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Stay Humble Stay Hungry Clothing Line Changing The Philadelphia Scene

All Hail To Stay Humble Stay Hungry 
Clothing Brand

Written by Cutty

Stay Humble Stay Hungry clothing had a grand opening at the Philadelphia Mills Mall this past Saturday. The event started at 2 p.m., but some people had been camping out since 7am to be able to get a chance to meet Isaiah Thomas, aka Minister Zay. Someone whose word is heavily respected in the Philadelphia area, starting out selling water in 2018 and now having his 5th store open up for his brand, has inspired many with his story. He helps out the community as much as possible, even during trying times, by sending out positive Instagram posts for people to reshare. The people were ready for all of the goods he brought back from China after spending a month out there creating new items for the clothing brand. This is the biggest the brand has been, and Zay says, "This is only the beginning of what’s to come." He has many things coming to not only Philly but the surrounding cities as well.

The brand Stay Humble Stay Hungry started in 2017, selling out of the back of Zay’s car. He would deliver all around Philly and also be at all the hot spots giving away some free clothes just to spread the word about the brand. His time would come as he opened up store location #1 to now being here at the opening of his 5th store in 5 years with the brand. The kids of the community go crazy over the clothes; we can say it’s the closest thing that resembles with the community that the kids attract to it. With the energy you get from the store and all the employees, you can see why people love to be in any of their stores. This store was special because of all of the games inside the store for the kids to play while they were shopping. It makes the whole experience that much better; we've seen kids play the games and smile from ear to ear. It was good to see how much your idea can make other people happy.

The grand opening itself was majorly successful. He had over 200+ people waiting for the ribbon to be cut and to be the first one in the streets with the new humble gear. The brand had various items inside the store for people to get, from googles, slides, bags, complete clothing sets, and even some exclusive pieces that haven’t hit the market yet. They're all for the people who came for the grand opening. He had Da Cooler Boyz outside giving away free water ice for the people waiting in line to get in. The kids were ready to get their hoodies for school so they could show off the new drip. The line lasted pretty much all day as more and more people came out to support the brand. We even saw employees from other stores take a quick break from working to come to see what all the commotion was about. A lot of people left out happy as the store was sold out at the end of the night, and a lot of new people got their hands on what’s to come in the summer of 2023.

Zay’s family was also in attendance for the event to watch the history go down. It was amazing to see him doing all of this in front of his parents, showing them anything is possible with hard work and a dream. Being the first in his family to have an idea like this, he is proud when he sees his family seeing him receive all of this love. His mom made sure to show how proud she was of him as she was seen walking throughout the store, asking the customers about their experience. The employees of the store made sure everyone was having a good time too, dancing along with kids, setting up the games for the ones waiting, and making sure to get your size of clothing if you had any inquiries. It was good to see the team surrounding the brand, and I can see this going very far in the future. As of right now, it’s easy to say that Stay Humble Stay Hungry is making a name for themselves in the tri-state area.

Photos by @theofficialcutty

Exclusive Interview W/ Zay


Dominate the Summer Music Scene with This Winning Strategy.

Use These Tips To Have A Hot Summer

Written by Cutty

    It's almost summertime, and it's a fresh start for you if you are a music artist. There will be many opportunities coming up, and we want to make sure you've taken advantage of them all. Every summer is your chance to make it if you still haven't made it to where you want to be. With long nights, early mornings, and sunshine every day, it's the perfect time for you to run into the opportunity you have been waiting for. So what is something you can take advantage of in the summertime? Well, let's go over a few things, and you can apply what works for you best to your summer. This could be the summer that changes your life, so make sure you take notes.

Releasing Music

    If you haven't dropped any music all year, the summertime is the best time to drop some of the heat you were making in the winter. People are out of school, and other people are spending days together with some of their best friends they haven't seen all year. Everyone is listening to music, so this is your opportunity to find new fans. You want to be an option to listen to at these BBQs, baby showers, graduation parties, or just for all the people in the club. Clubs are filled during the summer, so getting on a DJ playlist is the best thing to do during the summer. Pick a song you love, get cover art made, and drop that music. The summertime is the best time. 

Performing Live

   Venues, clubs, and even parties are filled during the summertime. This is even the best time to get people to come to your shows. People want something to do for the night in the summertime. It's much easier to catch a crowd in the summer than in any other season. Take full advantage of this and perform live as much as you can in the summertime. There will be many opportunities as promoters know, people want something to do, and artists want to perform their music. This is a win-win situation for both parties, so if you couldn't find a show, in the summertime they will be everywhere. 

