become your reality. It's possible because we see it every day. We are living proof that dreams come true. Every day, you live your dreams; you just have to see them in front of you. 

Now, is chasing your dreams easy? No, it isn't; it's actually one of the hardest things to do in your life. You know most people only live the American dream? They go to college, graduate with a degree, get an entry-level job in their position, and work for 30 years in hopes of becoming everything the dream said it would be. It's so easy to go to school, get a job, and sit there for 40 years doing what someone is telling you to do. This is what was told to you—what you should do because everyone else around you is doing it—and why would you want to fit out of that? Do you know how hard it is to create something that will change the whole world? Think about some of the brands that you love today. Target? Mcdonalds? Uber? These are things that have completely shifted our world, and people depend on them every day now. These were simply someone's ideas and dreams. So I won't lie to you and say chasing your dreams will be the easiest process ever, but I will say this: once you achieve it, you'll never regret the time spent to make it happen. Ask anyone who has ever accomplished a dream of theirs. 

Everyone who is successful lets us know they are so thankful for the trip they took to get to where they are because they have exactly what they pictured in their heads. You ever heard the saying, It takes a loss to get a win? In a sense, they are not lying. If you have not gone through family trauma, you might not want to change your ways. If you have all the money in the world, you might not want to get up and actually chase that dream in your head. What makes them different from you? The only difference is that they did their own stuff and still chased their dreams. They didn't say it wasn't meant for them when it wasn't working out, and they took the time to celebrate when it did go well. Do you want to fall victim instead of continuing to fight after hearing some of the stories of the successful? Your one day is one year for them, so be grateful and remember you are in control. So how does that make you feel? It should make you feel like you are not about to give up. Never give up. You got this. Now go change the world. 

How To Make Your Youtube Page Better

 Written by Cutty 

YouTube has changed many lives; we see people as young as 14 living off of YouTube. This is a dream that is possible for everyone who makes content on YouTube. It is something that will only keep changing people's lives. We have seen plenty of YouTubers who are well off because of the content they have made on YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel, this post is for you. We want to give you two tips that will help improve your YouTube page. Youtube is built off of an algorithm, and all you have to do is know who to get in front of so they can discover who you are and watch your content. If you already use these two tips we are going to give you today, then make sure to put in the comments how beneficial they have been for your YouTube account. So people know these tips are valuable and can really help their page grow to the next level. 

Our first tip for you is your thumbnails on YouTube. You want to make sure you are either using the service Canva to make a thumbnail or you want to pay a professional on Fiverr so they can make you something amazing. Thumbnails are an investment every professional YouTuber takes seriously. Some people spend thousands of dollars monthly just on thumbnails for their YouTube channel. Thumbnails are the first thing people see on YouTube before they even read the title, so you want to make sure whatever they are looking at is something that will make them watch the video. You have to think about yourself when you're on YouTube. When you see a thumbnail that you like, you instantly move onto the title and click more to see what this video is really about. So with that thought in mind, you have to think someone else is going to do the same thing when they see your YouTube channel; that thumbnail is the first thing that leads them to click on the video. You can use places like Fiverr and spend $5 per video, and they will make you a thumbnail for your video. This is something everyone who wants to make passive money from YouTube can invest in; they know how important thumbnails are to YouTube and how much of a difference it can make being on the search page. Thumbnails will make things different for your page. 

The second thing you want to make sure you pay attention to are your tags. You can find the tags menu at the bottom of the edit menu when you are editing your video on your phone. Tags are really important, and sometimes they are really overlooked. Tags are what someone puts into YouTube to find your video; if you have a matching tag to their search result, your video will come up. You can also use websites on Google like rapidtag.io to find tags for your videos. With this, you can have plenty of relatable tags on your video to get the best results landing on the search page. This is where people who don't know will be able to find your channel. This is a free tool everyone can use to get organic views, and you can find new people who will want to watch your content. Tags are what people type in the search bar, so if your tag fits what they're typing, your video will pop up. It's important that you have them on every video, so don't skip adding tags. Try these tips, and let us know what you think of them. 

Kendrick Vs Drake Who Won? Read This

 Written by Cutty 

This has been one of the biggest rap battles since Biggie and Tupac. Drake and Kendrick Lamar, no matter how you feel about both artists, are both top artists in their cities. Drake is coming from Canada, and Kendrick is coming from California. We are able to see a good battle of coasts in this one. So how did all of this start? Well Like That, which is a song with Future and Metro Boomin, started the traction when Kendrick dropped a diss verse on Drake and JCole. Letting them both know he doesn't consider them in the same class as him, both artists had responses to this situation after it happened. From this point on, Jcole started to drop a single response to Kendrick Lamar, also dropping a mixtape to go along with the diss. It wasn't long until Jcole deleted it days later, and he went on to apologize to Kendrick Lamar. This left us all wondering, Well, what is Drake going to do? Here's what happened next that started the battle that you see today. 

