New Music Premiere: Cityboistreets - Low Life


New Music Premiere: Cityboistreets - Low Life 

Written by Cutty 

From New York to Los Angeles, Cityboistreets is back to give us another classic single. Cityboistreets has been having himself a summer being a part of some of the most historic parties in LA's history, and now that fall is here, he is ready to give the people the music they have been listening to all summer. The people have been waiting for this to drop for quite some time if you have been attending the events. The song is an easy fan favorite as it displays City's new musical sound and we get another visual since his latest drop last week.

Gaining new fans every weekend, Cityboistreets has been making a name for himself since coming from Texas. Working with DJ Lil Sicc, he has been making some very big moves, performing all around Los Angeles and at both of Sicc's clubs. He has even been throwing his own events to build his brand even more, which has been very successful, dating back to his first event, which he sold out in 20 minutes. The summer was a great one, but now that fall is here, City is ready to let go of all of the music he has been performing all summer, waiting for the perfect moment to drop it.

"Low Life" is only the first of many from Cityboistreets. He said he wanted to start the fall off right, so he will be dropping another one real soon after the people get enough of this one. The song "Low Life" displays Cityboistreets' more improved flow from what you may have heard throughout the years. He is displaying his growth from his time with Bone Thugs N Harmony and really putting it into action. The good news is we got a visual and a new song, so how long are you willing to wait for more Cityboistreets? Let us know what you think of his newest single below.

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"Low Life" Official Music Video


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