Drop Merchandise

    Everyone wants to create memories, and when you release limited edition merchandise, they will always remember that memory. So while you are having an increase of people's attention, make it memorable. Give them some clothing so they can remember that moment forever. It's something that will easily make you the talk of the town. People love to share where they got an awesome shirt from. Make sure that the awesome shirt they are wearing is something you created. In the summertime, you are also more likely to see an increase in people willing to buy merchandise. 

Engage With Your Fans

    This is the best time for you to turn your fanbase into your lifetime tribe. You can throw meet and greets, personal events, and even go live on your social media to talk with the ones who have been watching you. You have this opportunity to engage with your fans; you can create time where you solely focus on what you're going to do with your fans. This will make them feel important and make them lifetime fans. People love being recognized if you have a chance to open your world to your fans. Let them in; you will see that it will be worth it in the long run. 

   In conclusion, the summer is coming up, and we gave you a couple of things you can focus on this summer that can help you dominate the music scene. We all want to be prepared for the future, so before June 21st comes, write down what you want to do for the summer and start getting ready to take action. Your fans will be in a perfect position to see your new creations. You have a chance to bring to light something you have been working all winter on, use the summertime to release it, and give your fans new memories. 

Skydxddy & Friends Invade Neon Jungle

Written by Cutty 


Sunfish came all the way from Utah and had some really unique music for us. People loved their set, and we were happy to talk with them. We had a chance to find out more about them and their legendary set for the pretty insane tour. With this being their first time in philly, they said it was an experience like no other. Come watch this exclusive interview below.


Demi The Daredevil 

Demi the Daredevil came alongside Skydxddy, and they brought the energy for sure. They talk all about mental health and how important it is to take care of yourself. They even find ways to incorporate the crowd into the music. They spoke a lot about the experience of the Pretty Insane Tour and their stop in Philly and how it will change their lives forever. Come watch this exclusive interview below.



Skydxddy was anticipated all night, and she came to deliver on the wait. She speaks about traumacore and how it has changed thousands of lives. We were able to learn more about the crowdfunded tour she is on and how it has been a dream come true for her. She goes on to talk about where she is really from and how it has made her who she is today. Come watch this exclusive interview below.


Skydxddy And Friends Take Over Neon Jungle

 Skydxddy And Friends Take Over Neon Jungle 

Written by Cutty

It was a good night at Neon Jungle, as we had plenty of fresh faces in the building. This night was indeed special because we had people come all the way from Texas & Utah! This was major for Neon Jungle, as they are always looking to impact people outside of Philly and bring more outside talent to Philly. Everything was crossed off Neon’s list for this event. The bands of the night consisted of Blue Rain Boots, Sunfish, Demi the Daredevil, and Skydxddy. A lot of people were anticipating the bands of the night, with each band bringing their own fanbase and gaining a new one at the end of the night. Everyone was excited for this night, as we all knew we were in for greatness. We can proudly say that none of the bands gave us anything less. They all had a different style, but one thing was consistent, and that was great music from all of them. This was how the night went.

The band to start off this legendary night was Blue Rain Boots; they had a very different sound that was great for starting off the show. The crowd was attracted to their music and enjoyed every single second as they rocked back and forth, enjoying it. It was dope to see the energy start this way; we knew the night was going to be special. Following them was Sunfish, who had come all the way from Utah. This was special because you could tell they weren’t from around here by the music they played. They played hard as the drummer had his shirt off the whole performance because of how much energy they were giving. The crowd gave them a good response as well, as people loved the music they made. As it was their first time in Philly, they said it was worth the drive. The song we knew the crowd loved was "Doors," which seemed to be a crowd favorite. They said it was good to perform in front of new faces and gain some new fans.

The two bands to close out the night gave us our money’s worth for the night. Demi the Daredevil was next, and they had a message to speak about. They focused heavy on mental health and taking care of yourself. They made music around it, which we could see attracted people to them. They made you feel like they knew exactly what you were going through at the moment and were there to help. It was so dope to see the crowd react to them as they gave them nothing but attention, especially during their last song, during which they grabbed members of the crowd to come play on a drum with them and be a part of the set. It was definitely a magical moment, for sure. We were ready to see what the headliner of the night, Skydxddy, had for us. She came ready to show out, and her crowd came ready to see. Her set was something special for sure; you could feel the energy in the room when she stepped on stage. She had the people engaged. She presented her genre of music, "Traumacore," to us, and we can see why it’s successful. It helps people who battle through things like mental health, religious practices, and so much more. She really knows how to engage with her audience and make them feel accepted. The music follows us also, as her sound is undeniably different; it was like nothing we had ever heard before. Every song, you could see more and more engagement. One song, she brought a fan on stage, and they knew every word to the song. It was an amazing experience to be a part of seeing this talent flourish like this. She had lines of people waiting to see her afterwards so they could express how much they loved the performance. She even had some parents coming to see her. It was great to see such young talent affect people of all ages. We can see that this is only the beginning.

