New Music Premiere: Shanghai the Great - Naruto

Shanghai the Great - Naruto

Written by Cutty 

We have some fresh Jersey talent we want to introduce you to, and that’s Shanghai the Great. Coming out of South Jersey, he is another aspiring artist looking to create major moves in the 609. He has recently been seen dropping a project, "Anime X Money," and a couple visuals in 2023, and we have his newest single off the project, "Naruto,” for you to check out. Shanghai is known for his wordplay in his music, and he gave a different meaning behind the song Naruto that every HipHop head can enjoy. It’s a song about how, as a creative, we do everything we can to get closer to our dreams, and sometimes it’s hard for people to understand that. Every creative can understand that at some point in their career; this is what we thought of the song below.

Shanghai The Great has been making some good moves this year; one recently we noticed is working closely with Luxary Group. We can see things really starting to lift off for him. In this song, he talks about the frustrations of a creative putting their all into their craft, and it’s still not looked at as good enough. When you are creating, we all have high heights that we are reaching for, and it’s what keeps us alive as creatives. It also builds ambition in us, and Shanghai does a great job painting that picture for us in this single. We get to hear small bits about his journey in the opening verse, which give us that personal connection to the song. Shanghai is no stranger to putting words together, so he has no problem showing you exactly what he is rapping about. So no matter how you feel, it’s okay with Shanghai; he says he is here to stay.

We loved in the song that Shanghai was not scared to be vulnerable, and we know he can open up if needed. He speaks about his family in the second verse and gives us some more insight on what he is going through personally and how the music helps him balance out. Some people may assume life is different for an artist than for regular people, but when you're an artist, life is still happening to you, and it doesn’t treat you differently than anyone else. He opens up on the track to express the trials and tribulations he goes through on a daily basis. We think this is amazing, as it can help someone going through the same thing. It’s a track that can be more personal for Shanghai fans, but we want to hear from you. What did you think of the single? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. We expect Shanghai to keep giving us some more heat in 2024.

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  1. Das fly y'all finally got my boy on here. Shanghai been killing it nahmean since like 2013


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