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Made From Nothing Tour Exclusive Interviews

Made From Nothing Tour 

Written by Cutty 

Ry Money 

Ry Money is an artist from Trenton, NJ who went over to Pennsylvania to expand his network. In the past couple of years, he has achieved many accomplishments, which he talks about in this exclusive interview. He goes in to talk about his hit single "Emotions," which is currently over 120K on YouTube. Watch this exclusive interview below. 


Trevor Jamess

Trevor Jamess is from Scranton, PA, and talks about having a sold-out show in his hometown, and he talks about how it feels. This is a feeling every independent artist dreams about, and he doesn't take it lightly. Come hear all about this historic moment for Trevor. Watch this exclusive interview below. 


Featured Artist - GONE!


Featured Artist - GONE! 

Written by Cutty 

It's been a strong year for independent artist GONE! as he has been making his way up the ranks in the music industry. Gone is originally from Kankakee, Illinois, and moved over to the west coast to start his music expansion plan. He has worked with a lot of talented people in his time in California, as he has dropped a plethora of singles for the fans to enjoy. He has also transitioned his sound since being out in California, so 2024 is looking brand new for Gone's fanbase. Within the last year, he has given his fans 5+ music videos, hauling in over 50K views on YouTube. He has not disappointed his fans; they are ready to see what he has in store for them to start off 2024. Gone gave his fans a feature they might not have been expecting, and we really like to see where this is going.

Early in the year, Gone dropped some new music for us, and one of those features was "Rarri," who is an emerging artist out of Miami, FL. Rarri has done many things in his career to solidify himself in the industry; this put Gone on the map as the song "Never Fair" they did together is currently over 30K on YouTube. The fans loved both verses from the artists. This wasn't Gone's last move; it was only the beginning as he came back with another feature from YBN Nahmir, who is heavily known in the Los Angeles area. This collab right here was a surprise for Gone's fans, as he said he had a surprise in store for all of his supporters by dropping a music video with Nahmir. Gone has been working closely with Kwas of VRC in Los Angeles, who is a videographer and lead director on most projects they do together. They gave us together another dope music video for 2024.

It's the beginning of the year, and Gone has been looking to make more noise in the music industry in 2024. Starting the year off with two major features and more than 4+ music videos in 2024, we are excited to see what is next. We know he and Big Rula have already dropped a bunch of timeless tracks, so we know more is yet to come. Are you currently awaiting a full project coming soon? You will have to stay updated with Gone to find out. For now, make sure you check out his latest music video and drop some comments on it to show support. We are excited to see what Gone has in store for us in 2024.

Follow Gone! - https://www.instagram.com/hesgonemissing/

Watch "Flip My Lo" Gone ft. YBN Nahmir


Featured Artist - Dre Carter

Featured Artist - Dre Carter

Written by Cutty

Our featured artist of the day is no stranger to the blog, as they have been working hard these last couple of years, but we wanted to update you on the new things that has come in 2024. Dre Carter is an artist who needs no large introduction. Dre Carter and the Know Dhat movement have been pushing the bar for independent artists all over the world. Dre Carter has not only performed on some of the biggest stages, but he has also worked with some of the biggest in the industry. His brand, Knowdhat, has been taking over the country and is recognized in many cities near and far. He has jumped to a whole new level this past year, and we wanted to touch on it. Let's get you updated on Dre Carter.

Dre Carter has done many things that have inspired his fanbase, but his latest move has taken him over the top with his fans. He recently collaborated with Dom Brady on a track with Twista earlier this year, and the song itself has been doing numbers. Over 100K streams in the first month of its release, the song caught traction and fan reactions quickly. All of the love helped get his latest song featured in NBA 2K24; the song name is "No Smoke" on the NBA 2K Beats playlist inside of NBA 2K24. You'll most likely hear it when you're inside a game or sitting on the loading screen. This is a milestone that has inspired many independent artists all around the country. From the stage to the video games, Dre Carter continues to change the music industry.

Recently, Dre Carter dropped a new single with Dom Brady called "Lost." This is the third single they have dropped together. Their first song, "Friends?," took over with over 150K streams; their second song made 2K24; and this one seems to be even better. Where do you see this song going? It's a classic Dre Carter single. It looks like 200K is the next milestone. Let us know what you think of the song in the comments. Make sure to follow Dre Carter and continue to stay locked in on all future updates. As of 2024, we can prepare for more Dre Carter and more Knowdhat everywhere.

