Rhythm & Brews | Fathers Day Edition

Rhythm & Brews | Fathers Day Edition 

Written by Cutty 

Your favorite monthly event is back, "Rhythm and Brews," and at a perfect time, right before Father’s Day. It was packed, as everyone was excited to see the night’s lineup. Hosted by the dopest podcast crew, Wash This Podcast, it was a good night to be at the Spellbound brewery in Mount Holly, NJ. The night consisted of many talented artists who blessed the stage. Rhythm and Brews is always a good time because you never know what to expect; it’s always a new show every time. The crowd was ready for another amazing night, though, as they came early and had their beers ready to go. We got to see some returning faces like Dre Artist and Ninetty from PS and some new faces like Jay The Genius, Trippy Trip, and Elli Bands. We were in for another great night, as we expected.

The whole show was a vibe from start to finish, and it’s always good to see artists like ER Black and Jay The Genius perform their music. They have such a unique sound that inspires you. They don’t really speak on violence or treating women badly; it’s a lot of uplifting music that is a pleasure to listen to. Jay the genius was a new face for us, but his energy was felt all throughout the room as the people rocked out to his set all night long. Another new face that got some good feedback is Elli Bands. Coming all the way from Pennsylvania, he brought a different element to the show for sure. All the hip-hop fans loved his set as he spoke directly to us. You could hear the fire bars, and it made you jump up and down after you heard him spit. He blew us away, for sure. We were also able to catch some of Trippy Trip’s performance, which was another mind-blowing one for us. We didn’t expect the music to be that amazing; his bars were really high level, and his hype man also brought a different element to the performance.

We always love to see returning faces on the show. Ninetty from PS and Dre Artist, precisely as they always give us a show. This performance was very special, seeing as Ninetty brought out his daughter on Father's Day weekend to join his set with him. It was so inspiring to see a father and daughter bond on stage, and we found out later that she wrote one of the songs they performed together. This was a great way to start Father’s Day weekend for every father in the building. Dre Artist gave us a legendary performance; he performed his new song "Deep Water," which the people went crazy for. Dre Artist puts a lot into his performances, and the people love to reciprocate the energy back to him. He also let us know he is dropping more singles this summer, as he is just getting started. Everyone who touched the stage came with their own excellence, and we were blown away by the time we left. We have some exclusive interviews coming to our YouTube channel for you to see; stay tuned for that. Make sure to stay updated with Rhythm and Brews, as it’s coming up in July.

Photos by @theofficialcutty


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