Capricorn Szn Event Exclusive Interviews

Capriorn Szn

Written by Cutty 

Lil Screwy 

Lil Screwy is an artist out of South Jersey. In this episode, we get to hear more about the set he did at the event, Capricorn Szn. He came with a special guest, which you get to hear about in this interview. So come find out who Lil Screwy is today. Watch this exclusive interview below. 


Mike Ways 

Mike Ways is building something amazing in Camden with WCMD Media. He is one of the pioneers of this great staple that is giving artists multiple opportunities every day. He talks about what opportunities are coming up in 2024 for the independent music scene. Watch this exclusive interview below.


Queen Ni 

The reason we were all gathered for the night was Queen Ni; she was the brains behind the night, and we were able to talk with her about how she felt about how the night went. She gave us some exclusive details about the night you guys are going to love to hear. Watch this exclusive interview below.


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