Photos by @pics_by_lizz

Neon Jungle (04/29/23) Exclusive Interviews

Neon Jungle (04/29/23)

Written by Cutty 

Curse Words 

Curse Words came to philly and to Neon Jungle for the first time and broke down the difference between Washington, DC, & Philadelphia. They also share with us some of the most enjoyable things they love about the city. We also learned about their newest member and how she joined the band. Come see how all of them came together. Watch the exclusive interview below.



Our headliner, Valendina, gave us some gems and also told us about their journey to get to where they are today. It’s been a long road for these four members, but playing together, they love engaging with the crowd and showing other bands the proper way of shutting down a show. They have no problem showing others how to turn up at a house party. Learn about this and more in this interview. Watch the exclusive interview below.


April Close Out Show At Neon Jungle

April Close Out Show 

Neon Jungle

Written by Cutty & Wesley

Neon Jungle ended out April with a bang. It has been on a run all year, and it was a major night for the Neon Jungle crew. People from all over came out to be apart of the night. The lineup of the bands was amazing as they normally are, but this night was special indeed as Neon Jungle is taking a week off and it was the last week on campus for the temple students. So the people came out to celebrate a long semester and have a great time at Neon Jungle. The bands of the night consisted of Petrol, Speak The Secret, Curse Words, and our headliner, Valendina. It was a great way to end off a rockstar April. Are you guys ready for the first show in May? Come hear all about this one below.

The first band of the night, Petrol, opened up the night and brought great energy to get things rolling. It was their first basement show in 8 years. They’re an experienced group of musicians, and it showed in how they gave a performance to remember. This was only the beginning, as the second band completely followed up on the energy and gave us some powerful words. Speak the Secret’s Easin, who was on vocals and keys, opened up to the crowd and gave a vulnerable set. Topics like mental health and sexual assault were mentioned before the songs. Hearing the personal connection behind the songs made them even more impactful when they played. It was the start of a magical night.

We also had a band come from out of town and be new to the Neon Jungle community. Curse Words came all the way from Washington, DC, and brought the energy early in the set. They told us that when they hit a new city, they knew they wanted to leave an impression on the crowd, and they did for sure. Previewing some new music from their newest project coming in the summer, the crowd was very pleased with their set. We can safely say they left behind a good impression and left with some new fans. The headliner of the night was Valendina, who ended out this legendary night in a great way. They brought the rock to rockstars as they were very interactive with the crowd, jumping into the crowd and making everyone feel apart of the show. It was our first time seeing a band this engaged, as they wanted the crowd to leave mind blown as the rest of the bands set the tone for them to strive. It was good to see them take advantage of the stage and make our Neon Jungle members feel good. This night was a night to remember and a great way to end out April.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions

Neon Jungle 4/22/23 (Exclusive Interviews)

Neon Jungle 4/22/23

Written by Cutty 

Robert's Basement

Robert's Basement came with high energy for the Neon Jungle crowd, and they gave us an exclusive on how they keep themselves so energized during sets. They also talk about how it feels to perform in Philly and how their music fits perfectly for the night. Their sound was very unique and was everything we wanted to hear. Come watch this exclusive interview below.


Old Soul 

Old Soul came all the way from Massachusetts to come perform for us in Philly and they gave us one amazing show. We were able to get some exclusive behind-the-scenes information about some of the songs in their set, which had everyone laughing. Their energy complimented the night perfectly. Come hear all of the inside jokes they talk about in their songs. Come watch this exclusive interview below.


Elephant Jake 

Elephant Jake was our headliner of the night, and they ended the night perfectly. They had the crowd on their feet throughout their whole set, and it was an amazing way to end the show. Their music is so different that you have no other choice but to love them. They explain how they make such timeless music in their interview. Come watch this exclusive interview below.


It Was Raining Cats And Wings At Neon Jungle This Weekend

Cats & Wings At Neon Jungle 

Written by Cutty 

This past weekend at Neon Jungle was a good one! The weather was out of control, but that won’t stop the Neon Jungle crowd from coming out and having a good time. We got to see some new bands from out of state, which is always a pleasure. One band came all the way from Massachusetts to be part of the night, while the openers came from Illinois. This week's bands consisted of Riddle M & Carter Ward, Robert’s Basement, Old Soul, and Elephant Jake. The people came for the music and wings, as Neon Jungle was gearing up for yet another good night. It’s always good to see familiar faces, as Animal Instincts came through to support the bands of the week. You could feel the community this past weekend; they came out and showed up for another night of great music, hot food, and Dirty Shirley’s at the bar.

