6th Annual Kushstock Festival At Adelanto Stadium In California


The 6th Annual Kushstock Festival 

Written by Cutty 

It was the 6th Annual Kushstock Festival at Adelanto Stadium, and it was a night to remember. The Kushstock Festival is the biggest free cannabis music festival on the west coast. They stand by keeping every event free for the people, no matter where it’s held. The Kushstock Festival was created by Dr. K and Medicated Barbies. They created an app for the event so eventgoers could see all of the vendors attending, catch special deals, and find more information on the next Kushstock festival. There are always so many brands involved with the Kushstock festival that it would be hard to name them all, but we were able to talk to a couple and hear about their experience. 

We always see household names in the building, like Rove Brand, Tattoos & Smoke, Royal Blunts, Stiiizy, Legal Lean, and more. These brands show up at every event with something new for the people to enjoy. Tattoos and Smoke was raffling away a custom skateboard made around the cannabis awards and also exclusively premiered their new product with legal lean Pimp C. Juice. You can use it after a long night of partying, and it will brighten your day. It was also Tyler Cooper's birthday the CEO of Tattoos and Smoke. Royal Blunts also debuted some new products for people to try that will be released very soon. At every event, if you see these tables, make sure to walk up. You will definitely find something interesting.

We also met some new people, such as Half A Zip, who had the best deal of the Kushstock Festival cannabis-wise, and Original Intelligence & Bishop Boyz, who had some of the loudest gas in the entire festival. We were impressed with a lot of the options there. We got to see some award winners too, like Dabwoodz, who won the best vape disposable at the Kushstock Festival. The Lavender Boys also did a tugga weed for one pound of cannabis, which one lucky winner won. They had all kinds of smoke shops present also, so you had everything needed at the festival. 

The most unique part of the festival was that they even had infused food vendors of all kinds. We ran across one vendor, Tee’s Teas, who had infused tea. It was a normal-tasting tea that crept up on you as you walked through the festival. The tea she serves, she said, can be used for anyone over 21 who enjoys cannabis, and they can sweeten it with her cannabis honey. We also ran across Terp Slerp, who had terp-infused slushies. We didn’t get a chance to try it, but it was very unique to see.

The music side of the event was also as good as all of the goodies from the vendors. They had over 20+ different artists perform throughout the day. With three different music stages, you had options on what kind of music you wanted to listen to. They had everything from R&B to country, hip-hop, rock, and more. With the performances being mixed between industry and local artists, we had a chance to see a lot of dope people. 

The headliners of the night that caught our attention were Luniz, Mike Jones, and, of course, Lil Xan. Every time Luniz does the "I Got 5 On It" song, the crowd goes crazy, and this time it was more special because they had a weed leaf blower from creative cannabis influencer Earth on stage pointing it at the crowd. Everyone in the crowd had a taste of the one-pound leaf blower. Mike Jones always has an amazing set at every cannabis event as the crowd always gravitates toward the hits that he has. The iconic "Back Then" song is still sung word for word by the crowd. Lil Xan ended the festival on a high note as the last headliner, and there was still a packed crowd ready to see Lil Xan give his legendary performance. After a couple months of being sober, he said he felt like he was in one of the best spots of his life during the intermission. He took pictures with fans and hung out with a couple backstage after his performance.

The Kushstock festival was iconic, and there was so much there for you to see and do. Cutty TV will have an exclusive behind-the-scenes with an exclusive interview with some of the vendors from the event. Until then, follow Kushstock Festival so you know when the next one is coming into town.

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