Cutty TV 8 Year Anniversary

Cutty TV 8 Years Today

Written by Cutty 

It’s been 8 great years with Cutty TV, and today is the day it was born. We have grown so much since our first interview on this date with Neyquam. We have expanded to the west coast and central area. Our mission since day 1 has always been to show people an alternative way. How they can do things differently than what’s shown to them. This all started because a close friend of mine at the moment went to prison, and I wanted to create a change for the people around me. Something like an alternative view, and that’s how Cutty TV was started. Showing the world something different than what they are used to. It clicked for me, and now here we are 8 years later. We have showcased talented artists and creative entrepreneurs and come across some dope businesses. It’s important for us to showcase this talent around us and show the world.


We really love independent music, so we made it a point to try to creatively come up with ways to display independent music artists on our channel. We have done everything from interviews to days in the life to creating exclusive content with independent artists. We have come across some really amazing talent; a couple favorites are people like Neyquam, Sunnie, YNG Brizy, Cityboistreets, Jigga Flames, Tayroc, Rockstar Major, and more. These artists all have stories to tell, and we were happy to either sit down with them or create content with them to help spread their story. We have a bunch of independent artists on our YouTube. Independent music is important; every artist needs support early on to keep going. So we are happy to be a part of the music artist journey and make a change in it.

We have also elevated in many ways outside of YouTube, which I’m really proud of as a business owner. We published two books “How to Become the Perfect Artist” and “Guppie”. How to Become the Perfect Artist is a self-improvement book for independent music artists, teaching them the ways of mastering the music industry. Guppie is a kid's book telling kids to chase their dreams and to dream big. Guppie has a dream bigger than everyone around him could see, and when his brother Davell gets purchased he will do anything to reconnect with him. It’s a book dedicated to my friend Vell Chapo. We have also created the Cutty Card, which is a universal business card that allows you to attach any web link to it and share it with people instantly. It’s been something we feel fits creatives and artists, as both of them need to promote their work. So it’s a perfect product, we think, for any creative who has a talent they are showing to the world.

This was only the beginning of the expansion as we created this blog, Jersey Watch Blog, 3 years ago on September 20th. Since then, it has over 200+ articles and 100+ in person interviews we pride ourselves on. We have really created a platform coming out of South Jersey and serving the world. Lastly, we created Studio View, an app that will allow you to book studio time anywhere in the country directly from your phone. It’s the first of its kind as it’s a location-based app, meaning no matter where you are in the United States, as long as we have a studio signed up in that area, you’ll be able to find it instantly. Which currently has over 100+ active users. We are proud of everything we have accomplished in these 8 years and have so much more in store to show you.

We will be kicking off this 8 year run looking to bring season 2 to you guys of our podcast Still Trappin Legally and sit down with some geniuses of money-making to help bring you guys some new ways of making money. We created the podcast to teach multiple different ways of making money without having a job. After a successful season 1, we want to bring you guys more of this. So we have big plans for all who support us. We want to bring you more videos on YouTube, more books to read, more podcast episodes to listen to, and overall more content for you to enjoy. So for now, we want to thank everyone who supports us and has been part of our growth throughout these 8 years. We are truly nothing without you. We thank you for all your support.


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