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Bayberry Park Album Review 

Written by Cutty 

We are excited; we finally got what we have been waiting for, the Bayberry Park album, and man, it came with some surprises we did not expect, and we also got to hear some Cell that we absolutely love. This project has been highly anticipated ever since Cell started to release freestyles on IG. The people wondered, When is the project coming? We are now officially here; if "Nothing Was The Same" was created in Browns Mills, NJ you would have Bayberry Park. This album is a classic from start to finish, from hearing the new introduction of Cell, where he is more vocally singing, to being able to hear some of his fan favorite rap songs that people know him for. CellxBlock had the people excited for this project; we all know how lyrically gifted Cell is, and this album gives us the opportunity to share it with others. You will be guaranteed to find a song you can show someone else on the project. Let's go into a couple of songs that caught our attention.

CellxBlock has always been lyrically gifted, which is undeniable. This project answers the question, "Who is cellxblock? If you are new and have never heard of CellxBlock, he does a great job in the intro of letting you know who he is. CellxBlock comes from a small town called Browns Mills, NJ, and he loves to spread the word about it. He uses the fact that he is from a small town to his advantage, as people underestimate the lifestyle Cell has had. You can hear in songs like "Insecure" & "Hometown" that he talks about his upbringing for the ones who think he just had it sweet his whole life. We like to look at the "Hometown" song as one of the singles off the project, as we feel like you get the best connection to the artist, CellxBlock. It's a must-listen if you want to fully understand what this project is about. Lastly, a song that deserves its flowers is "MOM (Morals Over Money)". There is a deep message in the single, which we think is a message to be heard. CellxBlock's music is so unique because he is teaching the youth the right path to go on early to avoid life's trials and tribulations.

We were happy to see some features on the project as well. Syphe Dublin & MTO specifically, as we just got done hearing the "This Is Jersey" freestyle, so we were excited to see what else these two could make together. We also love to see Syphe, as he is one of the Brown Mills movers and shakers, so to see a collab with these two gives it the stamp it needs to know this is a must listen project. Both singles are great in their own way, which we love. We also want to speak on the different kinds of singles we heard out of Cell, as he has gone down a more vocal route, introducing singing into his style. You hear it on a couple of singles like "Im Good" & "Shak Story" where you hear him elevate his vocals pass rapping. We like that he left it at the end to keep the people wondering: will they hear more of this from Cell? Well, now we have something to look forward to in another album. The outro was a great way to end it out as it was a mixture of everything the tape started with. It's honestly something that had you mindblown. CellxBlock is definitely something special; enjoy the greatness as you get to see it. We are excited to see what's next from Cell. Enjoy the "Bayberry Park" project below and let us know what you think of it.

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