New Music Premiere: DreArtist - I Am Him

DreArtist - I Am Him 

Written by Cutty 

DreArtist has had himself a summer, as he has given us plenty of music to listen to throughout the fall and winter. If you missed any of his newest music that recently dropped, he wanted to give you one more before the summer was over called "I Am Him," which we got to hear exclusively on the first day at Virtual Hotbox. DreArtist made a guest appearance for episode 7 and played the track to start off the episode. When we heard it, we knew it was a good track. It gives you that good ol' DreArtist that we all love. DreArtist, in this song, has a lyrical sound mixed with some club antics. A true Jersey sound we can identify. New Jersey artists are always complimented by their ability to mix club and rap together. We also got to hear another Klint Beastwood beat, which isn't new to DreArtist as they have done a couple singles together.

DreArtist never disappoints when it comes to rapping; he loves to do the boom bap rap, as he likes to refer to it. He's good for slipping in references and pulling things together. Even in the hook, we noticed the mention of YSL to play on how people are watching your moves. You can always find yourself breaking down bars from DreArtist songs and finding little Easter eggs in the lyrics. That is what we love the most about his verses: he puts his time into the wordplay and makes you think about it. We can anticipate a huge quarter coming up for DreArtist if he continues to drop music like this. The work he has done with Klint Beastwood has been some of the best he has put out, which makes us wonder if they have a tape planned for the people. These are all things we will have to stay on the lookout for.

The one thing we love about the new single is that DreArtist is showing his confidence in where he is today in the music industry. Even by stating "I Am Him," he is showing that he has put in a lot of work this summer, and this is an end of the summer banger to remind the people if they forget. We caught some other lines in the song that gave us that same feeling of confidence. We love seeing DreArtist showing his best side; he truly deserves the flowers, as he has been one of the most consistent of the summer. So we highly suggest you take a listen and check out his newest song. Are you ready for an official album from DreArtist? It's something we hope will be announced soon, but until then, let us know what you think of "I Am Him" in the comments.

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  1. this jawn was dope! DreArtist taking over.


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