Follow Dre Carter - https://www.instagram.com/drecarterbaby/

Lost (Spotify) 

Lost (Apple Music) 


Capricorn Szn Event Exclusive Interviews

Capriorn Szn

Written by Cutty 

Lil Screwy 

Lil Screwy is an artist out of South Jersey. In this episode, we get to hear more about the set he did at the event, Capricorn Szn. He came with a special guest, which you get to hear about in this interview. So come find out who Lil Screwy is today. Watch this exclusive interview below. 


Mike Ways 

Mike Ways is building something amazing in Camden with WCMD Media. He is one of the pioneers of this great staple that is giving artists multiple opportunities every day. He talks about what opportunities are coming up in 2024 for the independent music scene. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Queen Ni 

The reason we were all gathered for the night was Queen Ni; she was the brains behind the night, and we were able to talk with her about how she felt about how the night went. She gave us some exclusive details about the night you guys are going to love to hear. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Capricorn Szn Event | Camden, NJ

Capricorn Szn | Camden, NJ

Written by Cutty 

This weekend was one for the books, as we had another historic event in Camden, NJ. All the Capricorns got a lot of praise, as it was their season to celebrate. Queen Ni put together a great indie show to start off 2024. She had multiple artists from all over the tristate area and surrounding areas. The event was filled with talent, and she also had an open bar for all the ticket holders, along with 420 vendors in the building. The vendors had edibles and other food options for the crowd, so the ticket holders were well taken care of when they got to the event. It was hosted by WCMD Media, which is growing into a staple for the independent community in New Jersey. The tunes of the night was set by DJ Aktiveight. Queen Ni definitely set the bar with this event, as more than 10+ artists hit the stage and some of them walked away with cash prizes. It was a good night for everyone, so let's talk about the talent in the room.

The event had a lot of dope moments and artists who slayed the stage. It was an open mic to start off the event, and with that, people were able to get a chance to win a cash prize for the crowd-voted best performance. This was dope to see because it made the artist go up there and give it their best. It was also some artist that stuck out to us; we liked to see Torch; his music was sensational! He had the crowd locked in when he hit the stage, and we were excited to see the reaction he received from the crowd. The ladies held it down also, as there were so many talented women who hit the stage. One artist who stuck out was Raylegend. She had everything we could possibly want: energy, bars, and a mix of songs for R&B lovers and hip-hop heads. She was a great artist, for sure. The Sound Hustlaz came out with Sav Kay, who had the crowd hyped up from her laidback energy and strong bops inside her music. We also got to see two Capricorns: Sturdy Minah, who had the crowd rocking to her single, Captain, and TCMG_Reddz who brought back the smooth vibes toward the end of the show. We also got to see a dope group called Endless Vision, and they gave us the house party feel for the night. All three of them were talented in their own way and had the crowd jumping back and forth with the 90’s vibes they had. You felt like you were at an old school party.

There were so many good vibes throughout the night. Lil Screwy was a highlight artist of the night for us, and the energy he gave on stage was unmatched. His music was super dope and had the people moving around the room singing. We are excited to see new music from him in 2024. We also got to see Nick Drilla hit the stage with some new music; he came with Xay Davis, who is the owner of the label Backwood Bros, and they all set the stage on fire. Nick Drilla has some new music, which we are excited to hear on all platforms. It was also amazing to see Queen Ni artist Nisay perform, who has a really dope sound. He went on right before Queen Ni headline set, and he had the people rolling their shoulders with his music. It was so dope to see everyone loving the music he was giving us. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Nyah G as she left due to an emergency. We got to see Queen Ni give us the headline performance, and it was everything we wanted to see. We got to hear the songs we love from her, including one of her biggest songs, “Rugrat” which is based on the show Rugrats. The people were not disappointed with her performance at all. The people stood up and gave Queen a huge round of applause when she got off stage. This was a great event to start off 2024. We are excited to see the Aries season event, which is happening in March. Contact Queen Ni for slot information on that event.

Follow Zodiac Stage - https://www.instagram.com/zodiacstage/

Featured Artist - Sol Chyld

Featured Artist - Sol Chyld

Written by Cutty 

    To start off 2024, who has had a better start than Sol Chyld, coming from Camden, NJ.  She has up'd the bar this year already. We have been watching Sol Chyld for quite some time, and recently she has been making some major moves everyone in New Jersey should be happy about. Her project "Something Came To Me" has reached major milestones for an independent artist. Her project has hit over 1M streams since being released. The project itself has good vibes of older music. Old souls definitely appreciate this album, as it can be a familiar sound to old-school hip-hop heads but still modern enough for someone of the newer generation to appreciate it as well. We love the flow she used on every song, touching a different person on every song. Multiple songs on the project have been featured on mainstream playlists, gaining thousands of new fans for Sol Chyld.

