Styles P Live in South Jersey | Exclusive Interviews

Styles P Live In Concert 

Written by Cutty 

Rachet Rab 

Rachet Rab has been doing major things in his career, and he continues to add on by being one of the artists performing while Styles P is in town. Rachet Rab recently released a new project called "No Features," Volume 3. He talks about it during this interview while talking about how it felt to share the stage with Styles P. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Porta Rich 

Porta Rich has been in the music industry for quite some time and has shared his experience with some of the best in NJ. He talks about some of the big names he has worked with in his career. He also gives us some exclusive insight behind his latest project "Born Rich 2". Watch this exclusive interview below.


Seddy Hendrinx

Seddy Hendrinx was one of the headliners of the night and came all the way from Florida. He talks about how it felt to give New Jersey a different sound on the stage that they might not be used to. He also talks about the people who inspired him on his way up in the music industry. Watch this exclusive interview below.



Yountie is a Willingboro OG, as he has made an impact on many artist's careers all around the county. He was one of the judges of the producer beat battle and gave his honest opinion on what he thought of the championship round. Come hear that and his advice to upcoming producers. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Dre Skuffs 

Dre Skuffs is known when you talk about Burlington County artists, as he took a minute away from the music to work on a movie he is currently working on. He wanted to come out to this event and show people some new work he has been working on. You can hear about his new movie, which is about to release, in this interview. Watch this exclusive interview below.


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