Lawnside Day Reloaded | Exclusive Interviews

Written by Cutty 

Sophisticated Sisters

The sophisticated sisters did not come to play this Lawnside day; they came heavily prepared to make their coach proud. A lot of the dancers let us know their coach inspired them to dance today. You can also find out what they plan on doing overseas and in the city of Camden coming in the near future. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Lawnside Jaguars 

We were able to catch the talented Lawnside Jaguars and get their opinion of how they felt being at Lawnside Day. With them only dancing for one year, it was all a new experience for them. We get more details on where this experience will take them in the future. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Lawnside School

Lawnside School came out to represent, as they came loud and proud to be representing Lawnside in the parade. This being a big moment for them, they speak on how it felt to be apart of this historic day, and they also give us details on where we can see them next performing. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Smart Mark 

Smart Mark is a dance teacher, dancer, daycare owner, and studio owner, among other things, but his love for dance runs deep. He wants to change kids lives by using his skills and leaving his mark on their success stories. Come hear all about this greatness and what's to come in the future. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Mile High Club 

Mile High Club is a stoner brand built for stoners. They want to show a different side of cannabis and show the positives it can bring. Speaking with Carla, the founder, she lets us know how her process started and how she got to where she is today. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Daj of Lawnside Day 

We got to speak with the VP of Lawnside Day (Daj) and get some exclusives behind the 52nd Lawnside Day. She lets us know this is the start of something beautiful, as she has major plans for coming up in the future. She wants to bring the fun back to Lawnside, and she knows how much Lawnside Day means to the residents. Come hear what she has up her sleeve. Watch this exclusive interview below.


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