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When you begin streaming on Twitch, you come in as a non-affiliate, so you're able to start watching other streamers and see little things that will drastically improve your Twitch channel. Everything takes time, and it will take you paying close attention to what you like and dislike to see how you want to create your own channel. You start to learn the basics of success as you spend time on Twitch; this is something that will become second nature. It's your presentation, your sound, and how entertaining you are when people watch you. These are things that you will pick up on and want to improve on as you watch bigger streamers and see their setup. Twitch is all about being a show for people to watch. So even if you are gaming, understand that success comes from avoiding the mistakes of new streamers. One of those mistakes is not knowing when to improve your page. If something isn't working, make sure to stay on top of changing it so your audience can feel comfortable watching you. Let's go over some other helpful tips that can help you. 

There are many things that hold streamers back, and we want to share them with you today so you can learn firsthand what to avoid once you officially start streaming. One thing is quality: the look of your stream, the FPS, and how it sounds. You have to understand that people are coming to see you, and if it doesn't look or sound good, it can't move your crowd to a new stream. You wouldn't watch a TV show if it didn't look or sound good to your ears, so think about that when you're streaming. It's important to learn this early and apply the knowledge on how to fix it. This is luckily an easy fix; all you have to do is rewatch your streams as a viewer and review yourself. You want to look for errors or things that you like as a viewer, so you know how someone else feels. If you never rewatch your streams, how will you know where your mistakes are? This is what most professionals do: they see how their last one went so they can improve for the next one. It is something that is easy to fix, as all you have to do is act like a viewer and make sure your quality is amazing. 

The second thing we can give advice on is how entertaining you are. While Twitch started out for gamers, it has evolved into something for everyone to be on. You want to make sure you are keeping the crowd interested; you want to keep them locked in from the minute you start the stream to the second you leave. This is the true success behind Twitch—being able to master this—so pay close attention to your chat while you are streaming, in case people start to talk to you. You just have to connect with your fans, find out what really makes them feel good on your stream, and you can apply it to every stream for all of your new fans. This is how you will build your fanbase and your foundation, so you will know what you are doing with every stream you go into. Sometimes pressing the stream now button is the biggest thing in your way of starting a stream. Go into it ready to have fun with your fans, and if you follow these two tips and watch my Twitch channel, your Twitch channel will definitely grow. Have a great streaming journey! I hope you get everything your looking for in these twitch streets or wherever you wish to stream.


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