In Celebration Of Jimmy Dinero

We Celebrate A Fallen Angel 
Jimmy Dinero

Written by Cutty

The heavens gained another angel today as we got the news that Willingboro native Jimmy Dinero, aka James Dominguez, has passed away due to drowning in AC. Jimmy Dinero, born September 20th in the Bronx, NY, was more than an artist; he was a friend, a son, a dancer, a podcaster, and the creator of his own empire. Jimmy has inspired many people during his walk on Earth. Going all the way back to his PG-13 days when he used to dance in Willingboro High School hallways. Later in life, he transitioned to being a musician and blessed us with amazing music. Willingboro has many stars, and Jimmy Dinero was one of them.

Jimmy Dinero spent his downtime traveling with friends and creating memories outside of New Jersey. His music video for "Loco," which was his first 100K song ever, was shot in Cali-Columbia. Which sparked the inspiration for everyone back home. Being able to see someone from NJ get these kinds of numbers and do it in another country inspired South Jersey artists. He then followed up with another amazing song, "Tranquil," that also went over 100K views, bringing the same energy as Loco. His music was one of a kind, as he brought a happy spirit to you as you listened to his music. 

Jimmy also collaborated with other artists on projects that were very successful. The project "Richfriend$" was played out of every car in NJ from north to south. The release party in Mount Holly was filled with close friends, business partners, and supporters of the artist. He created a sound that was desirable and unmatched. He helped many artists and people from NJ get to a higher platform by being so generous, which made him and his friends create "Nine 2 Five". Which was an empire Jimmy was apart of, helping his people around him rise to a higher level. His mission is still not done, as his team will carry it on in his name.

Jimmy Dinero will be forever remembered in our hearts for the things he has done. He was a very giving person and made sure everyone around him had fun, so today do us all a favor. Watch a music video, listen to one of his songs, and spread the good times you had with Jimmy. He is now watching over us all; let’s make him proud. #JimmyLivesOn 

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