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Sincerely, Himothy Album Review 

Written by Cutty 

We finally got some new Marty Rantzen, and we are proud to say he did not miss on this album. Marty Rantzen is one of South Jersey’s stars in the independent music scene, and he has blessed us with another project. It is clear that he is letting us know that he hasn’t gone anywhere and that the music and bars are still the same but elevated. Sincerely Himothy is Marty’s latest project and is filled with 12 tracks and a whole lot of Marty Rantzen. He talks about some past things and some future things, and he lets the people know where he has been recently. He prefers to let his music do the talking in most situations, and we are happy to say this project did just that. You can hear the dedication put into this project and its execution. The intro itself reminds you of what you love about Marty. As we dove deeper into the album, it just got better and better.

The project starts out with the song "Curry Slide II," which is a personal favorite of ours. If you're a new Marty Rantzen fan, then you get to hear who he is as an artist, and if you have heard projects in the past, then you turned up your speakers because you knew you were in for a treat. He speaks on his life and how he has shaped it to be what it is today musically. Marty has been through a lot in the past, and this project brings that out. We also enjoyed the dedication piece to DMX that follows next; he shows love to the rapper who has recently passed away, and to many fans, that was a favorite of theirs. You get to hear what fuels Marty the most, which is that he is him and you can not defeat him even if you tried. Going through the life that he had and surviving, you can feel the confidence through the speakers. The first two songs alone can drive you to finish the album.

Our personal favorites were "I Been" and "Ticket," in which "I Been" lets you in on Marty’s life and how he views it. With all of the success he has had, people think it was just a yellow brick road, but the artist goes in and tells you just how he got to where he is today. With past traumas in his life, he used them to fuel his career today. He has put himself in a position of elevation, showing he has learned from his past, and definitely opened up about it. The song "Ticket" truly shows why Marty is not your normal rapper, and in the song, he goes on to tell you what makes him different. Speaking strictly from the streets, he gives you a dose of how things went growing up. The lessons he has learned and the abundance it has brought from doing things differently from everyone else. The album is another masterpiece by Marty, and in our eyes, he is still in the Top 5 in New Jersey. He has a lot of options on this tape, that can appeal to anyone who loves good rap music. What’s your favorite song? Let us know in the comments. Make sure to stream "Sincerely, Himothy" today.

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