Jimmy Dinero Celebration Candle Lighting

Jimmy Dinero Celebration Candle Lighting 

Written by Cutty

It was an emotional weekend as Nine 2 Five, family, and friends came out to celebrate Jimmy one last time before the funeral. It was people from all over at the event showing their love to Jimmy, and the most beautiful thing there was the reconnection of people who hadn’t seen each other in years. All of these people are here for Jimmy, with everyone having a different experience with him to share. His family was there, holding it down the way Jimmy would have wanted. You can definitely expect to see a couple of Bel Air bottles floating around, as it was one of Jimmy’s favorite turn up drinks alongside tequila. It was plenty of cups as everyone shared with each other to keep Jimmy’s spirit flying high in the sky. He was smiling and dancing with everyone who was there.

Jimmy was loved in more ways than one. He was a dancer who filled people’s hearts with love and inspiration, seeing the joy he brought to people. He was a father who led by example with his kids, showing them how to properly live life. He was an artist whose words touched the hearts of thousands and changed the way you saw a Latino hip-hop artist. He was also a pioneer of Nine 2 Five, which will now be carried by his team, which plans to create more with the community and keep Jimmy’s name around for years to come. There are many things to say about Jimmy Dinero, but we all have different experiences with him, and he left behind plenty of love, which you could tell by everyone who showed up to the candle lighting.

It was a great time seeing everyone come together and share this moment together. You could hear stories being told and emotions being shared. Jimmy’s catalog of music was played throughout the whole event, and many people went home listening, which, since he is an independent artist, can go right back to his family. So play as much Jimmy Dinero as you can whenever you get a chance. He left behind a legacy, a blueprint, and so many experiences with so many different people. We know he is happy with how we celebrated him. It was great to see them all there in love for Jimmy. We will never let his name be forgotten. #JimmyLivesOn

Photos by @theofficialcutty

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