We got a track from Drake called Push Ups, where Drake responded to everyone in one song, including Kendrick Lamar, and the battle has begun. Drake wanted it known that he heard the song with Kendrick on it, and he wanted to let him know this was the time he was about to get full attention from the Canadian rapper. He also went on to speak to others who felt the need to join in, including Drake, Rick Ross, and ASAP Rocky.  We were able to really see the battle side of Drake and the rap side of Kendrick Lamar in this battle. To us, this is one of the biggest battles we have seen in the music industry in a very long time. Kendrick made allegations about Drake having another child he was hiding and also being with an underage woman. The child allegation was found to be false, as Drake spoke on it on his next song and let the world know he fed Kendrick Lamar the information to throw him off his game. Drake heard what was said and also wanted to pick at Kendrick Lamar. Drake accused Kendrick of assaulting his woman, and his GM had a baby with her that nobody knew about. This definitely started to get the fans on their feet, as Kendrick Lamar is now shaded in a different light. We waited some days, as we wanted to hear what Kendrick Lamar had to say about this. 

While both artists brought their best, we went in to listen to every song and wanted to see, okay, who really won this battle? The end song by each artist was Not Like Us by Kendrick Lamar, and Drake instantly responded with Heart Part 6, saying that Kendrick's now #1 hit was just a scratch of the surface of what Drake is. While we feel like Drake had the best diss out of the battle, the fans have spoken and said Not Like Us was a better song overall in the battle. Both fanbases have a lot to say on the matter, with Kendrick fans speaking heavily on the underage allegations with Drake and Drake fans speaking on Kendrick Lamar needing Drake to get the shine he hasn't had in quite a while. What do you think of the battle overall, and who do you honestly think came out on top? We are currently waiting for a Kendrick response. Will he ever respond to Heart Part 6? As hip-hop fans, the only thing we can do is wait and find out. Let us know in the comments who's on your team. 

Mistakes Of New Streamers | Twitch Streamers

 Written by Cutty    

When you begin streaming on Twitch, you come in as a non-affiliate, so you're able to start watching other streamers and see little things that will drastically improve your Twitch channel. Everything takes time, and it will take you paying close attention to what you like and dislike to see how you want to create your own channel. You start to learn the basics of success as you spend time on Twitch; this is something that will become second nature. It's your presentation, your sound, and how entertaining you are when people watch you. These are things that you will pick up on and want to improve on as you watch bigger streamers and see their setup. Twitch is all about being a show for people to watch. So even if you are gaming, understand that success comes from avoiding the mistakes of new streamers. One of those mistakes is not knowing when to improve your page. If something isn't working, make sure to stay on top of changing it so your audience can feel comfortable watching you. Let's go over some other helpful tips that can help you. 

There are many things that hold streamers back, and we want to share them with you today so you can learn firsthand what to avoid once you officially start streaming. One thing is quality: the look of your stream, the FPS, and how it sounds. You have to understand that people are coming to see you, and if it doesn't look or sound good, it can't move your crowd to a new stream. You wouldn't watch a TV show if it didn't look or sound good to your ears, so think about that when you're streaming. It's important to learn this early and apply the knowledge on how to fix it. This is luckily an easy fix; all you have to do is rewatch your streams as a viewer and review yourself. You want to look for errors or things that you like as a viewer, so you know how someone else feels. If you never rewatch your streams, how will you know where your mistakes are? This is what most professionals do: they see how their last one went so they can improve for the next one. It is something that is easy to fix, as all you have to do is act like a viewer and make sure your quality is amazing. 

The second thing we can give advice on is how entertaining you are. While Twitch started out for gamers, it has evolved into something for everyone to be on. You want to make sure you are keeping the crowd interested; you want to keep them locked in from the minute you start the stream to the second you leave. This is the true success behind Twitch—being able to master this—so pay close attention to your chat while you are streaming, in case people start to talk to you. You just have to connect with your fans, find out what really makes them feel good on your stream, and you can apply it to every stream for all of your new fans. This is how you will build your fanbase and your foundation, so you will know what you are doing with every stream you go into. Sometimes pressing the stream now button is the biggest thing in your way of starting a stream. Go into it ready to have fun with your fans, and if you follow these two tips and watch my Twitch channel, your Twitch channel will definitely grow. Have a great streaming journey! I hope you get everything your looking for in these twitch streets or wherever you wish to stream.

