September Brings The End Of The Summer, How Can You Make For A Better Fall?

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Fall Season Masterplan 

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There are officially 3 months left in 2023, and September is the perfect month to start looking over what you have accomplished this year. As the summer officially comes to an end this month, use this time to look back on your summer run. In June, July, and August, we had a lot of great moments to look back on. When you ask yourself, What are you most happy about what you did this summer? Even if it's something small like releasing a song or performing at a festival. Pat yourself on the back and celebrate those wins from over the summer. That will help you set up for a powerful winter. The fall and winter are when you want to start putting plans together and making moves quietly. You don't have to be outside as much, and you can take advantage of every snow day as a reason to start working more on your craft. Plenty of businesses use the 3rd and 4th quarters to see how they will start the first one next year. Reflect on what worked and what you can work better at, and you're on your way for a powerful winter season.

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Take all of the criticism from the summer and create better moments for the fall and winter. What was said to you about how you can improve your craft? Use this time to sit down with people who support you, ask them about your work, and see how they feel about it. An honest opinion is the best way to improve your craft. Use the fall season to improve anything you couldn’t do during the busy summer. Listening to the criticism of others is what helps us improve our craft; if we don't apply the knowledge, we can remain stagnant forever. It's okay for someone else to have a different vision of what you see; try it out and make your own adjustments to it that make you feel better. You never know who sees the maximum potential in you. Work on your improvements and get back in that gym. 

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This summer, if you planned it right, should have come with a handful of new connections. Use the fall season to socialize with them and build your relationship with them so you can advance further. A community is what gets you far, so all of those people you came across on your path are all people who can bring one thing closer to you that you have been missing. Connect in with the people around you and advance your career. We are all put here to serve, so give a person that fulfillment. Reach out, offer lunch, and build your community with the people you connected in with throughout the summer. It could be an opportunity waiting for you if you nourish that relationship.

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These are things you can do to recap your summer. Start off by celebrating your wins. Whatever you feel like you accomplished this summer is a milestone reached, so make sure you use this time to make sure you celebrate. That will ultimately help you grow your career; the more you celebrate wins, the more they come. After you're done doing that, start working on the improvements you can make to your career that will make you sharper and better. We've heard plenty of criticism from people about the work we put out, so now how can we use what’s beneficial and make better improvements? That's something to think about. Lastly, you can work on those relationships we built throughout the summer and work on advancing our careers. There are opportunities for us all around; we just have to take advantage of them when they arrive. So make sure you are doing your own due diligence in advancing your career and working with people who can help you get to the next place in your career. If you listen to all three things we discussed in this article, then you are on your way to a powerful winter.


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