Something Dope For The People - Open Mic Night Recap


Something Dope

 First Ever Open Mic

We were able to go check out Something Dope for the People first-ever Open Mic at Los Globos in Los Angeles, CA. When you first walked in you felt the vibe of the room, They had three vendors set up as soon as you walked in that had some amazing custom pieces and candles. The DJ of the night did a great job playing some songs to keep you moving on the dance floor and kept the crowd engaged. The night was also cultured around the co-founder Jordan Saint-Pierre who was celebrating his birthday with everyone in the building. It was also a packed night for a Wednesday, you felt like you were in for a show. 

All of the performers of the night were different in many ways. They had some rappers, they had female performers, and they even had The BeatBox Panda come up on stage and do a beatbox session for the crowd. His beatbox skills made the whole room shake as he did different sounds. It was an unreal experience to see in person, one thing that stuck out to us was the freestyle session they had on stage. They let the crowd pick out words and they had to freestyle to each word, Aceblizzy who went first set the tone of it all, and dropped some great bars. 

The performers were ready to take over the stage and put on a show for sure though. One artist Rokeaux, who came all the way from the US Virgin Islands performed and put on a show for everyone in the states as he proudly let the people know where he was from. Another artist by the name of KG Picasso from Brooklyn, NYC started his set with a freestyle to give the crowd a taste of what he was going to perform. He performed the song "Guns N Roses".

While the guys came out blazing, we had a couple ladies who shut the stage down. Lulu Be who is from Chicago came and slowed things down and had the people feeling it. Her vibe was very rasta, island style. She definitely touched the ladies in the room. Another female artist who kilt it last night was Scarlet Parke, her voice was soothing. You can tell she is very polished in the music industry, her energy and confidence were unmatched. Very excited to see more out of her. Overall everyone who hit the stage did their thing and left a memory with everyone in the room. If you want to know about the next one make sure to follow Something Dope for the People on instagram

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