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Lawnside Day 2023

Written by Cutty

It was the 52nd Lawnside Day this past weekend in Lawnside, NJ, and the community came out and showed up to this epic event. It was so amazing to see the youth have a platform to shine bright. This eventful day started right with a celebratory parade and car show that started on Warwick Road. This was all before we ran into the 100+ vendors and kid's activities at the actual Lawnside Day. We saw parents out there supporting their kids, community leaders talking with the people, and we saw a bunch of smiles on the faces of the kids. We got to see some people make their debut at the Lawnside Day and ran into a couple people who have been there for a couple years. So it was dope to see people of all kinds all together to celebrate this day that comes once a year. They had free food and drinks for everyone in attendance to make sure they were energized to do all of the dope things that were going on. They had blow up houses for the kids, and they enjoyed every moment of it; even when it started to drizzle the kids were still playing. The day went on all day and ended with some fireworks for everyone who stayed until the end to finish up this historic event.

There were so many things to do at the 52nd annual Lawnside Day, and seeing the youth from Lawnside School and Lawnside Jaguars dancing to start off the event was a perfect way to start out these festivities that were about to happen throughout the day. It was older people helping these young ladies, and when we spoke with them, they said "There’s nothing like seeing these young girls get the shine after working so hard for months". All of the dancers were talented and had very unique sets. There were even dancers who came from out of state to be part of the show. The car show followed after all the dancers, and we got to see some unique cars come through, as well as a special appearance from the Ruff Ryders. This was a great way to start the event, as there were so many people outside taking photos and parents showing their kids all of the dope cars passing through. After this was all done, we went to get started with Lawnside Day.

When we walked into the park, it was filled with so many faces! Vendors from all over came out to show off their products. It was filled with so many black owned businesses that were all very unique; we saw it all there! There was custom clothing like Mile High; it was hand-drawn paintings, custom made pictures, and even items made out of clay. You could find some jewelry, that was handmade, you could try different foods, and of course, they had some souvenirs you could take home. They did free face painting for the kids, and you saw so many kids running around with fresh face paint on, and they loved every moment of it. They had plenty of games for the kids outside of the blow up houses; they had a game truck in the back so the kids could play video games while waiting for the show to start, and it was definitely a line as the kids came in groups to enjoy it. We ran across older people out there doing their business who had just started. When we asked them how they were enjoying the event, they responded, "This event is important for all of us Lawnside residents; it brings us out of the house and brings us together. It’s always nice to see people you haven’t seen in years." I think everyone felt the same way. There were so many amazing moments at Lawnside that the only way to know about them all is to show up to the yearly event, which is every last Saturday of June. We spoke with the VP, and she let us know this event will keep going and growing for years to come. We hope to see you at the next one.

Photos by @theofficialcutty 


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