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Philly VS Jersey

Written by Cutty 

This Friday, we got to see a good one at 88 Studio as Philly and Jersey came together to bring the best of each side to a battle of the greats. Hosted by Ace Da Khemist, there were many artists in the building who are known for putting on a show, and the people were ready for what was to come. With three different judges, including Cutty, this was going to be a good night for both sides. We got to see artists like DreArtist, Cell Block, Donnie Casino, Ghetto Reese, Da Renegades, and more. It was a good battle, as it was neck and neck most of the night until a couple rounds spun in favor of one side, and it was a battle to see who was going to finish it out. Philly or Jersey? There was only one way to find out, and that was to bring your best and perform your best on stage. We've got the exclusives for you on who took this home.

At the beginning of the event, we got to see some crowd favorites: Killa Kelz, Kaine Black, and Ace Da Khemist. This performance set the energy off right, as we got to hear songs we all love to hear and that have also been performed at 88 Studio. After the performance, it was off to the races at the beginning of the show. The event started off good for Jersey, as they were able to steal the first battle of the night, Brooklyn Bandz winning his battle.  which had Jersey loud and yelling. It looks like Philly rolled the dice right after the first battle, as their next two artists both won their battles. It being a close match, Philly came with more of a punch and crowd-friendly songs that had the whole place moving. Donnie Casino, one of the two Philly wins early on, has been known for his dance-along music with smooth bars; this was everything Philly needed to get some steam rolling. With the event being 2-1 now, this is what made things really interesting. Luckily, Jersey had a Savior, as S.O.T.M. came in and had just enough to go up on award-winning artist Ghetto Reese. Ultimately winning his battle, he had the crowd in shock as the event was now tied at 2-2.

This was the breaking point and turning point of the event, and whoever went next was bound to set the energy in the room and turn this event around. Stepping up were Cell Block, representing Jersey, and Araw, representing Philly. This was the one we were all waiting for as Cell Block made his return back to 88 Studio. They went pound for pound songwise, but Cell Block, showing artist maturity, took the battle. Cell Block turned the event around singlehandedly, and the battle was now 3-2 on Jersey. DreArtist, who was next up, also took his battle with a win as the crowd, declared it 3-0. DreArtist bringing a unique spin of songs to the battle is what pushed Jersey up 4-2, and the battle was on for Philly to come back. The night went on as both sides battled, with Mr.DoItAll for Philly taking home a win in his battle and King Shinobe taking home a win in his battle. The final result of the event was that Jersey took home the win and walked out successful. It was a great event for both sides, as we can imagine the amount of collaborations we will hear in the near future from the artists from the event.

Photos by @theofficialcutty


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