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The Cheri Pye Collection 

Written by Cutty 

Cheri Pye is back with some new music that she dropped on her special day, her birthday! As Cheri turns over a new year, she wants to let her fans know she’s only getting better. Back with Royal House, we caught productions on the project from Merc Beatz. This was a project that was a surprise drop as Cheri gave us a 6 track project with a mixture of hip-hop rapping and R&B singing. We love to hear the lyricism from a female; it brings you back to good hip-hop, not talking about just her body but more developed topics. Only one feature on the project coming from Taj Ann Marie; it was a good outro to end off the project. Cover art by photographer Jade Rodriguez. We took a full dive into the project, and come hear about some of our favorite tracks below.

The intro "Keep It A Buck" is a perfect way to start up the EP. You get dialed in from the beginning piano, and when you hear Cheri start spitting, you start to hold your water. Bar after bar, you dive into the song more and more. It was a total surprise; knowing Cheri is known for her singing, it’s a good refresher to hear some lyrics from Cheri. It’s a perfect picture of the cover art of that "I’m back" Cheri. We got to hear some Merc Beatz production on the song “Steam” and it’s our personal favorite off of the project. We love to hear Cheri talk her talk in the music, and this song is the definition of confidence. We can see every female turning to this song and adding it to their playlist. Talking to all the females who are really moving mountains by themselves. This song will be one of the first ones they attract, too.

Cheri is also known for her singing, which we got a splash of as we got towards the end of the project. On "Birds Song" we could feel the transition from rapping to singing. Showcasing her vocals where most people know her. She shows off her catchy hooks and reaching heights in her voice. This song will have you moving around as the hook brings you into a dancing mood. As we continued on, we got to hear the outro "Pon Me" featuring Taj Ann Marie and were not disappointed. Taj Ann Marie brings the Caribbean traphall sound with Cheri’s seductive singing vocals. Creating an outro that fits the project, as we get a full singing song from Cheri where you really get to hear her voice. Taj Ann Marie complimented the song coming with the Caribbean rap; she finished the song’s last missing piece. This is a song that can be on repeat all fall season. Cheri Pye came to play as we are approaching the end of the summer. She gave us a project to end the summer and get ready for the fall season, for sure. Give it a listen, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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