Featured Artist - Sol Chyld

Featured Artist - Sol Chyld

Written by Cutty 

    To start off 2024, who has had a better start than Sol Chyld, coming from Camden, NJ.  She has up'd the bar this year already. We have been watching Sol Chyld for quite some time, and recently she has been making some major moves everyone in New Jersey should be happy about. Her project "Something Came To Me" has reached major milestones for an independent artist. Her project has hit over 1M streams since being released. The project itself has good vibes of older music. Old souls definitely appreciate this album, as it can be a familiar sound to old-school hip-hop heads but still modern enough for someone of the newer generation to appreciate it as well. We love the flow she used on every song, touching a different person on every song. Multiple songs on the project have been featured on mainstream playlists, gaining thousands of new fans for Sol Chyld.

Sol Chyld has reached heights independent artists dream of, with her singles "Choice" featured on BARS, Double Js Best New Music Apple music playlist and "NBC" featured on Underground Hiphop Essentials and the Base:Line Apple music playlist. A major spotlight she has received is being featured on the Ebro Darden Apple music playlist. This has only been the beginning of the success for Sol Chyld, as she has surpassed reaching over 100K monthly listeners on her Spotify, we can say the moves she has been making have been paying off. Her latest project was even featured on Genius. These are all milestones we are proud she has accomplished. Its amazing to see a young rising star receive such high recognition.

Sol Chyld has not only been on the playlist grind, but she has also been out here in these streets, making a huge impact. She went on tour for her latest project and hit over 4 different cities, including Chicago, IL. She has been doing everything she needs to make sure the world hears about this latest project. She also sat down with Queen Yaszy on 100.3 RNB Philly, talked more about the album, and has a feature on On the Radar coming. We are more than proud of her and want you guys to be all caught up in what she has coming in 2024. She is putting New Jersey on the map, Camden included. We are happy to see what she will drop for us in 2024, as we all cheer her on.

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Something Came To Me (Apple Music)


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