Why You Shouldnt Give Up

 Written By Cutty 

In this life, we all have a dream. Everyone has one; it's what makes us unique; everything that we touch and use today is someone's dream. You have a dream right now, even if you have never spoken about it. We all dream, and that is exactly why you should never give up. Look at the things around you; we are living in everyone else's dream every day: the places we go to, the cars we drive, and the food we eat. There are plenty of examples of dreams all around you every day for you to see. Everything started out as a dream, and they didn't give up trying to make it happen. We hear all about these stories every day about people who never thought they would be at the point they are, whether it's really seeing their name on a store or creating food people love. It was a dream for them that is now a reality, and it's true that your biggest dreams can become your reality. It's possible because we see it every day. We are living proof that dreams come true. Every day, you live your dreams; you just have to see them in front of you. 

Now, is chasing your dreams easy? No, it isn't; it's actually one of the hardest things to do in your life. You know most people only live the American dream? They go to college, graduate with a degree, get an entry-level job in their position, and work for 30 years in hopes of becoming everything the dream said it would be. It's so easy to go to school, get a job, and sit there for 40 years doing what someone is telling you to do. This is what was told to you—what you should do because everyone else around you is doing it—and why would you want to fit out of that? Do you know how hard it is to create something that will change the whole world? Think about some of the brands that you love today. Target? Mcdonalds? Uber? These are things that have completely shifted our world, and people depend on them every day now. These were simply someone's ideas and dreams. So I won't lie to you and say chasing your dreams will be the easiest process ever, but I will say this: once you achieve it, you'll never regret the time spent to make it happen. Ask anyone who has ever accomplished a dream of theirs. 

Everyone who is successful lets us know they are so thankful for the trip they took to get to where they are because they have exactly what they pictured in their heads. You ever heard the saying, It takes a loss to get a win? In a sense, they are not lying. If you have not gone through family trauma, you might not want to change your ways. If you have all the money in the world, you might not want to get up and actually chase that dream in your head. What makes them different from you? The only difference is that they did their own stuff and still chased their dreams. They didn't say it wasn't meant for them when it wasn't working out, and they took the time to celebrate when it did go well. Do you want to fall victim instead of continuing to fight after hearing some of the stories of the successful? Your one day is one year for them, so be grateful and remember you are in control. So how does that make you feel? It should make you feel like you are not about to give up. Never give up. You got this. Now go change the world. 


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