Why Is Recording So Important In Music? Here’s Why

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Recording Is #1 In Music, Here's Why

Written by Cutty 

Recording music is the first step to getting into the music industry; you must record a song to be considered an artist, right? We all know that, but why is recording so important in music? Not only the process of recording a song but the recording quality you’re recording with. A lot of artists start out with just the bare minimum, and it does get you started, but as you start to elevate throughout the music industry, your quality must elevate with you. It's just as important when you want to go from being a local artist to being on someone’s playlist and they are showing your music to other people. Your recording quality could make or break your chances of being someone’s next favorite artist. You wouldn't listen to a song you didn't like, right? If it doesn't sound right to the listener, they will turn it off. Come read a couple of reasons why we feel recording is important in music.

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Recording quality can elevate your sound in ways you may not think matter. It's been proven, though, that bad equipment can take away from the real sound of the song you're making. We have seen songs made on the phone and through a Blu mic that still sound great, but there is a great engineer behind that story. Your recording equipment should be the first thing you pay attention to. Find out what studios are using to record, and you’ll be able to quickly find out who’s a good one and who’s a bad one. Learn the equipment, and if you're recording yourself, invest in a great mic so you can bring out the best potential of your song. Don't waste years recording on bad equipment when you can invest early and see those dividends come back in the future.

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Another reason why recording quality is important is that when you present it, your quality will let the person know how seriously you take your career. If your music doesn’t even sound good, how will I know you're the next biggest artist? The next biggest artist wants you to see it from the first song that they show you. You don't want to have to convince people; your music should do the speaking for you. Even if you’re still building up to the artist you want to be, people will gravitate toward you if your music at least sounds good. So start off good, and you'll be elevating at a much faster rate than if your music doesn’t sound good. You’ll save yourself years of trying to figure it out why your fanbase isn't building if all you have to do is record on an actual good mic so they can see the real great artist you are.

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Another major piece of having the right equipment is also having the right person behind the boards to make sure your song sounds good. The mix and master is just as important as the equipment you're recording on. You want to work with an engineer who can identify the sound you're looking for and bring it to life. If your engineer can’t give you a good mix, that can be another element in your not being recognized properly. A good mix and master completely change the elements of the sound, and you can really take advantage of the equipment you're recording on. So make sure you're taking the engineer into consideration alongside the equipment you’re using.

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Lastly, understanding song structure is the last piece to making a great song. It's a place for the verse, and it's a place for the hook. Knowing where they go is what will elevate your sound to the next level. You can hear the placement by listening to the beat. You will hear the difference in the beat at certain parts, letting you know this is where the verse goes and where the hook goes. When you get more advanced, you’ll learn how to count bars and know exactly where they are every time you listen to a beat. For now, the simple way is for you to listen to the beat and hear the transitions in the beat, and that's how you’ll know where the beat changes for the verse or hook.

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These are 4 things you can take into consideration and start to make some really great music. Understanding your recording equipment is a major key to the music you make; it will be harder to make it sound good than just making music that sounds good. This will cause someone to not see the full potential of the song and want to turn it off when you show it to them. When you get the equipment right, it goes into making sure the engineer who’s mixing your record has a good ear and knows where to have your levels. This is a major factor for your music; it can save you years of grinding. A great engineer creates great songs. The last thing is knowing song structure and knowing where the hook goes and where the verse goes. If you can master these four things, then you're already a step ahead of others who hit the booth. This is just a startup for you, look deeper into the subjects above and see the value it will bring you. 

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