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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

 Written By Cutty 

We want to say Happy Memorial Day! You guys have held us down so much through these 4 years and we want you to know we love each and every one of you! So please never stop reading, never stop sharing, and make sure to share us with friends! We will be coming back soon, if you was able to catch this, you are a real one. 

We are still in construction mode so these posts will be temporary but it's real feelings of how we feel guys, we miss you guys a lot and cant wait for all of this to be finished so we can come back stronger! Make sure to keep holding on and waiting for us to come back. We will not let you down, we promise we have something major planned for you guys. 

To everyone who is reading this, thank you so much for being here. You are the reason why we are here today, So never forget that. You are Jersey Watch Blog, as much as we are. So thank you for all of the support throughout these 4 years we really appreciate it and we know the posts recently aren't what you expected but we had to give you guys something, we missed you. So just enjoy the fun and get ready for Jersey Watch Blog 4.0, See you soon! - CEO Cutty 

Celtics Vs The NBA | Will The Celtics Win The Finals?

 Written by Cutty

This is one of most favorite times of the year, the NBA playoffs, and we are waiting to see who will win the championship this year. We have a feeling the celtics are looking to take the east and head their way back to the finals. This is their 3rd straight conference final appearance in the last 4 years. So we know that conference finals are not a goal for the Celtics but finally to get over that hump and get that championship. The Jays are going on almost 10 years playing together, the only thing missing is a championship to put them in a different category. 

The Celtics will not get it that easy though, the west has some hungry dogs with the TWolves and Ant who have made the conference finals for the first time in a long time, which has put Ant in a whole new light this season. We are really seeing his ability to be a leader and lead his team to success. We also have the Mavs who have a NBA champ on their team already who is ready to show he can do it on his own. They also have Luka who is ready to cross that line and get that ring on his finger. 

With the Pacers recent injuries, we are going to have to see how this series will go, but who do you think will be in the NBA Finals? Will it be the Celtics or will it be someone else? Comment below. 

Summer Time Coming Whats The Best Fit?

 Written by Cutty 

The summertime is coming up, so you know what that means, its time to put that dress game together. So I want to ask all of my fashion heads, what do you feel like is the best fit? A lot of people look forward to summertime for the times spent, and the memories you make. 

So while its summertime, what are you going to be wearing the most? Are you going to be at the beach most days? is a swimsuit going to be your next outfit all summer or are you going to be going to events with friends? You can't never go wrong with a white tee and forces, its a look undenied in the summertime. So let us know what your state will be wearing.

We want to hear from you! Comment below. Are you excited for summer?

What Would You Do If You Had Everything?

 Written By Cutty 

If you could go anywhere in the world, and be anything in the world. What would you be? Where would you be? Answer that for me in the comments. You're reading this because you feel like you can get everything that you want. You don't need recognition because you know you are destined for greatness, and I'm here to tell you. You are! 

So if you had everything you ever wanted, what would you do? I doubt it's what your doing right now. You wouldn't be reading this because you have everything and if you do let us know. We inspire each other every day with the words we speak. So if i had everything, i would give back to the people who was in the same situation as me. Who has the same dreams as me, making this world we live in better every day. I would live luxurious every day, with a place that would blow your mind. It's not the materialistic behind it, it's the drive. 

What does it mean the drive? Well, you can survive just by being average, but if you live in a 1M dollar house, you have to bring some big impact to the world, look at some of the best ever. So its not about the stuff you're buying, but to be able to transition your family trauma into something better. Its about being able to put your family in a comfortable situation and life. It's about having a big impact on the world. Every day, I strive to make a big impact. I hope this helps you. I pray you get everything you desire. 

Why You Shouldnt Give Up

 Written By Cutty 

   In this life, we all have a dream. You have a dream right now, even if you never spoke about it. We all dream, and that is exactly why you should never give up. We are living in everyone elses dream every day, the places we go to, the cars we drive, the food we eat. Everything started out as a dream and they didn't give up to make it happen. We hear all about these stories everyday, people who never thought they would be at the point they are, whether its really seeing their name on a store, or creating food people love. Its possible because everyday we see it. We are living proof that dreams come true. 

Now is chasing your dreams easy? no, it isn't, its actually one of the hardest things to do in your life. It's so easy to go to school, get a job, and sit there for 40 years doing what someone is telling you to do. Do you know how hard it is to create something that will change the whole world? Target? Mcdonalds? Uber? These are things that have completely shifted our world and people depend on them everday now. These were simply someone's ideas. So I won't lie to you and say chasing your dreams will be the easiest process ever but I will say this, once you achieve it, you'll never regret the time spent to make it happen. 

Everyone who is success lets us know they are so thankful for the trip they took to get to where they are, because they have exactly what they pictured in their head. What makes them different from you? The only difference is they went their own stuff and still chased their dream and you want to fall victim instead of continuing to fight. So how does that make you feel? It should make you feel like you not about to give up.. Never Give Up. You got this. 

