Coke Boyz in Philly Exclusive Interviews

Coke Boyz in Philly 

Written by Cutty 

SK Da King 

Sk Da King came out to Philly to show us some love by being part of the Cokeboyz tour. Sk Da King, from Baltimore, talked about how he loved Philly and the atmosphere of the city. He goes into talking about his deal with Conway The Machine. Watch the exclusive interview below.


Cheezy Dior 

Cheezy Dior, the star of the hour, came onto the platform to talk about his time in Philly. He is currently on tour and has been hitting multiple cities. He goes into detail about his stop in Philly, which was hosted at 88 Studio. He talks about his singles with French Montana and more. Watch the exclusive interview below.


Cheezy Dior Performance

We have an extra exclusive for you all: catch the performance Cheezy Dior gave to the Philly crowd waiting for him. He has done some fan favorites and some new tracks that the crowd got familiar with quickly. Watch the full performance below.


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