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Written by Cutty

The app we have all been waiting for is officially out now. Studio View. We created Studio View with the idea of giving music artists a way of finding studio time on the fly. I travel a lot from city to city and finding a music studio is already hard enough if you don't know someone, so getting in contact with a studio is even harder when traveling out of town. So Studio View is the first location-based studio booking app, so no matter where you are in the country, you will be able to find a studio as long as the studios in that area have signed up for our app. This can change the game for artists all around the globe, including studio owners. Giving them a platform where they can be discovered by a new artist every day, record music on the go, and even find a new studio in their hometown. 

We have created a new way of booking studio time for independent artists and studios. We want them to be able to book studio time with ease and find studios with ease. We already have a studio in the valley signed up (@th3_h3av3ns_studios) on the first day of its being released, and we intend to grow quickly. Starting in Los Angeles, we are on our way to the east coast. We are excited to be the ones to finally break the barriers between studios and artists. This app will allow artists to find studios easily and quickly. You can search for studios around your area or an area you are going to be in the future and find a studio there. We encourage studios to sign up; it's a free platform for you to use and gain new clients, as it is free for artists also. This creates a win-win situation for both parties. 

Studio View is officially out now on the Apple App Store and will be coming soon to Android. We would like all artists and studio owners to sign up and tell us what you think of our brand-new app! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the app so far. We appreciate you all. Make sure to tell a friend also.

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