Oklahoma City Cannabis Awards Music Festival 2022 Presented by All Access Vegas


The Oklahoma City Cannabis Awards Music Festival 

Written by Cutty 

The Oklahoma City Cannabis Awards Music Festival is the first ever. This was one of the best ones yet. Sheldon Cooper of All Access Vegas and Kushstock came together to throw an incredible event. This event was thrown at the Oklahoma City Farmers Market in OKC. It had so many surprises that you didn’t know where to stand. From over 40+ vendors in the building, all coming from the cannabis community. Live To Blaze, an award-winning brand was in the building with their new exclusive gear. We also had a chance to see a couple of new faces, like Herbage Magazine, who were first-time sponsors. It was amazing to see the community all together in Oklahoma City, which holds the record for most dispensaries in the country, so the pros came out for the event for sure. You also got to see Cutty TV win their first award ever. 

It was the cannabis awards' first three-story event. Downstairs was the Kushstock stage, where it was completely free for the public and for people who wanted to attend the awards but didn’t get a chance to grab a ticket for the awards. It was a nice touch, as it felt very welcoming to be able to see stars like Mike Jones for free in Oklahoma City. Mike Jones performed on the Kushstock Stage. They had over 15+ different vendors downstairs as well, brands like BurnDown Official, who came with their exclusive female tote bags only sold at the Oklahoma City Cannabis Awards. It was packed three hours into the event as people from all walks of life came. The total event attendance was over 6,000 people.

The second level is where the official Cannabis Awards were held. You could see all of the best growers in Oklahoma City down to the best streetwear in Oklahoma City all in one room. There were over 30 different vendors just on the second level stage. This stage was hosted by Modest Jones and Penny Lane. You could run into past cannabis award winners and all of the cannabis companies that are just getting into the community today. This level is where legends like Khujogoodie and Lil Xan performed. This stage also had the Luniz on it. The people had giveaways all night as multiple brands all night on stage were throwing items into the crowd, from medicated edibles to free merchandise. They gave out over 50 different awards, and they had some of the best in the cannabis community altogether. It was a special moment. Being able to see the history that close was ground-breaking for anyone apart of it.

The third and final level was the VIP level. This level did not disappoint anyone who paid $100 to be up here. They had small vendors who gave out a bunch of free items and things for you to try. One brand was Smoking Papers Pure Hemp. Anyone up here was taken care of as they had an open bar and a great view of the packed second level if you were watching the performances or the award show. They had Tattoos & Smoke set up upstairs, and they even had a tattoo artist giving out tattoos live at the event. This was all a VIP treat: free cannabis and a great top seat. So for the next one, we would highly suggest getting the VIP. Celebrities and award winners were also on this level, so it gave you a moment to connect with them and pick their brains for knowledge and conversation. It was well worth every penny spent as we asked the VIP holders how their experience was going.

Overall, the first ever Oklahoma City Cannabis Awards was a success; over 6,000 people were in attendance, over 50+ awards were given out, and a cannabis community with memories to hold onto forever. Sheldon Cooper of All Access Vegas puts a lot of effort into these shows and it shows every time. If you have never been to a cannabis award, you are missing out. They have free giveaways, celebrities like Lil Xan and Mike Jones, and a cannabis community that will show you a whole new way of life. Come out and see the biggest cannabis award show on the west coast. Keep up with them on social media to stay up to date. For a full list of sponsors and everyone involved in the cannabis awards, follow them on social media.

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