Dre Carter “Friends” Single Release Party

"Friends" Single Release Party

Written by Cutty 

Dre Carter has been known to drop bangers and do events around them. This event was nothing less than what we expected. All the way out in Pottstown, PA at Kash Vision Studios. Dre Carter brought out the whole tristate to come celebrate his newest single, "Friends" featuring Dom Brady. Hosted by Cutty, the event was amazing from start to finish. From the artist who performed to the single itself. The people who came really enjoyed themselves. Musically Funny has been popping off for the past couple of months, giving multiple artists opportunities, and this event was the same. We heard artists from all over hit the stage and bring their talents; we were even blown away by a couple of artists who hit the stage. This was an event for the books, for sure.

The event started off great with O Dog hitting the stage, who came from Pottstown. It was good to see someone from the city in the building representing. His music was off the charts, and we were greatly surprised when he took over as the first artist performing of the night. He was not shy and definitely had the whole crowd involved during his set. He was a great start to the event. We actually got to see Dre Carter right after him, as he was ready to give the people what they came for. He performed his song "Friends" and also brought a special guest on stage. His special guest "Nook" said it was his first time on stage, but we could tell he has been doing music for a minute from the confidence he brought to the stage. Dre Carter ended up giving the people an extra song because they wanted one more out of him. The crowd loved his performance and cheered him on the whole time. Everyone felt good afterward and was ready for the show to keep going.

As we neared the end of the event, an artist who struck out to us was C Roon; his energy during his set had the people dancing along with him. He first thanked Dre Carter for the opportunity and turned up with the crowd for his whole set. The people loved his music. Another artist we were struck by was TizzThaSinger who went last but couldn’t have ended the show any better. His music was more soft and more R&B, while C Roon's was more hyper. He had us all in our R&B bag as he sang the night away. He also brought on O Dog as a feature on his set, and their song had the crowd screaming and jumping. He ended the night perfectly, as you would have thought he was the headliner. His music was top tier, his presence was strong, and the crowd was blown away. The whole night in itself felt personal, as you could tell everyone who came had been there for the journey; this wasn’t their first rodeo. We are excited to see what’s next for Dre Carter after this event. For now, you can stream his newest single, Friends," which is officially out now.

Photos by @theofficialcutty


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