Change Your Mind And Live Better

 Written by Cutty 

In this life, you will learn that if you can change your mindset on things, you will be able to see things differently. It has been proven in science that meditation can calm your mind and help you see things more clearly. Simply applying it to your daily schedule will not only bring a change to your life, but it will also help change your mindset. There are plenty of reasons to throw in the towel, so think of all of the reasons why you stepped in the ring in the first place. We all have a dream we are chasing, and it's up to us every day to make a better tomorrow, to help our family, and to inspire millions. You are the greatest asset the world has ever seen. All you have to do is see your potential inside to start. I know this might come out of nowhere, but keep reading on. 

Sometimes we just need to know that someone sees us, and if you're reading this, you got that right here in this article. Its almost like you feel like an alien being different from your surroundings. In the end, it will truly only benefit your life, so you have to sit every day knowing what you once knew and loved is a thing of the past and not in your near future. It's just like when the bird leaves the nest, it's time to flap your wings and fly high in the sky. You can do anything you want in this life, and I believe in that. I know things get hard, but if you think about everyone who was successful, they all had a hard life. It's all about how long you're going to let life be hard and start to hit back. Think about some of our greats. Steve Harvey slept in his car for 3 years before he ever got a big show. You don't think in those 3 years he was ready to try something different than whatever he was doing? We all have a choice; that's the beautiful thing about life. It's really whatever you make it. You can do it every day, step by step. You will become better. As long as you know and believe that, it will come. Even if it takes 3 years, it's about it coming, not the time that it does. 

If you feel like this is you, then make sure to let us know in the comments! We want you to know that you are not the only one who feels this way, and there are people out there who can relate to you. We all have a big dream. The good thing about dreams is that they are ours and we control them. So the best thing to do is to never stop dreaming, as long as you have your dreams. You will have a purpose to serve. We want to leave our legacy behind, so it starts with us every day and the actions we choose to take. You guys keep us motivated to keep bringing that fire content your way to motivate you to become the best version of yourself. So after reading this, let us know how you feel. We hope you thought about that dream you have been thinking about. Just know that anything you can dream of, you can achieve. If you can see it, you can bring it. So see the future you desire and let it come your way. You know it's coming because it's been in your head playing on repeat. You will accomplish it; all you need is faith and consistency. Be great every day. 

Whats Going On With Jersey Watch Blog? Read This

 Written by Cutty 

To all of our loyal readers, we would first like to thank all of you for being a part of us during this process! We miss you guys so much to start with. We have been working on a major update for the website and have big things planned for you all who have been here since day 1. Our goal is to bring the best content we can to the blog and for you guys to meet some amazing new people. Right now, we are currently looking to upgrade the website and working closely with professionals to help us bring the dream we have to you guys. Everything you see on the website right now is in construction mode, so if your post is not here, best believe it will return after the construction is over. So just know that it's been a minute since you heard from us, but definitely know that every day we are thinking of you guys! So make sure to check out our YouTube channel and catch up on the interviews you may have missed. 

We have so many things coming for you guys so soon. It's been three years since we officially launched, and in that time, you guys have brought us so much support, with 100K views on YouTube and 100K visitors in our first three-year run. We want to continue to show you our gratitude by giving you guys a whole new look! You have motivated us to create one of the best platforms representing New Jersey and servicing the world. We are proud to show you guys some of our best work. We have come across some really interesting people, and their stories have warmed your hearts in every article up there. It's only right that we bring that back to you and create something worth being proud of. So please spend this time just being patient, and we will have a big surprise for you guys. We know how much the blog means to you guys, and it means a lot to us that you love our brand. 

We want to give a couple of shoutouts to some people who have been on our blog, like Eness, a battle rap legend from Philadelphia who comes onto the blog to give independent artists advice on how to make it in the music industry. We were also able to talk to Sheron Barber, a Camden legend, who came down to Camden and spoke to the youth. It was an amazing day to be able to see the community all together with someone that they grew up with now doing big things, bringing alongside him Dame Dash to Camden. 

While you are waiting, we would like to tell you guys to catch up on our YouTube channel. If you haven't, we have over 200+ videos on YouTube just for you guys. You can watch some of our best people right on our YouTube channel, including the people above. So make sure you check it out and let us know which one is your favorite. We have interviews with people from the Tristate to the West Coast. So you will have your hands full picking someone to watch; prepare to bring the popcorn. We have spoken with some of the best in the independent world just to give you guys motivation that it is possible. So we invite you to check out all of the dope people on there. If you're a fan, then make sure to share this post with a friend and let them know what's to come with the blog that you love. Thank you all again. - Jersey Watch Blog 


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