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Find Out Where You'll Be Performing At This Summer

Written by Cutty 

Everyone in the music industry has an opinion on where you should be performing. There are a lot of factors that play out when you discover where you are. Have you done shows before? Are you confident performing live? How many people can you bring out? Are you fully prepared financially for your own show? These are all questions you can ask yourself to see exactly where you’re at performance wise. In the beginning of a music career, I always say to take as many opportunities as possible to get your feet wet and to build up your contacts. You may feel differently, so this will help you identify where you should be performing and which shows you can avoid. Performing your music live will always come with a benefit, even if you only get one new fan. Find out where you’re at and start getting on stages and growing inside your career. You don’t know who your next fan could be; they could be waiting to meet you.

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Open mics

Open mics are great for artists who just want to practice or just hit a stage period. Open mics allow everyone on stage because it’s an opportunity for you to start your musical journey. Normally these are small events, thrown on off days, and you’re bringing the crowd or performing in front of artists who are new to the music scene. Use these if you’re new to breaking the ice with performing. These types of events are low pressure; you can mess up and nobody will notice. They just want to see dope talent and see you for the first time. These are also more affordable; most open mics are either free or have a small fee attached to them. If you want to practice a new song, hit an open mic and see what the crowd tells you about it. Overall, these types of events are stepping stones, and most artists have experienced them. Use them to your advantage.

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A good showcase is filled with value; it has some shakers in the building looking for the next big thing before they blow. A lot of them are competitive and come with a prize for the best artist. This is where you found out how good you are after those open mics. Artists come here searching for an opportunity since the crowd is filled with artists and their fan bases. You should use these shows strictly for the value attached to them. Whether that’s meeting an A&R or winning some free studio time. There is always something you can win at a showcase, and you have a chance to meet other artists who are more talented than the ones at an open mic. You can see what works and what doesn't, and you can find out what the music industry is looking for in an artist. These shows have helped a lot of artists make strong connections that they use to this day. Take advantage of the moment and dominate. If you lose the prize, then look at what the winner did right so that you can add to your performance.

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Your own shows

This stage is probably the most expensive outside of huge festivals, but in all fairness, at this point you can fill up a room by yourself, and you’ll have no problem getting the money back on the backend. By the time you get here, you will already be locally famous, people will support you, and you will have developed a following. People love to skip the first two and jump to this, but a wise music industry expert knows better. It costs way more to throw your own successful show than to pay for a slot on a show. You pay the DJ, Venue, Security, and any other additional services. You’ll know once you’re here because your fanbase will let you know. Once you know you can put 150+ people in a room, this is when you start throwing your own shows. You’ll see the benefit from it, not waiting for 20 artists to perform or getting a bad performance slot. You make all the rules and can do what makes you happy. You can really put together an unforgettable show that your fans will remember for years to come. You can sell merch, give out special items, and do so much more. It’s really an enjoyable process once you get past the expenses. Just don’t skip steps, come here when you’re ready, and you’ll enjoy the process.

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This is the fun part of being a musician. Performing in front of thousands of people, going through the backstage experience, and everything else festivals come with. This is when you know you’ve mastered having a fanbase, knowing how to work the stage, and you’re turning into a star. Festivals and stadiums are for the big dogs, and if you’re in the building, then that’s who you are. It’s either a big payment to perform or a big paycheck being paid to you. That’s how festivals go; it’s the best benefit you can get out of performing and being seen by thousands of people all at once. Some of the biggest stages in the world are festivals, and artists love to perform on them. It’s the rush of all of those people loving your music that makes you feel the most alive. This is the professional level of performing live right here. So when you’re here, everything above is practice for you; you’re turning into a star. Enjoy the moment.

So this is my advice for you: take what holds onto you and release what doesn't, but it's officially summer time, so you don’t want to miss the moment to gain some new fans. Take the stage, get some photos and videos, and let the world know who you are. It’s nothing like performing in front of people to remind you why you make the music you do. It’s the best feeling in the world, so go get it. What stage are you hitting this summer?


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