It Was A Tristate Gathering At Neon Jungle This Saturday

Neon Jungle Tristate Gathering

Written by Cutty 

Neon Jungle Philly was the place to be this past Saturday. There were a bunch of new faces, and we were happy to see them leave with a smile. This week we had bands come all the way from New York, and they gave us that great NYC sound. The bands consisted of Droopies, Pelvi$s, Nowhere, and G.T. Arpe, who all brought a different style to the show. It was so amazing to see all of them, and the crowd enjoyed them even more. You got to also see people from all over the tri-state as they pulled up for this one. This was a historic night for Neon Jungle Philly. It was a lot of people's first time coming to Neon Jungle, and they were excited to see the bands of the night.

The band Droopies came in with a stellar performance, and people gravitated toward them a lot. Their guitarist could be heard from upstairs; if you were a fan of some good strings, this was the band for you to look out for. They hit us with a bunch of different styles during their set that we favored a lot. It went through your body when you heard them play, and the crowd loved that. This is a band that reminds you why you come to Neon Jungle; they had everyone on their feet and in love.

The band Nowhere was a crowd favorite of the night; they caught a lot of attention throughout the night. A lot of people were grateful for them to be there, as they have a variety of everything you're looking for in a band. Having a female in the band, they stood out for the night as she made her presence known on stage. With every other song, you could see someone new pulling out their phone. It was a great sight to see; people really loved the music they were playing. This was only the beginning of the excitement of the night.

This past Saturday set history for us because we got to see an older band like G.T. Arpe, who blew all of our minds. His music was so experienced that you could hear how long he had been doing this. He has a well-rounded sound, as he played two instruments while performing for the crowd. This is a talent we have yet to see at Neon Jungle. It set the crowd off when they saw just how much one man was doing all of this by himself. He makes it sound like there are multiple people in the band, but realistically, it's just one person who loves music.

The headliner of the night was some New Yorkers who came to show Philly how they get down. The band Pelvi$$ ended the night right; it was our first time seeing them, and we loved the music they played. They gave us all of their energy on the stage, and you could feel the crowd was very grateful that they took the trip down to Philadelphia. Their music electrified the room, and the crowd was rocking out to every song they performed. They set the night out right, as people gave them a standing ovation when they were finished. It was the perfect way to end the night on this special night at Neon Jungle.

Photos by @wesleyandproductions


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