How To Make Your Youtube Page Better

 Written by Cutty 

YouTube has changed many lives; we see people as young as 14 living off of YouTube. This is a dream that is possible for everyone who makes content on YouTube. It is something that will only keep changing people's lives. We have seen plenty of YouTubers who are well off because of the content they have made on YouTube. If you have a YouTube channel, this post is for you. We want to give you two tips that will help improve your YouTube page. Youtube is built off of an algorithm, and all you have to do is know who to get in front of so they can discover who you are and watch your content. If you already use these two tips we are going to give you today, then make sure to put in the comments how beneficial they have been for your YouTube account. So people know these tips are valuable and can really help their page grow to the next level. 

Our first tip for you is your thumbnails on YouTube. You want to make sure you are either using the service Canva to make a thumbnail or you want to pay a professional on Fiverr so they can make you something amazing. Thumbnails are an investment every professional YouTuber takes seriously. Some people spend thousands of dollars monthly just on thumbnails for their YouTube channel. Thumbnails are the first thing people see on YouTube before they even read the title, so you want to make sure whatever they are looking at is something that will make them watch the video. You have to think about yourself when you're on YouTube. When you see a thumbnail that you like, you instantly move onto the title and click more to see what this video is really about. So with that thought in mind, you have to think someone else is going to do the same thing when they see your YouTube channel; that thumbnail is the first thing that leads them to click on the video. You can use places like Fiverr and spend $5 per video, and they will make you a thumbnail for your video. This is something everyone who wants to make passive money from YouTube can invest in; they know how important thumbnails are to YouTube and how much of a difference it can make being on the search page. Thumbnails will make things different for your page. 

The second thing you want to make sure you pay attention to are your tags. You can find the tags menu at the bottom of the edit menu when you are editing your video on your phone. Tags are really important, and sometimes they are really overlooked. Tags are what someone puts into YouTube to find your video; if you have a matching tag to their search result, your video will come up. You can also use websites on Google like to find tags for your videos. With this, you can have plenty of relatable tags on your video to get the best results landing on the search page. This is where people who don't know will be able to find your channel. This is a free tool everyone can use to get organic views, and you can find new people who will want to watch your content. Tags are what people type in the search bar, so if your tag fits what they're typing, your video will pop up. It's important that you have them on every video, so don't skip adding tags. Try these tips, and let us know what you think of them. 


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