Dominate the Summer Music Scene with This Winning Strategy.

Use These Tips To Have A Hot Summer

Written by Cutty

    It's almost summertime, and it's a fresh start for you if you are a music artist. There will be many opportunities coming up, and we want to make sure you've taken advantage of them all. Every summer is your chance to make it if you still haven't made it to where you want to be. With long nights, early mornings, and sunshine every day, it's the perfect time for you to run into the opportunity you have been waiting for. So what is something you can take advantage of in the summertime? Well, let's go over a few things, and you can apply what works for you best to your summer. This could be the summer that changes your life, so make sure you take notes.

Releasing Music

    If you haven't dropped any music all year, the summertime is the best time to drop some of the heat you were making in the winter. People are out of school, and other people are spending days together with some of their best friends they haven't seen all year. Everyone is listening to music, so this is your opportunity to find new fans. You want to be an option to listen to at these BBQs, baby showers, graduation parties, or just for all the people in the club. Clubs are filled during the summer, so getting on a DJ playlist is the best thing to do during the summer. Pick a song you love, get cover art made, and drop that music. The summertime is the best time. 

Performing Live

   Venues, clubs, and even parties are filled during the summertime. This is even the best time to get people to come to your shows. People want something to do for the night in the summertime. It's much easier to catch a crowd in the summer than in any other season. Take full advantage of this and perform live as much as you can in the summertime. There will be many opportunities as promoters know, people want something to do, and artists want to perform their music. This is a win-win situation for both parties, so if you couldn't find a show, in the summertime they will be everywhere. 

Drop Merchandise

    Everyone wants to create memories, and when you release limited edition merchandise, they will always remember that memory. So while you are having an increase of people's attention, make it memorable. Give them some clothing so they can remember that moment forever. It's something that will easily make you the talk of the town. People love to share where they got an awesome shirt from. Make sure that the awesome shirt they are wearing is something you created. In the summertime, you are also more likely to see an increase in people willing to buy merchandise. 

Engage With Your Fans

    This is the best time for you to turn your fanbase into your lifetime tribe. You can throw meet and greets, personal events, and even go live on your social media to talk with the ones who have been watching you. You have this opportunity to engage with your fans; you can create time where you solely focus on what you're going to do with your fans. This will make them feel important and make them lifetime fans. People love being recognized if you have a chance to open your world to your fans. Let them in; you will see that it will be worth it in the long run. 

   In conclusion, the summer is coming up, and we gave you a couple of things you can focus on this summer that can help you dominate the music scene. We all want to be prepared for the future, so before June 21st comes, write down what you want to do for the summer and start getting ready to take action. Your fans will be in a perfect position to see your new creations. You have a chance to bring to light something you have been working all winter on, use the summertime to release it, and give your fans new memories. 

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