Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

 Written By Cutty 

We want to say Happy Memorial Day! This day is special because it is a day to spend with your family and a day to celebrate the good things up to this point. You guys have held us down so much through these 4 years, and we want you to know we love each and every one of you! We started this with the goal of being able to provide quality content and be a voice for New Jersey. We have not only made great changes in NJ, but we have also traveled the world and spoken to people all over, impacting the lives of many. So please never stop reading, never stop sharing, and make sure to share us with friends! You are the reason for our growth, and we want to thank all of you who read our post and stayed around during our construction phase. We will be coming back soon; if you were able to catch this, you are a real one. You really are ready for our return. 

We are still in construction mode, so these posts will be temporary, but they're real feelings of how we feel, guys. We miss you guys a lot and can't wait for all of this to be finished so we can come back stronger! We have so many people we have come across that we would like for you to meet. We know that each of them will have a different feel for all of you, so we are excited to see who you enjoy the most. Make sure to keep holding on and waiting for us to come back, as we are fixing up the website and working with professionals to get us back up and running again. We will not let you down; we promise we have something major planned for you guys. You guys have been with us through different changes and have loved each one, so when we say this update will be one of our biggest, we know you will enjoy it! We have a lot for you to see! 

To everyone who is reading this, thank you so much for being here. You are the reason we are here today, so never forget that. If it weren't for our readers, we wouldn't be here today. The people we speak with always let us know about you guys and just how supportive you are to them when you see them on the blog. You are Jersey Watch Blog, as much as we are. Without you guys, we are just a blog with words; you guys give us life. So thank you for all of the support throughout these 4 years. We really appreciate it, and we know the posts recently aren't what you expected, but we had to give you guys something. We missed you. So we wanted to update you to let you know that soon things will be back to normal and we will have new people, new content, and new adventures for you to see. In the meantime, please check out our YouTube channel and watch every episode, as we have over 200+ videos for you to enjoy, so while you're waiting for the website to come back, make sure to go enjoy those. We have turned into one of the biggest platforms in our area, all thanks to you, and with that, we will take our next update personally! So just enjoy the fun and get ready for Jersey Watch Blog 4.0; it will be just as amazing as it always is! All you have to do is keep watching! See you soon! CEO Cutty 



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