Is CellxBlock The Next Out Of Jersey? Check This Out: CellxBlock X MTO "This Is Jersey" Music Video

CellxBlock X MTO "This Is Jersey"

Written by Cutty 

CellxBlock has been making his name bubble for quite some years now. We have seen his elevation through the music industry for the last couple of years. The talent is there for sure; is this the summer he takes it up a notch? He has been seen recently dropping frequent freestyle visuals, which have caught the eye of thousands. His bars are unmatched, and coming out of Pemberton, NJ, we have seen a rise of talented artists come from there. In his latest music video, he teams up with another New Jersey artist MTO and sends a message to the industry about where he is from, which is Jersey.

In his latest music video, we get a freestyle of Scarlip’s song "This is New York" making a Jersey anthem called "This Is Jersey". It brings up multiple references to the Garden State. Bringing on artist MTO, he also compliments the song with his flow and punchlines only a true jersey head would understand. The song itself is definitely a summertime hit and shows Cellxblock's great pen game and love for where he is from. If it’s one thing we know, we know Cell can rap with the best of them and will show you without a problem. This song definitely puts him on people's radar if he wasn’t already on it. He is showing; I’m here, and I’m ready for more. What will we see next?

We all know what Cell can do; he is one of the best artists out of South Jersey currently. So will this be the summer he goes all in and lets the industry know now? He has everything he needs to be the next face of South Jersey, but we would like to see a new project and some more consistent music videos out of him to give us something new to listen to. We are ready for him to take it to the next level, as we know he can. Have you heard of CellxBlock from Pemberton, NJ, and what’s your favorite single of his? This could be the summer where he gets more exposure than he ever has. Let’s see what’s cooking up next with CellxBlock. Comment on what you think of his latest music video below.

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CellxBlock X MTO "This Is Jersey" Music Video 


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