Rhythm & Brews | Father's Day Edition (Exclusive Interviews)

Written by Cutty 

Elli Bands

Elli Bands is coming out of Pennsylvania, and man, his flow is unmatched. He brought his team out with him for this performance, whom he has been working with throughout the winter and springtime, and previewed the music they have been working on. We had a great time talking with him and getting the real meaning of what his name means. If you never knew, this is the episode for you to watch to find out. Amazing artist; make sure you check him out. Watch the exclusive interview below.


Dre Artist 

Dre Artist is someone we love to have on the channel; his story is so unique, and his music is godly. We love when he hits the stage because he always gives us 110% and doesn't hold back. As a new member of Piranha School, he breaks that down for us for those who didn't know. He also performed a new song that is out now; make sure you watch this interview to find out the title. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Ninetty From PS

Ninetty from PS was the star of the night, as this event was thrown on Father's Day weekend, and he made it very special. His performance he brought on his daughter with him and man did they steal the show. It was so beautiful seeing them two perform together; it's a moment every parent would want to share in their lifetime. With new music dropping soon, will we see this again from the PS family? Watch this exclusive interview below.



This is an epic interview, as Scoop is the main host of Wash This Podcast, and we finally got to see him get interviewed for once. Scoop has been hosting the Rhythm and Brews since we have been going to them. At every event, he finds a new way to get people involved and on their feet, having fun. He also talks about the new updates to Wash This Podcast, so make sure you watch this rare interview with a hip-hop goat. Watch this exclusive interview below.


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