Kendrick Vs Drake Who Won? Read This

 Written by Cutty 

This has been one of the biggest rap battles since Biggie and Tupac. Drake and Kendrick Lamar, no matter how you feel about both artists, are both top artists in their cities. Drake is coming from Canada, and Kendrick is coming from California. We are able to see a good battle of coasts in this one. So how did all of this start? Well Like That, which is a song with Future and Metro Boomin, started the traction when Kendrick dropped a diss verse on Drake and JCole. Letting them both know he doesn't consider them in the same class as him, both artists had responses to this situation after it happened. From this point on, Jcole started to drop a single response to Kendrick Lamar, also dropping a mixtape to go along with the diss. It wasn't long until Jcole deleted it days later, and he went on to apologize to Kendrick Lamar. This left us all wondering, Well, what is Drake going to do? Here's what happened next that started the battle that you see today. 

We got a track from Drake called Push Ups, where Drake responded to everyone in one song, including Kendrick Lamar, and the battle has begun. Drake wanted it known that he heard the song with Kendrick on it, and he wanted to let him know this was the time he was about to get full attention from the Canadian rapper. He also went on to speak to others who felt the need to join in, including Drake, Rick Ross, and ASAP Rocky.  We were able to really see the battle side of Drake and the rap side of Kendrick Lamar in this battle. To us, this is one of the biggest battles we have seen in the music industry in a very long time. Kendrick made allegations about Drake having another child he was hiding and also being with an underage woman. The child allegation was found to be false, as Drake spoke on it on his next song and let the world know he fed Kendrick Lamar the information to throw him off his game. Drake heard what was said and also wanted to pick at Kendrick Lamar. Drake accused Kendrick of assaulting his woman, and his GM had a baby with her that nobody knew about. This definitely started to get the fans on their feet, as Kendrick Lamar is now shaded in a different light. We waited some days, as we wanted to hear what Kendrick Lamar had to say about this. 

While both artists brought their best, we went in to listen to every song and wanted to see, okay, who really won this battle? The end song by each artist was Not Like Us by Kendrick Lamar, and Drake instantly responded with Heart Part 6, saying that Kendrick's now #1 hit was just a scratch of the surface of what Drake is. While we feel like Drake had the best diss out of the battle, the fans have spoken and said Not Like Us was a better song overall in the battle. Both fanbases have a lot to say on the matter, with Kendrick fans speaking heavily on the underage allegations with Drake and Drake fans speaking on Kendrick Lamar needing Drake to get the shine he hasn't had in quite a while. What do you think of the battle overall, and who do you honestly think came out on top? We are currently waiting for a Kendrick response. Will he ever respond to Heart Part 6? As hip-hop fans, the only thing we can do is wait and find out. Let us know in the comments who's on your team. 


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