Mid Summer Music Artist Checklist

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Mid Summer Artist Checklist

Written By Cutty 

It's getting close to the middle of the summer, and we want to see if you guys are following your summer checklist. As a music artist, this is the best time for you; people are on vacation, parties are going on every weekend, and it's an opportunity for you to prosper every day. What have you done so far this summer? You have new fans waiting to hear you, new artist friends waiting to collaborate with you, and more opportunities waiting for you to take advantage of them. So let's check the summer checklist, and you can ask yourself, Am I on track for a good summer? 

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Drop That Summertime Hit

This is the time to be dropping music; people are listening to music now more than ever. It's the summertime; there are barbecues going on, school celebration parties, people are even celebrating marriage, and more right now. So there are so many opportunities for you to be included in that summertime playlist. You want to create a sound people will listen to all summer; you're going to be someone's summertime song. All you have to do is release it. Go look at your unreleased music and put out that summertime hit. The song will speak to you and you will know which one to release. 

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Perform Like You're In Your Bathroom

There are so many events going on that it might be one going on every day in the summer. This is the time people love to come together, so why wouldn’t you perform like you do in your bathroom? Give the people a show; if you haven’t performed yet, find you a stage to get on. People are waiting to hear your music as they dance listening. People love great music, and your crowd is out there waiting to hear from you. So find a stage to perform on, and perform like you are in your bathroom. 

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Be Someone's Summertime Shirt

This is the time when people sleep over people's houses and ask, Hey, have you got a shirt for me to wear today?" There are so many long nights and early mornings going on in the summertime. Get your merchandise out so people can buy it. You never know where it will land; it could get worn in places you may have never been. So give that girlfriend her favorite summertime shirt, get your merchandise out, and get it in the hands of the people. Merchandise allows you to be in places you can't be, so where will you land? 

These are three major things you should have checked off your summertime list if you haven’t started yet. If you missed what else you should be doing, make sure to check out the summertime article we did for music artists to advance and take over the summer. We have already seen so many artists take full advantage of the summertime by dropping music, performing on big stages, and, of course, making sure the girlfriends get their summertime shirts. You still have more than half a summer left to go, so what are you going to work on today that will push you farther? Make sure you write down your checklist and start knocking it out.


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