Capricorn Szn Event | Camden, NJ

Capricorn Szn | Camden, NJ

Written by Cutty 

This weekend was one for the books, as we had another historic event in Camden, NJ. All the Capricorns got a lot of praise, as it was their season to celebrate. Queen Ni put together a great indie show to start off 2024. She had multiple artists from all over the tristate area and surrounding areas. The event was filled with talent, and she also had an open bar for all the ticket holders, along with 420 vendors in the building. The vendors had edibles and other food options for the crowd, so the ticket holders were well taken care of when they got to the event. It was hosted by WCMD Media, which is growing into a staple for the independent community in New Jersey. The tunes of the night was set by DJ Aktiveight. Queen Ni definitely set the bar with this event, as more than 10+ artists hit the stage and some of them walked away with cash prizes. It was a good night for everyone, so let's talk about the talent in the room.

The event had a lot of dope moments and artists who slayed the stage. It was an open mic to start off the event, and with that, people were able to get a chance to win a cash prize for the crowd-voted best performance. This was dope to see because it made the artist go up there and give it their best. It was also some artist that stuck out to us; we liked to see Torch; his music was sensational! He had the crowd locked in when he hit the stage, and we were excited to see the reaction he received from the crowd. The ladies held it down also, as there were so many talented women who hit the stage. One artist who stuck out was Raylegend. She had everything we could possibly want: energy, bars, and a mix of songs for R&B lovers and hip-hop heads. She was a great artist, for sure. The Sound Hustlaz came out with Sav Kay, who had the crowd hyped up from her laidback energy and strong bops inside her music. We also got to see two Capricorns: Sturdy Minah, who had the crowd rocking to her single, Captain, and TCMG_Reddz who brought back the smooth vibes toward the end of the show. We also got to see a dope group called Endless Vision, and they gave us the house party feel for the night. All three of them were talented in their own way and had the crowd jumping back and forth with the 90’s vibes they had. You felt like you were at an old school party.

There were so many good vibes throughout the night. Lil Screwy was a highlight artist of the night for us, and the energy he gave on stage was unmatched. His music was super dope and had the people moving around the room singing. We are excited to see new music from him in 2024. We also got to see Nick Drilla hit the stage with some new music; he came with Xay Davis, who is the owner of the label Backwood Bros, and they all set the stage on fire. Nick Drilla has some new music, which we are excited to hear on all platforms. It was also amazing to see Queen Ni artist Nisay perform, who has a really dope sound. He went on right before Queen Ni headline set, and he had the people rolling their shoulders with his music. It was so dope to see everyone loving the music he was giving us. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Nyah G as she left due to an emergency. We got to see Queen Ni give us the headline performance, and it was everything we wanted to see. We got to hear the songs we love from her, including one of her biggest songs, “Rugrat” which is based on the show Rugrats. The people were not disappointed with her performance at all. The people stood up and gave Queen a huge round of applause when she got off stage. This was a great event to start off 2024. We are excited to see the Aries season event, which is happening in March. Contact Queen Ni for slot information on that event.

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