The openers of the night started the night off right. Riddle M. & Carter Ward, who came all the way from Illinois, we're ready to show Philly something new. They both switched from vocalist to drummer throughout the set, which made their set so special. This two-man army had the power of a 5 person band. The people loved seeing these two talented artists on stage and gave them a warm welcome to Philly. The next band to hit the stage was Robert’s Basement, who was compelling, to say the least. The lead vocalist gave us a word during the performance that we had never really seen from a band; it was a dope moment for the crowd. Their music fits the rainy day vibes as they make more dark horror movie music. Out of all of the bands, they said the rain helped them the most because it spotlighted their kind of music. It made people feel like it was perfect for the night. They definitely complimented the night for sure.

A highlight band for us was Old Soul, who came from Massachusetts. They gave us some laughs and some rock and roll, for sure. They played real rock music, the most we’ve seen in a while. You could hear the lead singer screaming from upstairs; their energy was like no other and was perfect for this rainy night. They gave us some backstories on some of their songs, including one that included their landlord's dog, which had the crowd in laughter as it was a good comedy moment during this rainy night. They gave the crowd 110% on stage, and you could feel the sweat on their faces as they got off stage. You can tell they really enjoy making music for people and being different from other bands. It was a great sight to see, especially the first band from Massachusetts to hit Neon Jungle. Our headliner of the night was perfect who was Elephant Jake; they ended the night perfectly. Every member in the band brought out a different kind of talent, and the guitarist had his energy through the roof, which dripped into the crowd as everyone was rocking their heads for their set. This was their first time at Neon Jungle, and they complimented the space and the crowd as they felt at home and really connected with them. Their music was the perfect pick me up to end the night, as they were one of the most energetic bands of the night. The crowd gave them a standing ovation when they got off stage and ran upstairs to buy some merchandise. It was a perfect way to end this rainy night over at Neon Jungle.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions

Flocking Loud NYC On 4/20, Had Brooklyn Up In Smoke

Flocking Loud Had Brooklyn Up In Smoke

Written by Cutty

4/20 was celebrated heavily in New York City, and we took a trip down to Brooklyn to check out Flocking Loud, and the talent was in the building for sure. Music by Dj Blakfriday: he gave us the tunes we needed to hear. Even on a Thursday, the energy was lit like it was a Friday night; people came rolled up and smoked out. They were ready to celebrate the holiday, and the vendors in the building had edibles of all kinds. They had cereal, rice krispies, chips, and so much more. If you didn’t smoke, they definitely had snacks for you. Our judge of the night, Stunna Dior, had her hands full as everyone who hit the stage had a different skill level. There were trap artists, R&B artists, female artists, and of course, we had the spitters in the building who didn’t need a beat at all. It would be hard to choose who was the best of the night, but that's what made the night so good.

Starting out, we got to hear some real NYC sounds as we heard a couple of trap artists who gave us that pop smoke feel. We could tell they were easily influenced, and it's good to see his spirit is still in the NYC streets. A couple of artists who really stuck out to us trap wise was Ricky Savage; his sound was very NYC and gave us that real trap feel. We could see him going far on the NYC scene. Another artist who stuck out to us trap wise was Sayitaintron; after watching his soundcheck, we knew he was going to be special. He gave us that pain music and gave us situations that he survived to get to where he is today. His dedication to the music is inspiring, as he let the crowd know he took off work for the event, a true definition of chasing your dreams. We enjoyed both of their sets thoroughly and were very impressed.

We always love to see the ladies come out, show off, and keep up with the guys. Queen Ni came all the way from Jersey to show the boys that the competition was going to be hard for them. She had started the energy for the ladies as she is a dancer and artist, and she made sure to show off her moves as she hit a backflip right in front of everyone. She also had some really good music as she told the story of her friend, who passed away recently. Another all-star to hit the stage was Brazy Luca; she took the room by herself. Her energy was unmatched, as she came right at the crowd and let everyone know who she was. She left an impression on the whole room; we were all blown away by her. She has a bright future ahead of her.

