A Record Label Or Independent? Whats The Difference?


Sign To A Label Or Stay Independent? 
What's The Difference? 

Written by Cutty 

This is the question a lot of independent artists have, most artists would like to stay independent. Completely bypassing the years of tears that we have seen come from the labels if not properly educated. So which one is best for you? Well here is what I've witnessed in the music industry that could be beneficial for both sides. Join the conversation in the comments. 

In my time, I've seen a lot of good come from signing a deal. In my experience as well, being partnered next to someone bigger than you can definitely boost your social image way faster than doing it yourself. When you sign a deal, you are under a label. They have a certain way of doing things well because they are a company looking to keep growing, so the better results they get, the better it is for everyone. So they aren't just going to give a large advance to someone they don't plan on pushing or getting their money back on. You at this moment have to know, it's about to turn business, so I need to know what's going on. A label will give you every resource you are looking for. Meet these people, build connections, and use every opportunity. As you are already in debt, you will collect assets on the way to paying all of this back to the label. The biggest plus I've seen is the relationships you come across and how fast you are able to come across them on someone else's occasion. You could have met that producer yourself, but this label just invited you on the red carpet to the same event he's going to be at, seating you right next to him. They just expedite everything you already have planned. So know that going into the situation, you're going to get everything you want, but keep in mind that you pay this back in some way. So keep your costs as low as possible. Also, after every contract is done, make sure you go for more ownership for the next phase and always over-succeed the contract. It's better to break expectations than to come up short.

We have also seen people who are the face of independence, like Nipsey Hussle and Russ, who have shown us the beneficial side of being independent also. When you are independent, you get to choose how you do things. You blaze your own path, and your community backs you up. Cutty TV has been rather independent for most of its years, and we are simply putting more into our brand after dealing with a contract situation. Once you learn the ways of the pros, it just takes time at that point. Being independent isn't impossible; it takes dedication. You won't have a red carpet pulled out in front of you, but you will know the ways of the bosses and the losses you take upfront will only help you elevate in the future. Making it independent like In 'n Out burger means you give your family generation wealth, something that can never be taken away from them, only they can lose it for themselves. Once you build your platform, you are now a giant in the sky, moving clouds at your pace and enjoying the sunny sky. Making it independent is a great feeling, and you have the spirit to do it. You just have to be able to go through the long process of learning and educating yourself. Being independent means knowing all of the ins and outs and having your input on it all. So if this is your path, fall in love with the grind. Look at the end goal and enjoy the process. The Marathon Continues.

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Which situation do you feel is better for you? 


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