Youtube Tips That Will Change Your Channel Overnight

 Written by Cutty 

Youtube is becoming a passive income machine for everyone born in Gen Z. From reacting to famous music videos to creating your own content for people to enjoy, Youtube has turned into a base for the youth to be able to spread their message. So today we want to give you guys some valuable tips that will expand your YouTube channel and help you get seen by the world. These tips will skyrocket your channel to the next level and allow your message to get out there to the masses, so come in and read these two tips that we have for you today, as they will change your YouTube experience. As we stated in our last post, YouTube has its own algorithm, so by being able to figure out what that is and falling into the place of your niche, you will be able to grow a fanbase and also be able to make passive income from YouTube. You just want to focus on rewatchable content and relatable content. Rewatchable means you want someone to show someone else or rewatch it again in the future; being relatable means you want to strike your viewers' interest so you can get them to watch your video. So let's dive into some tips to help us today.

One major tip we want to give you guys today is to keep your titles SEO-based and short and sweet. You want them to be straight to the point about the content you are creating for your audience. So if you are playing Spiderman 2, make sure to add the video game name in the title so people know you are playing that game. Keeping your title SEO-based and short and sweet will help you because you will be able to attract people's attention, and if you have a title that attracts them, they will most likely click your video. If you caught a good kill streak in COD and want to make a title for YouTube, you can use something like "I caught a crazy kill streak in Call of Duty MW3." This is something that is straight to the point and adds to the game you are playing, so anyone who likes COD content will check out your video. This is how you will attract new people to your videos. Let's move on to what else can help you get discovered by new people. 

You should also put six hashtags in your description box; this will allow people who look up that hashtag to be able to find your video. It is also like a tag, but different. A tag is something that someone types in the YouTube search bar, but a hashtag is something that people follow if it piques their interest. So the hashtags #callofduty and #modernwarfare3 in your description will bring you up on the search bar for anyone looking for them. So this is another way of being discovered on top of having tags on your videos. You want to have six hashtags in your description that are all based on your YouTube video. If it's Call of Duty, use as many Call of Duty hashtags as possible so the fanbase of Call of Duty can find your video and watch it. These are just two small secrets YouTubers use to get new people to find their channel, and they are something that you can do for your channel. If you do these two steps correctly, then you should start seeing a surplus of new viewers on your channel. This is an organic way for you to attract new viewers to watch your content.



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