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Written by Amirah Kane-Waheed

We would like to introduce a groundbreaking artist from the city of luck and thrill, Street Ka$h. Hailing from Atlantic City, Street Ka$h gives the truest depiction of keeping hip-hop's basic blueprint functioning. He’s new to our platform; however, he has been grinding and refining his sound since the early beginnings of his career. Street Ka$h gives a unique sound that can't be matched or compared to his peers in the rap game today. He relates to today's youngest generation while locking us into his mature flow and highkey swag. During a quick discussion, we found out the components that make up his musical persona.

1.    Why did you decide to become involved in the music industry?


Passion & Money. I think, well, I KNOW that I could keep creating good quality music. I feel like I belong in the music industry because I have a great product the world gravitates to. The sounds of Street Ka$h.


2.     How would you describe what makes you stand out from other up-and-coming artists in your genre?


Time. Because of the amount of time I’ve put in, my style and sound mix perfectly. I once recorded a verse for The Game, and as I was coming out of the booth, one of my homies told me, “, if I didn’t know, I would’ve thought you were 6’5” and 250lbs.” The story behind Street Ka$h, makes a difference (it’s official & authentic).


3.     Which artist would you choose if you could collaborate with anyone?


SHEESH! That’s a long list. Really hard to narrow it down. I guess it depends on the mood of the song or what I am doing while listening. But to answer your question, I would say Nas, all around the board.


4.     In your opinion, what are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of being an NJ Indie?


Well, being from South Jersey, Atlantic City to be exact, our biggest advantage is the ability to run into celebrities, but for some reason, we also don’t receive as much recognition as up North Jersey. We either have to flood the New York or Philly scenes. That is something I would like to see change.


5.     How important is it to you to remain an independent artist, or would you prefer to be signed to a major label? Why?


I think remaining independent depends on the sacrifices you’re making (financials, promo, etc.) Now that artists have so many outlets of knowledge, being signed to a label may not be a necessity for financial support if they invest the proper time and research. Whereas being signed to a label with a big budget, having a good work ethic, and the right team will give you a higher advantage as an artist. I would go to the labels. Most times, becoming an independent artist is more successful after you’ve made yourself a household name while signed.


6.     How would you rate your best song out of all the ones you've released?


Outstanding, dope, and creative.


7.     Cassette mixtapes are gone, but streaming music is on the rise. What do you think? Which era of Rap do you prefer?


I guess it's called GROWTH. The steps are a lot shorter. The corners are easier to cut. So, as long as hip hop is growing, I’m growing with it. And I think that’s what keeps me afloat. I love the cassette mixtape era cause it kept us sharp on writing and competing for the next DJ CLUE or another dope DJ’s exclusive playlist feature of that time. But my favorite era of rap for me would be the GOLDEN ERA with artists like Rakim and Big Daddy Kane.


8.     In your opinion, which is more enjoyable, creating in the studio or performing live on stage?


Both, but since I have to choose, I would say creating is most enjoyable for me.


9.     What was the worst experience you've had during your entire career in the music business?


I would say, most definitely earlier on in my career when I was NOT TAKING MY MUSIC SERIOUSLY. Many things distracted me from my goals during that time, which ultimately resulted in me becoming incarcerated. 

10.  If you had to pick one memorable moment from your music career, what would it be?


I have so many. But to be specific, it would be during a time when I was in a group called RAWL M.C.’s (Da RAWL aka Brave Men of War). We were young, super dope, and talented M.C.’s that had lacked direction when it came to the business side of this industry. I would say that was a time I cherished most because it made me who I am today. RAWL (Real Assassin With Lyrical MC Skills).


11.  Are there any aspects of the music industry these days that discourage you the most?

Besides the senseless shootings and killings, bringing the streets into the business is a big NO for me.

12.  In your opinion, which of your songs is your favorite? Why?


That's hard to choose. What’s your favorite? Lol.

Amirah: I would say that my favorite song of yours is Stole My Heart. I love rap that storytells and appeals to the ladies. The song makes me want to bop and makes me feel like a thorough shorty from the hood when listening to it. It's a classic.


13.  Is there something about the current state of the music industry that inspires you most?


Yes. Hip-hop is the #1 music genre in the world. And Nas is flawlessly breaking down age barriers (ageism), so he proves that hip-hop is growing.


14.  Suppose you weren't an independent music artist; what would you do instead?


IDK. I guess I would be a ghostwriter. Or I could also dip more into the administrative side of the industry. 


15.  How would you describe the current music scene in your community?

Amazing. I must say, these kids are grinding and making an impact. It keeps me motivated and on my toes. Y’all should definitely tap into A.C. and the surrounding cities. We are all fire & dope.


16.  Can you tell me about your latest release and where fans can get it?


My latest release, as far as an album, is 777 (God Flow) which is available on multiple streaming platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, etc). I also just dropped a single with my brother Platinum VVS, called ILLEST NI$$AS. You can also find that on all streaming platforms. Plus, my music videos are available now on YouTube under STREET KA$H.


17.  What can fans expect from you in 2022?


Well, 2022, is about to be over, but I do expect to drop a collab project with Platinum VVS at the top of 2023. The album isn’t titled yet but ILLEST NI$$AS is the first single on the project.


18.  Where can fans follow you?


My listeners can stream my music on all platforms. Follow me on IG @Street_Kash. And go subscribe to my YouTube for my latest music videos under STREET KA$H.

Stay locked in with us to hear more about Street Ka$h's future projects. We will continue to follow his growth and support his future work.


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