Sol Chyld has reached heights independent artists dream of, with her singles "Choice" featured on BARS, Double Js Best New Music Apple music playlist and "NBC" featured on Underground Hiphop Essentials and the Base:Line Apple music playlist. A major spotlight she has received is being featured on the Ebro Darden Apple music playlist. This has only been the beginning of the success for Sol Chyld, as she has surpassed reaching over 100K monthly listeners on her Spotify, we can say the moves she has been making have been paying off. Her latest project was even featured on Genius. These are all milestones we are proud she has accomplished. Its amazing to see a young rising star receive such high recognition.

Sol Chyld has not only been on the playlist grind, but she has also been out here in these streets, making a huge impact. She went on tour for her latest project and hit over 4 different cities, including Chicago, IL. She has been doing everything she needs to make sure the world hears about this latest project. She also sat down with Queen Yaszy on 100.3 RNB Philly, talked more about the album, and has a feature on On the Radar coming. We are more than proud of her and want you guys to be all caught up in what she has coming in 2024. She is putting New Jersey on the map, Camden included. We are happy to see what she will drop for us in 2024, as we all cheer her on.

Follow Sol Chyld - https://www.instagram.com/sol.chyld/

Something Came To Me (Spotify)

Something Came To Me (Apple Music)


End Of The Year Recap | Cheers To 2023, Hello 2024


Thank You 2023, Welcome 2024

Written by Cutty 

It's been a beautiful year for us over here at Jersey Watch Blog. We took the 4th quarter off to prepare you guys for 2024. We will have new content, new opportunities, and an overall great year planned ahead for our readers. We thank everyone who has been patient with us and enjoyed the content on the blog and YouTube channel. We have really impacted thousands of people this year, and it does not go unnoticed. We are so thankful you chose us as your source for reading up on an event or checking out your favorite creative. We can't wait for you guys to see what's in store for 2024.

We will be looking for more independent artists, more creatives, and more people to talk about in 2024. So thank you to everyone we have had on the platform in 2023. This year, we met and spoke with so many dope people that it would be impossible to name them all. I'm so thankful for everyone who hit the platform this year. Let's keep pushing and pursuing a great 2024, as we did in 2023. We have new content coming, new shows coming, and some more Jersey and worldwide artists for you to discover. Make sure to share us with your favorite person and let them discover us.

We want to thank everyone who has been reading, watching us on YouTube, and requesting us at events. We have a special event coming 1/13 and we will have some dope new artists for you to see. For now, we want you guys to sit back and enjoy all of the content from 2023 and get ready for the jam-packed content coming your way in 2024. It's going to be a good year for us all! If you haven't, go watch our YouTube videos, read our old posts, and let us know which one was your favorite for 2023. We are excited to hear from you.

Follow us on social media and watch us on YouTube for more content. 

Have an amazing 2023! 

Community Leader Mr. HUBB & Hip Hop Legend CL Smooth Release New Single “Grown Man Business”

Grown Man Business Out Now

Submitted to the blog 

New York, NY - New Jersey based community leader, mental health advocate and artist Mr HUBB aka Al-Tariq Best and Hip-Hop legend CL Smooth have come together to release their latest single “Grown Man Business” today, which will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack for Bruce Willis’ final film “Assassin” released earlier this year from Saban Films. This single follows Mr. HUBB’s most recently released single “Legacy” featuring fellow ThatHUBBLIFE ENT artist Penelope that premiered with Straight Official Magazine, which followed the success of his 2022 hit single “Grown Man Ishhh” that premiered exclusively with HipHop-Vibe and HipHopSince1987 . In addition, to his music career, Mr. HUBB is a well-known leader and mental health advocate in his community of Newark, NJ. Mr. HUBB is also the CEO and Founder of The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center, a facility that helps at-risk youth & high-risk deal with mental health issues and trauma they have faced through therapeutic arts. 

Recently Mr. HUBB launched his latest venture ThatHubbLife ENT, a socially responsible entertainment company where not only Mr. HUBB but other artists can release their music. Unlike many other entertainment companies or record labels ThatHubbLife ENT will not only help these artists release their music but will also work as a support system for them unlike many mainstream labels that tend to just focus on the immediate financial return of their artists. ThatHubbLife ENT is focused on the long-term mental health, safety and success of their artists. This opportunity to be featured on the ‘Assassin’ soundtrack is not only special for Mr. HUBB but also for fellow ThatHubbLife ENT artist Penelope who recently released her single “Body Keeps The Score” off the soundtrack, bringing more attention to the great work being done by ThatHubbLife ENT and The HUBB Arts & Trauma Centre as a whole.

