Outside Volume 1 EP Review | Jo Rivers

Outside Volume 1 Review

Written by Cutty 

The Camden queen Jo Rivers is back with some new music for us, and it has blown us away from the start. You can definitely hear the elevation in Jo Rivers's music with this new project. She gives us a perfect blend of R&B on this one, which is perfect for the start of fall. We got a feature out of Don Michael Jr., which is dope to see. Don Michael Jr. has been a juggernaut in the Pennsauken area; his ear is impeccable, so we could only imagine greatness with these two on a track together. We have been waiting on some new music from Jo Rivers since her last release, "Buy Me Food". Jo Rivers comes back better and better with every drop she releases. This EP was everything we were waiting for; we listened to every song to give you a good review of what you can expect. This is our opinion on the project below.

The intro alone, Kryptonite," lets you know this was going to be a legendary project. This song speaks a lot about how a woman can be a soft spot for men. She speaks about how a woman's love can change things with a man compared to how the world views him. A great way to start the project, bringing energy to all of the women who are going to listen to the project. Women empowerment is something we love to see, and knowing your value starts with that. From teddy bears and hugs, we move on to the next single "Pick Me Up". This one was another good R&B track. More on the seductive side, Jo Rivers brings out that sexy side for the listeners. Telling a story of how she wants her man to know what a good date night looks like. We love hearing this, as it gives us a reminder of music from the 90's. It will definitely be on your girlfriend's playlist.

The last track was the single of the project, as Jo Rivers and Don Michael Jr. premiered the music video to this single a couple weeks ago. This was the first installment in introducing the project to the public. The song "Summertime" came at perfect timing, as it dropped right at the end of the summer. The people went crazy when they first saw the video for the single. So seeing it as a part of the project was the perfect outro. Don Michael Jr. made sure to show up for this single, as Jo Rivers did not come to play on it. Both of them did an amazing job showcasing South Jersey talent and what we can do together. Overall, we think this project is very solid coming from Jo Rivers and will get played all fall and into the winter. Make sure you give it a listen below and let us know what you think of this legendary project.

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