Member's Only (Killer Kelz Birthday Bash)


Members Only Killer Kelz 
Birthday Bash Edition 

Members Only is always a good time to enjoy, it is located at 1122 MMG studios, and this past Monday was a special one indeed. Every Members Only is always different but the one thing that is the same is the energy in the building. Cutty TV's own Lee Lee was in the building to check out the talent. 

This Members Only was really special, they were celebrating a birthday this time. No one other but Killer Kelz, now Killer Kelz has been a member of Members Only for the past couple of weeks consistently so it was only right he celebrates his birthday at Members Only. He gave the crowd a remarkable performance as he stated "I gotta do it right for my birthday" even bringing out special guests like the renegades. He wanted to let everyone know he appreciated them coming out. The whole place also broke into song as they sang Killer Kelz happy birthday. 

There were also other performers who made a guest appearance like King Shinobe who is a veteran to the Members Only platform, we also had a couple ladies show out for the birthday bash The Only A.B and Jade The Gemstone also made guest performances. Another person we seen who made a guest appearance is Bigz Mula, who isn't a stranger to the Members Only platform either making a guest performance. 

Overall the night was another good night in the books, Members Only is always looking for new artists so if you are an artist in the city of Philly then make sure to contact them on Instagram or DM Missy Porter


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