Styles P Live In South Jersey

Styles P Live In Concert

Written by Cutty 

It was an amazing Saturday night as Styles P, Seddy Hendrix, and Big Ooh came to perform live in Westampton, NJ. On a big night like this, all of the NJ legends came out to show support. It was a room full of shakers who have been putting in work representing NJ for years. It was good to see everyone under one roof, showing Jersey unity. There were plenty of heavy hitter special guests like Apollo Ali, Hypecityshow, Shelby Parris, Capone, and more! It was a truly musical event, as it was a producer battle in the beginning, ending with some live performances from some of the best in NJ. It was something we would love to see again, being able to rub shoulders with some of the best from NJ all in one room. It was a night that made you proud to be from NJ. 

There were so many compelling producers in the building for the producer beat battle that we missed how it started, but we were able to fully catch the championship round. We did get the backstory on how it went, and people loved seeing the producers go at it. Producers like Yo Audio, The Pogue Brothers, Sinfamous, Sunfiadagrate, and so many more were in attendance and part of the producer battle. It came down to Trenton & Willingboro for the championship round as The Pogue Brothers went against Sinfamous. It was a major three rounds as they both brought their heat. You could hear artists in the crowd making raps to the beats as they were playing. Everyone knew it was going to be a hard decision, as they were both neck and neck. The judges had it tough as it came down to a 2-1 decision going with Sinfamous. It was something the producer world needed, just seeing talented producers showcase their work. It was a win for everyone involved.

The performances were heavy and had many familiar faces on stage, which made this Jersey reunion even sweeter. It was artists like Dre Skuffs and Rachet Rab on the stage, which many people were excited to see. It was also good to see Frontline (Cato & Rudder) back in action, bringing out Big Rod, which set their set on fire. Frontline are Burlington County favorites, so they had the crowd involved and active. It was also good to see people from all over Jersey take the stage too, like Porta Rich, who has been in the game for a very long time and is setting an example for music artists. Our headliners of the night didn’t disappoint either, with Seddy Hendrix coming all the way from Florida to show love to Jersey. He came with some hits and gave the crowd that Florida down south feel. Big Ooh, who is also another legend in the state, also had the crowd upfront and paying attention when he hit the stage. It was good to see him get the love he received from the crowd, seeing the work he has put in throughout the years. At the end of the night, we got a special for sure as Styles P performed 2 extra songs for his set for the people who stayed to see. Doing legendary hits like "Locked Up" and some DBlock classics, The performance was worth it for everyone who saw it. Styles P, heavily loved in Jersey, had the crowd rocking as he shut out the show. It was a good moment for everyone who came to be part of it. It’s good to see Jersey together and shaking in one room. Exclusive interviews are coming to our YouTube. Subscribe to see them.

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