When asked about the opportunity to get ThatHubbLife ENT artists featured on the “Assassin”” soundtrack ThatHubbLife ENT. CEO and Donald Richardson said “Having placed two songs on the soundtrack for the movie “Assassin” starring Bruce Willis “Body Keeps The Score’ by Penelope and “Grown Man Business” by Mr. HUBB and the legendary CL Smooth called ‘Grown Man Business’ brings my contribution to soundtrack full circle. After securing CL Smooth to be on the Wayne-O produced smash, it was inevitable to see that collectively we created a socially impactful and important record. I hope the world enjoys them both. Working with my business partner and friend music industry heavy weight “Knobody” has made it all worthwhile being a part of the project.”

When asked about the meaning behind his new single and what he wants people to take away from it Mr. HUBB said, “Writing the ‘Grown Man Business’ verse began with me wanting to challenge men to step up and handle their business but morphed into me doing “My Work” to heal from childhood trauma and to use a moment of vulnerability for a bigger purpose. It’s now also another teaching tool to support other men to scale up from little boy shit to handling Grown Man Business!”

Growing up in Newark, NJ, Mr. HUBB aka Al-Tariq led a far from semi-charmed life. The middle child of three sons in a single parent household, Al-Tariq witnessed his mother being abused under several domestic violence situations. He later endured his fair share of trauma, being physically and emotionally abused by other trusted so-called friends and relatives. “I didn’t understand my own trauma until recently,” he admits. “Now that I’m a grown man, I’m a Certified Victim Advocate, though it took a lot for me to recognize that I was also a victim at one point.” That realization led to self-awareness in understanding his own triggers, but also the reasons for some of the decisions that he made in his younger years. From the age of nine, Al-Tariq was making music and became the leader of a local Hip-Hop crew. “Music saved my life,” he explains. “I was smart and artistic, but I blended in with the dudes who were up to no good, because I found solace in them.” A life-altering event happened at the age 17, right before his first son was born, when he was pulled over by the police and dehumanized for driving while Black. “Something changed in me,” he said, “because right up the block there were drug dealers doing real damage, and I was being humiliated and my rights being violated.” Al-Tariq traded in his music career and pointed more towards social reform. He formed FP YouthOutCry Foundation, (Not-for-Profit 501c3) today legally doing business as The HUBB Arts & Trauma Center in Newark, NJ. H.U.B.B. stands for “Help Us Become Better.” While his 9000 square foot, Mayor-Appointed “Center of Hope” focuses on arts & trauma recovery, Al-Tariq, known now as Mr. HUBB to Newark and surrounding cities’ youth, utilizes the arts to save the lives of others the way music saved his. His latest venture ThatHUBBLife ENT, LLC is a socially responsible Entertainment, Networking and Therapeutic company that will introduce a roster of new talent, releasing their music, but also making sure that they’re prepared for the road ahead in an otherwise unforgiving music industry. Stay tuned to Mr. HUBB and ThatHUBBLife’s social media handles below for updates on future releases from Mr. HUBB as well as other artists signed to the label, concerts, and violence intervention tours.

About ThatHUBBLife ENT:

ThatHUBBLife ENT, LLC is a socially responsible Entertainment, Networking and Therapeutic company that will introduce a roster of new talent, releasing their music, but also making sure that they’re prepared for the road ahead in an otherwise unforgiving music industry. ThatHUBBLife ENT, LLC will include some of the tenets that Al-Tariq has applied to his previous missions, including intentional focuses on understanding the Entertainment business, the art of Networking and arts Therapy for self-empowerment. We plan to raise the bar with having artists reach their proverbial next level so, when they do release music, they can understand, replicate and teach the process to others and maintain sustainability.


For More Info on Mr. HUBB and ThatHUBBLife:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thathubblife/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ThatHUBBLife/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6r9_4xQR9b0QPG4jSbjKg/featured

Website: https://www.thathubblife.org/

Grown Man Business Music Video 


New Music Premiere: Shanghai the Great - Naruto

Shanghai the Great - Naruto

Written by Cutty 

We have some fresh Jersey talent we want to introduce you to, and that’s Shanghai the Great. Coming out of South Jersey, he is another aspiring artist looking to create major moves in the 609. He has recently been seen dropping a project, "Anime X Money," and a couple visuals in 2023, and we have his newest single off the project, "Naruto,” for you to check out. Shanghai is known for his wordplay in his music, and he gave a different meaning behind the song Naruto that every HipHop head can enjoy. It’s a song about how, as a creative, we do everything we can to get closer to our dreams, and sometimes it’s hard for people to understand that. Every creative can understand that at some point in their career; this is what we thought of the song below.