How To Make Your Youtube Page Better

 Written by Cutty 

    YouTube has changed many lives, we see people as young as 14 living off of YouTube. It is something that will only keep changing people's lives. If you have a YouTube channel, this post is for you, we want to give you two tips that will help improve your YouTube page. If you use these already then make sure to put in the comments how beneficial it has been for your account. So people know these tips are valuable. 

Our first tip for you is your thumbnails, you want to make sure either using the service Canva to make a thumbnail or you want to pay a professional so they can make you something amazing. Thumbnails are the first thing people see on YouTube before they even read the title, so you want to make sure whatever they are looking at is something that will make them watch the video. You can use places like Fiverr and spend $5 per video and they will make you a thumbnail for your video. This is something everyone who wants to make passive money from YouTube to invest in, is thumbnails. Thumbnails will make things different for your page. 

The second thing you want to make sure your paying attention to is your tags. You can find the tags menu at the bottom of the edit menu when you are editing your video on your phone. You can also use websites on Google to be able to find tags for your videos where people who don't know will be able to find your channel. This is a free tool everyone can use to get organic free views. Tags is what people type in the search bar, so if your tag fits what their typing, your video will pop up. Try these tips and let us know what you think of it. 

Kendrick Vs Drake Who Won? Read This

 Written by Cutty 

    This has been one of the biggest rap battles since Biggie and Tupac. Drake and Kendrick Lamar, no matter how you feel about both artists, are both top artists in their cities. So how did all of this start? Well Like That, which started the traction when kendrick dropped a diss verse on Drake and Jcole. This then started up Jcole to drop a single responding, only to delete it days later and apologize to Kendrick Lamar. This left us all wondering, well what is Drake going to do? Here's what happen. 

We got a track from Drake called Push Ups, where Drake responded to everyone in one song including Kendrick Lamar and the battle has begun. We were able to really see the battle side of drake and the rap side of Kendrick Lamar in this battle. Kendrick made allegations about Drake having another child he was hiding and also being with an underage woman. Drake came back to talk about how he was lying and also being accused of assaulting his woman and his GM having a baby with her that nobody knew about. 

While both artist definitely brought their best, the end song by each artist was Not Like Us by Kendrick Lamar and Drake instantly responded with Heart Part 6, saying that Kendrick now #1 hit was just a scratch of the surface of what Drake is. We are currently waiting for a Kendrick response. Who do you feel like won? 

Mistakes Of New Streamers | Twitch Streamers

 Written by Cutty    

        When you begin streaming on Twitch, you start to watch other streamers and see little things that will drastically improve your Twitch channel. You start to learn the basics of success. Its your presentation, its your sound, and its how entertaining you are when people watch you. Twitch is all about being a show for people to watch. So even if you are gaming, understand success comes from avoiding the mistakes of new streamers. 

There are 2 things of many things that hold streamers back, one thing is quality. You have to understand that people are coming to see you and if it doesn't look good or sound good, it can't move your crowd to a new stream. This is luckily an easy fix, all you have to do is rewatch your streams as a viewer and review yourself. This is what most professionals do, they see how their last did so they can improve for the next one. So make sure your quality is amazing. 

The second thing we can give advice on is how entertaining you are. You want to make sure you are keeping the crowd interested, you want to keep them locked in from the minute you start the stream to the second you leave. You just have to have to connect with your fans, find out what really makes them feel good on your stream and you can apply it to every stream for all of your new fans. If you follow these two tips and watch my Twitch channel, your Twitch channel will definitely grow. Have a great streaming journey!

Change Your Mind And Live Better

 Written by Cutty 

    In this life, you will learn that if you can change your mindset on things, you will be able to see things differently. It's plenty of reasons to throw in the towel, so think of all of the reasons why you stepped in the ring in the first place. For a better tomorrow, to help your family, to inspire millions. You are the greatest asset the world has ever seen. 

Sometimes we just need to know someone sees this, and if you're reading this, you got that right here in this article. You can do anything you want in this life, and I believe in that. I know things get hard, but if you think about everyone who was successful they all had a hard life, it's all about how long you gonna let life be hard and start to hit back? You can do it, every day, step by step. You will become better. 

If you feel like this is you, then make sure to let us know in the comments! We know we have big stars who read our blog because we give you content that you love. So after reading this, let us know how you feel. We hope you thought about that dream you have been thinking about. 

Whats Going On With Jersey Watch Blog? Read This

 Written by Cutty 

    To all of our loyal readers, we would first off like to thank all of you for being a part of us during this process! We miss you guys so much to start with. Right now we are currently looking to upgrade the website and working closely with professionals to help us bring the dream we have for you guys. So just know its been a minute since you heard from us but definitely know every day we are thinking of you guys! 

We have so many things coming for you guys so soon. You have motivated us to create one of the best platforms representing New Jersey and servicing the world we are proud to show you guys some of our best work. So spend this time just being patient and we will have a big surprise for you guys. 

While you are waiting, we would like to tell you guys to catch up on our YouTube channel. If you haven't we have over 200+ videos on YouTube just for you guys. We have interviews with people from the tristate to the west coast. So we invite you to check out all of the dope people on there. 

Thank you everyone! More details coming soon. 


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