Oklahoma Cannabis Awards Music Festival | Depew, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Cannabis Awards 

Written by Cutty 

Oklahoma has been blessed with another cannabis awards as All Access USA has come back to town. This was the second Oklahoma Cannabis Awards and it was held at the Route 66 Bike Rally in Depew, Oklahoma. This year was like no other, with over 50+ people getting awards for various different cannabis topics. They had special guests come through and a plethora of vendors for the people to discover. We were able to see brands from Oklahoma that are up and coming, and we were very impressed by the brands we discovered. We ran into some people who were from Oklahoma and from out of town who came out to enjoy the award show. This event was filled with people who loved cannabis. It was great to see people from Las Vegas, especially. This was a two day event, with Dem Franchise Boyz headlining Saturday night and Mike Jones on Sunday. Sheldon Cooper does an amazing job every year with the cannabis awards from the performers to the vendors to the experience you receive there. It's something that will grow to high heights fast; here are some of the people who came out to this one.

Every award show we get to find some dope up and coming people in the cannabis industry, and this event brought the same amount of heat as always. We got to connect with Nugz Premium, who is a cannabis grower out in Oklahoma, and they were able to talk about the new products they have coming out with flower as high as 35% THC. We also got to talk to Hush Supply, who is from Oklahoma and was sampling their brand new Black Cherry Gelato Preroll and getting feedback from the people who came to the event. A brand that caught our attention quickly was Dankleafs, which was the talk of the event and had everyone smoking on their leafs. They came to the event, and people gravitated towards them quickly. A lot of people were highly impressed with their leafs. Bob Marley Hemp Wraps & Billionaire Hemp Wraps also showed us a new wave of hemp wraps that we fell in love with. They have been working for the past couple of months on new ways to expand the brand, and they brought some exclusives for people to try. There were so many brands in the building that are all putting their own touch on the upcoming cannabis industry, and we are glad to say that we are in good hands for what is to come.

We also get a special treat every year when it comes to the performers at the Cannabis Awards. This year, we saw plenty of new faces and some OGs at the cannabis award show. The Cannabis Awards is also a platform for cannabis artists, as they want to give them a platform to shine on. We were able to see artists like Pennwood Dough and Jennifer Tapiero, who have been supporting the cannabis awards for years. Jennifer always gets a strong response from the crowd when she hits the stage. Coming from New Jersey and living in Las Vegas, Jenny gets the best of both coasts. She is a fan favorite every time she hits the stage. Pennwood brought out some special guests with him, as he was with Shaunie Stylez. He is straight out of Las Vegas, brings energy to the crowd, and interacts heavily with the people watching. We also got to catch the host, Fly Music, give us a surprise set during the show. He gave out a bunch of Dankleafs during his set, which made the people happy. When we got towards the end of the show, we got to see the headliner, Parlae of Dem Franchise Boyz, who came out and had the crowd rocking. He performed their famous hit "Lean Wit It’ and had the whole room shaking their shoulders. It felt like a 2002 house party; he ended the show perfectly. Everyone who came said they were ready for 2024 already. We have some exclusive interviews coming to YouTube for you to see. Will you be there next year?

Photos by @theofficialcutty


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