Shanghai The Great has been making some good moves this year; one recently we noticed is working closely with Luxary Group. We can see things really starting to lift off for him. In this song, he talks about the frustrations of a creative putting their all into their craft, and it’s still not looked at as good enough. When you are creating, we all have high heights that we are reaching for, and it’s what keeps us alive as creatives. It also builds ambition in us, and Shanghai does a great job painting that picture for us in this single. We get to hear small bits about his journey in the opening verse, which give us that personal connection to the song. Shanghai is no stranger to putting words together, so he has no problem showing you exactly what he is rapping about. So no matter how you feel, it’s okay with Shanghai; he says he is here to stay.

We loved in the song that Shanghai was not scared to be vulnerable, and we know he can open up if needed. He speaks about his family in the second verse and gives us some more insight on what he is going through personally and how the music helps him balance out. Some people may assume life is different for an artist than for regular people, but when you're an artist, life is still happening to you, and it doesn’t treat you differently than anyone else. He opens up on the track to express the trials and tribulations he goes through on a daily basis. We think this is amazing, as it can help someone going through the same thing. It’s a track that can be more personal for Shanghai fans, but we want to hear from you. What did you think of the single? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. We expect Shanghai to keep giving us some more heat in 2024.

Follow Shanghai - https://www.instagram.com/shanghai609_/

Shanghai the Great - Naruto (Spotify)

Shanghai the Great - Naruto (Apple Music)


Cutty TV 8 Year Anniversary

Cutty TV 8 Years Today

Written by Cutty 

It’s been 8 great years with Cutty TV, and today is the day it was born. We have grown so much since our first interview on this date with Neyquam. We have expanded to the west coast and central area. Our mission since day 1 has always been to show people an alternative way. How they can do things differently than what’s shown to them. This all started because a close friend of mine at the moment went to prison, and I wanted to create a change for the people around me. Something like an alternative view, and that’s how Cutty TV was started. Showing the world something different than what they are used to. It clicked for me, and now here we are 8 years later. We have showcased talented artists and creative entrepreneurs and come across some dope businesses. It’s important for us to showcase this talent around us and show the world.


We really love independent music, so we made it a point to try to creatively come up with ways to display independent music artists on our channel. We have done everything from interviews to days in the life to creating exclusive content with independent artists. We have come across some really amazing talent; a couple favorites are people like Neyquam, Sunnie, YNG Brizy, Cityboistreets, Jigga Flames, Tayroc, Rockstar Major, and more. These artists all have stories to tell, and we were happy to either sit down with them or create content with them to help spread their story. We have a bunch of independent artists on our YouTube. Independent music is important; every artist needs support early on to keep going. So we are happy to be a part of the music artist journey and make a change in it.

We have also elevated in many ways outside of YouTube, which I’m really proud of as a business owner. We published two books “How to Become the Perfect Artist” and “Guppie”. How to Become the Perfect Artist is a self-improvement book for independent music artists, teaching them the ways of mastering the music industry. Guppie is a kid's book telling kids to chase their dreams and to dream big. Guppie has a dream bigger than everyone around him could see, and when his brother Davell gets purchased he will do anything to reconnect with him. It’s a book dedicated to my friend Vell Chapo. We have also created the Cutty Card, which is a universal business card that allows you to attach any web link to it and share it with people instantly. It’s been something we feel fits creatives and artists, as both of them need to promote their work. So it’s a perfect product, we think, for any creative who has a talent they are showing to the world.

This was only the beginning of the expansion as we created this blog, Jersey Watch Blog, 3 years ago on September 20th. Since then, it has over 200+ articles and 100+ in person interviews we pride ourselves on. We have really created a platform coming out of South Jersey and serving the world. Lastly, we created Studio View, an app that will allow you to book studio time anywhere in the country directly from your phone. It’s the first of its kind as it’s a location-based app, meaning no matter where you are in the United States, as long as we have a studio signed up in that area, you’ll be able to find it instantly. Which currently has over 100+ active users. We are proud of everything we have accomplished in these 8 years and have so much more in store to show you.

We will be kicking off this 8 year run looking to bring season 2 to you guys of our podcast Still Trappin Legally and sit down with some geniuses of money-making to help bring you guys some new ways of making money. We created the podcast to teach multiple different ways of making money without having a job. After a successful season 1, we want to bring you guys more of this. So we have big plans for all who support us. We want to bring you more videos on YouTube, more books to read, more podcast episodes to listen to, and overall more content for you to enjoy. So for now, we want to thank everyone who supports us and has been part of our growth throughout these 8 years. We are truly nothing without you. We thank you for all your support.


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