We also got to see some music artists who could do it all, one of them being Neyquam, whose energy and performance impressed the whole room. He started with a turn up song to get the crowd off their feet, he went right into the crowd to make them feel him and ended his set with a song dedicated to his little brother, who is now incarcerated. Everyone in the room could feel the emotion behind the song, and if anyone had anyone incarcerated in their life, they related to the song. Then we also got to see an artist from Los Angeles, Marz Vader, who gave us a west coast feel in New York. It was dope to see a different style of music, and it still had people rocking in the room.

The people of the night who stuck out the most to us were starting with The Mixxy Gods; they reminded us of Wu-Tang as every member had their own flow and style that set them all apart, but the sound also collectively brought them all together. Every member of the group dominated in their own way, and we loved to see the energy they brought to the event. We are excited to see where they take NYC. Lastly, the headliner of the night, KP, was a beast. She shined loud and pride and gave us the energy we needed from a headliner. Her music was superior, and her energy was even better. She ended the show perfectly for everyone and was everything we needed to see from her. She definitely showed the artists in the room the energy you need in the music industry to survive and stick out differently.

Photos by @theofficialcutty

It Was A Female Rodeo At Neon Jungle

The Female Rodeo At Neon Jungle

Written by Cutty 

Neon Jungle had another fun filled night last Saturday, as it was the biggest we'd seen yet. We were not surprised by the bands that were in the building. A lot of people were anticipating this night for weeks, and the time has finally come. The bands of the night consisted of Harlee Torres, Jag, Animal Instincts, and the Dirty Crooks. This was a special night indeed, as it was the first time ever that Neon Jungle didn’t have a Moshpit session. The people were too busy locking in on the great bands of the night. Every band brought a different presence to the night, and the fans loved every single minute. Neon Jungle also debuted their wings, which the people loved and which sold out instantly. It was a great night to be at Neon as a lot of people from Temple came through to check out the bands of the night, and we could see a lot of people coming together and linking up with people they normally see while roaming the hallways of Temple. This was a night to remember forever.

The night started off right with Harlee Torres, who set the stage for the other bands as she was the only soloist of the night. The crowd loved how talented she was and was amazed by her sound. It’s rare that you can compete with bands when yours is a one woman band, but Harlee took the challenge, and the people reciprocated. It was easy to see that the Neon Jungle crowd was ready for a good night from the response they gave her. This was only the beginning of what has been called one of the greatest nights in Neon Jungle history. She ended her set with a performance of her new song on all streaming platforms "Call Me Again". Harlee was loved by the crowd at the end of her set and definitely gained some new fans from her set.

That was only the beginning of what was to come from this historic night. The band Jag was in the building and the crowd anticipated them all night, going around Philly and building up a loyal fan base; they had people locked in once they touched the stage. You can tell how organic their relationship is by how they play off each other. They don’t play like it’s a job; it’s a passion for them to make great music together. Their set was heavily favored from the beginning of the night as people from all over came out to see them play. They love performing because, as they said, they are holding out on dropping music; they want to see what the people love from them, and it inspires their set when it’s time to do a show. They gave us an exclusive that this summer could be the summer they finally let the music out for the people to enjoy, but for now, they like having people see them live and vibing out with the crowd. As they performed on stage, you could hear someone say, "We love you, Jag!" from the back. They gave us an amazing set, showcasing all of the members talents and giving them all a chance to shine. In the end, the people gave them a standing ovation and made sure to record the moment that this legendary band gave us.

The greatness was only to begin, as we had a band that really blew our minds. Animal Instincts was another highlight band of the night. With 5 members in the band, they came in heavy with the sound. The head singer was playing tambourine, and they had two saxophone players inside the band also. It was an experience like no other hearing the saxophone player do his solo; we complimented them after the set for being able to master a skill like that. The crowd was also heavily involved when they hit the stage, as you could hear people cheering from downstairs, song after song. It was something you didn’t expect, and they had everyone's mind blown. Their music being a mixture for everyone, we've seen people reacting all in different ways. It was our first time ever seeing two saxophone players in a band, and they created such a major difference in the sound that truly completed the band.

The night was mind blowing from start to finish. The headliner of the night, the Dirty Crooks, was a great way to end the night. They even rolled with the punches when one of their band members had to leave during the middle of the set. That didn’t stop them from rocking out with the Neon Jungle crowd; they did everything they could to pick up the slack and end the show right. The crowd gave them all of their energy as they waited all night to see them. It was a great way to end a historic night and exactly what the crowd was asking for. It was great to see them end the show right and with high energy despise the situation. It was a true testimony of dedication to the craft, and we enjoyed seeing it. It also capped off another amazing night at Neon Jungle. The crowd gave them a standing ovation at the end, letting them know how grateful they were to hear them play. You never know what’s going to happen at Neon Jungle.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions


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