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40 Album Review 

Written by Cutty 

It’s a big day as not only has Scoop dropped his latest project "40" but today is his 40th birthday. In honor of it, he gave us a project everyone was waiting for. This project has been long awaited as people wanted Scoop to drop some new music, and it came with a lot of great feedback the minute it dropped. Scoop is a host of a podcast called "Wash This Podcast" and was making music consistently in his early days before he decided to stop. This project he dropped he used to give answers to the question, Where has he been for the past couple of years? It has bars, punchlines, and a couple of tracks you’re going to want to listen to twice. He also gives us a personal insight into his life and how it’s going currently. Here is our review of it and a couple of songs we call our favorites.

The album began on a great note; the intro "40" was a perfect way to draw us in. It gave us the true mastery of artistry we expect from Scoop. He is known for his bars, and "40" brings that out perfectly. Talking about when he was doing music and just really what it made him realize in his early years, but still holding onto that confidence that he is one of the top tier artists in the area and his message should be heard too. So he’s going to keep going until he decides to stop. It was a personal favorite of ours because every creator has a dream of the big life, and the road can be long, but the ones who stick through it go on to receive everything they’re looking for. It’s a good song to inspire listeners.

As you go through the album, there are plenty of other songs that draw you in for different reasons. One thing remains the same: it comes with bars and lines that make you think. The follow up song "Bumbaclout" gives you a Wu-Tang feel, which could have been inspired by the great rap group. The beat, the flow, and the lyrics he did an amazing job with them. He also has a lot of "Hold up, run that back" songs like "Struggle" and "A beautiful thing". We love to hear the bars he delivers throughout the songs and the purpose he puts into each one. They make you run it back at least twice. Another song that struck our attention was Again," in which he gave his fans a personal story about his life. Letting you in on some of the experiences he has gone through to bring him here today.

For us, the outro was just as great as the intro. Even in the introduction, you can tell Scoop put a lot of thought into what he wanted to deliver to his fans, who have been waiting for the project to drop. He spoke about what took him away from the music and the day he got drawn back in. In this industry, every music artist can feel that, especially if the dream doesn’t pay the bills, it can get hard to keep going. He tells us what brought him back and what he plans to do moving forward. The song itself was an extended version of the single he released on Instagram for his fans to hear. It was exactly what you want to hear in an outro. He also included his kids at the end, which makes the song even more special. It’s a true example of real life mixed with being an artist. He drew that picture perfectly for us. Overall, we think the project is solid and has favorites on it that you should add to your playlist if you haven’t already. Listen to the full album below and let us know what you think.

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