Oklahoma Cannabis Awards Exclusive Interviews

Oklahoma Cannabis Awards

Written by Cutty 

Toke Signals Potcast

Toke Signals Potcast was a winner this year at the Oklahoma Cannabis Awards. They are back to back winners for best podcast. Their podcast consists of them smoking weed and telling stories to their fanbase. Whether the stories are recent or from back in the day, it's a place for stoners to come together and be stoners. Come check out the exclusive interview we have with them talking about their process. Watch the exclusive interview below.


Jennifer Tapiero 

Jennifer Tapiero is a cannabis awards veteran; she has performed at every stop and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon. She is from Jersey but has made her way over to the west coast. She has learned so much dealing with both coasts that she gives artists some advice on what to do with their own careers in her exclusive interview. Watch the exclusive interview below.



Dankleafs is an upcoming leaf brand that made a lot of noise at the Cannabis Awards. Grown in the Dominican Republic, this leaf's purpose is to bring a different way of smoking to its users. They have already expanded to both coasts, east and west, and plan to keep hitting up stores to get in. Hear about their story in this exclusive interview. Watch the exclusive interview below.


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